[discussion] is featurism the reason some people did and still do call namjoon ugly?

  • i've recently come across some interesting youtube videos about racial topics and how they are prevalent in a lot of our current media and it just really got me thinking.


    there was a time where it was sort of "accepted" by the kpop community at large that nsmjoon was not an attractive person. that was the popular opinion that even some armys would perpetuate. even today, many people who are not fans of bts or solo stans of other members have no problem proclaiming he's "ugly". (btw i think there's a difference between someone not being your particular type and not attractive to YOU, but calling people flat out ugly, or acting like its a fact they're ugly is something more deeply rooted)

    anyway namjoon posted this picture today where he looks just gorgeous imo


    and it made me think. he has features that are deemed "less" attractive than a lot of the"standard" kpop visuals

    -single eyelids

    - "small" eyes

    -nose wide at the base

    -tip of nose "flat"

    -"big" lips

    -asymmetrical face

    (none of these things are actually unattractive feature on their own tho per se)

    and i can't help but wonder if this all stems from an inherent bias against certain more "common" combinations of asian features. bc even comparing namjoon to some of the widely accepted attractive members of bts, jimin and jin still both have single eyelids and thick lips but jin has a more pronounced crease above his eyes and and his eyes are bigger, while jimin's eyes have a unique curve that wings out on the end that people find conventionally "sexy" or "exotic". the thing that both of the members do share that is completely different than namjoon are noses which fit a "worldly" beauty standard. jimin's nose is very small, and jin's nose bridge is a straight slope and the tip of his nose protrudes outwards instead of being flat. also while both members have thick lips, their mouths are small while namjoon's mouth is considered "large".

    i'd be interesting to hear people's thoughts on this.

  • I don't want to call out any idols, this pertains for any idol.

    It's society's standard on what people are being influenced to deem certain features as visually appealing, and some to be less visually appealing. Beauty standards are socially constructed, and these changes depending on the social interaction between people in different times or different societies.

    This isn't just a KPOP thing. You see these issues in places like workforce, whereby society's perception of beauty affects your job or chance of being hired for example.

  • "No people born ugly in the world. It's just that we are born into a judgemental society"

    "There is beauty in each & every thing in the world. It's just that Not everyone has the eye to see it".

    - President Kim Namjoon.

    And the vile thing I have seen " According to standard".... Dude what do you think the standard you are preaching about as an Europian, Asian does give any sh*t about that? Or the standard you are preaching about as an Asian, European gives any sh*t about that?

    If you want to say ppl ugly, say that according to their behaviour. Your face has been grafted by Almighty. To label you according to that, the dumbest thing.

    Your behaviour is what you mould by yourself, the actual thing to judge whether you are beautiful or Ugly.

    No matter how ethereal you look, your manners are hell. For me, you are the ugliest.

    And yes, Namjoon is beautiful. When he smiles, I don't ought to see how symmetrical his face looks but the honest vibe I got from that.

    Kill them with your success, bury them with a smile.

    - Kim Namjoon, President of Armyland.

  • I suppose it's that even after the idol makeover he remains quite unconventional looking. His facial proportions are off, more balanced now than they used to be, but still off.

    He has tons of stans who find him hot though, so who cares. Every idol has people saying they're ugly. No-one is immune from that. Even the ones who immediately come to mind as most attractive still get called names. Even Jisoo has been called ugly in her life - by her own family too! Just don't worry about it.

  • I don't really see these supposedly less attractive features. I find many idols with some or even all of those features to be attractive, it all depends on the individual and the way they carry themselves.

    That being said, I have always found RM to be attractive, in fact the most attractive member in BTS. He

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  • To be honest, he was the one that caught my attention in BTS, i immediately thought he's the most handsome and attractive one and he stood out to me. And when he spoke he seemed just even more cool.

    We all see people differently, but we are probably in a way also influenced by some general beauty standards.

    I usually start liking people's appearance when i get to know more about them. And some even if they seem really stunning at first, i just don't see it after a while, it depends. But i never see someone as ugly.

    Beauty standards are always socially and culturally influenced.

  • I don't need set standards to determine if someone is attractive or not. I can't even consider any kpop idol ugly, all of them seem beautiful to me. And that includes Namjoon too, I find him incredibly handsome. Especially in combination with his character and artistry.

  • He doesn’t fit Korean beauty standard or the beauty standard of most East Asian countries (correct me if I’m wrong). That why a lot of Kpop fans have a go at him. Why the beauty standard is as it is I don’t really dare theorise about but I’m sure more qualified people have done research on the subject.

    Personally I’ve always found him very attractive. He’s the third most attractive member in BTS, almost tied for 2nd.

  • He has tons of stans who find him hot though, so who cares. Every idol has people saying they're ugly. No-one is immune from that. Even the ones who immediately come to mind as most attractive still get called names. Even Jisoo has been called ugly in her life - by her own family too! Just don't worry about it.

    This is true. The easiest thing to attack is the way someone looks and just about every single person in the world has been called ugly at some point so it causes an immediate, visceral reaction in people when someone they like is called ugly.

    There will always be a specific beauty/attractiveness standard in society. It's just the way of the world and it will change over time. But that doesn't automatically make people ugly or less attractive to others just because they don't fit that standard.

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