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    so the person that was going on and on about the "symbolism" behind eta being linked to that terrorist group in another thread is pretending like they can't understand symbolism now :/ latching on to a different nwjs cb controversy bc no one was buying the first one, are we?

    I just think its crazy that some people are sitting in this thread and saying "English songs don't work anymore" or "the song is too basic" when cupid literally just happened... and cupid is still in the 20s on bb100 as we speak.

    I remember some armys hated on dynamite when it released (some clearly still do) but the fandom still supported it and it ended up blowing up bc bts' heart is always in their releases regardless of what anyone says. And seeing this reaction from moas in this thread, being happy that txt is "failing" at what is clearly a push for more global recognition for the group... big yikes.

    Big hit is super outdated in a lot of their strategies, probably bc a lot of it worked for bts despite everything. But parts of the fandom just dropping support probably wasn't the best way to stick it to big hit. It will hurt txt the most.

    Who are you even fooling? You have ignored ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL POSITIVE BTS related threads all this year, not one "hey I liked that perf" or "hey I liked that song" because all your ass cares about is worshiping an entity that doesn't pay you, so of course, you only focus on the negative "echo chamber" and ignore all the positive. That's on you and Hybe shooters. BLOCK ME so I don't have to see you're annoying ass in my threads.

    what about "i don't like y'all" do you not understand? this is like some gaslighting shit. bc how do you sit there (other users are included in this) and quote and attempt to mock me EVERY TIME i post in certain threads, and think i want to fangirl about bts and be buddy buddy with y'all? i have friends that i can do that with, thanks. i don't even know you like that to block you but im so infamous on this website apparently that you know everything about what i do and say here. why don't you block me? i don't have a problem talking to people i don't agree with bc i like healthy discourse. apparently you cannot relate. :suure:

    Ah, not you that only ever appear in BTS threads when BigHit needs defending. :skull: Don't make it a point of habit now, you were doing just fine ignoring BTS all year. :borahae: Stick to that or hype up the other Hybe groups you stan.

    i have never left this site, nor have i been ignoring bts. but i stopped interacting bc this is what the army community on this website has been reduced to. y'all are fcking annoying, every other post is negativity, and some of the best army users are long gone. i have other communities i prefer to get bts content from. i feel like sharing my opinion on these specific topics sometimes bc its become nearly an echo chamber here. y'all just vent and people barely have any sort of discussion anymore or share different perspectives bc all you do is dismiss them with the "company stan" shit. why are you still here, posting on an open forum, and attempting to discredit people that have a different opinion? why dont you go back to your private discord group chats or whatever.

    you can say whatever you want about me, but that doesn't change how much i support bts and always will. you and others being assholes any time i dare to utter a word wont take that away from me.

    The only one that should be rushing it the one in your avatar.

    Do the math. How many months between June 2022 and December 2023!

    There is 7 of them not 77. They don't need to be all over each other.

    This looks more like units debut not solo.

    are we forgetting that they said their goal was to all be back from the military by 2025? i feel like many of them intend to go earlier than they need to... i mean, hobi already did. but if that was just a statement to appease fans we'll see sooner than later i guess.

    my hot take is that the fandom's lack of unity with the solo releases has little to do with how close they have been released. the album sales show how divided the fandom has been in pt 2. all armys are simply not rallying behind each member the way some of us would have hopped, and people are prioritising their biases releases point blank period. i also feel like some people are overlooking the fact that the boys are racing against their pending military services, so yeah, if everyone is going to release smtg this year before joining the military, its going to be tight.

    this whole thing about "overshadowing" releases by having them so close together is questionable to me. i don't think many of the results would have changed even with one bts solo a quarter. and that simply wasnt a realistic timeline anyway.

    also js i do believe the physical on the anniversary of release was a part of hobi's planned rollout looking at recent statements. its clear he wanted the live songs to be included and immortalised. i wont argue about it, but the dismissiveness just so you have more to be angry

    I saw some people saying in another thread that we need to wait to see what their contract was before passing harsh judgement on them for this, but honestly what commenters are saying about some groups not getting paid for a year or two is true, even with decent contracts. i don't know how much they expected to be getting in personal profit just from charting on billboard, where most of the charting methods don't even put money directly into the hands of the artist. like, they were finally about to do the things that would actually give them a paycheck.... it just feel so short sighted.

    So basically you are assuming this is the name of a Spanish/Basque actor or character playing a specific role in the MV? Because that is the only explanation imo. If their goal was to choose three random Portuguese names for the sake of aesthetics then I can assure you Mikel would not be a normal choice. 💀 Like, why Mikel and not Miguel?

    Eva is not a very common name in Portugal either. So unless they hired Spanish actors for their MV set in Portugal, all you are saying to justify the choice of names is a reach.

    yes...? i literally said that in the original post you quoted :angryr:

    You said people being named Mikel (not Miguel) in Portugal is not "weird", I was simply correcting you that it indeed is because it's not a Portuguese name.

    And yes I know where my country is located.

    are we really arguing semantics my dude? i did not say it was a portugese name. the implication of my original statement was that there are likely portugese people with spanish names or people traveling from spain in portugal or people working in portugal who are from spain. so yes, someone in portugal being named mikel is not weird. if you don't agree with that, ok. there are actual name stats per country online if anyone wants to go that far.

    calling min heejin a pedophile infers that she is sexually attracted to or has sexually assaulted children and i don't think thats something im comfortable of accusing someone of over pictures and concepts. you do you tho. i only used the word "weird" bc im pretty sure thats the word YOU were using to describe her. i do think she's done creepy things.

    if you think people debunking this shit show with logic is defending min heejin, im just going to say it, you're part of the problem. i don't really care how people perceive min heejin. she made her own bed and is laying in it. but this is directly effecting new jeans. some people are only on this whole thing BECAUSE its new jeans and i know an army is not naive enough to believe this controversy started from any genuine concern for new jeans or whatever social issue people are pretending this is going against. morality among the kpop community is an fucking joke.

    why are you trying so hard to twist my words tho? i never said yg and jyp have never gotten called out. but the same language used against min heejin is barely used against them. predator and pedophile can have different implications imo. i think kpop stans witch hunt tf out of min heejin and this "controversy' is the perfect example of it. no one has ever said she isn't weird and hasn't done things worthy of call out. i think cookie probably never should have been released the way it was and needed much more editing lyrically. i think her past with shinee's taemin's concepts is definitely concerning. but what does that have to do with THIS. people are making shit up bc min heejin is "weird" and they don't want new jeans to smash again. thats honestly all im getting from this situation.

    isn't the most plausible explanation, which was already mentioned in this thread mind you, that they are the names of people acting in the mv? this is where the jumping to conclusions comes in bc who said those are random names and not the names of actual people in the mv? especially if its a story mv? the mv was allegedly filmed in portugal. people being named maria, mikel, and eva in portugal is not "weird".

    The fact everyone is dismissing the coincidence and weirdness of this shit is alr telling. This woman has associated herself with NJ so much, these fans think calling MHJ for the weird concepts she does is attack on NJ, and they defend everything blindly, nvrmnd these young kids being under her wing should alert some warning signs to their so called fans on how she is using them to spread her weird ideologies. I still standby that most of these users here wouldn’t be defending this so much if it was from yg or LSM.

    js i've seen min heejin straight up called a pedophile in the past year more times than i have ever seen yg or jyp called pedophiles when yg literally groomed his wife and ruined her career to marry her when she was the same age the baby monster members are, and when jyp had minors perform his explicit song about shaking ass in front of him on two separate occasions. there may be a double standard here, but i promise it isn't in min heejin's favor.