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    its literally only brought up when its bts thats winning. happend during bwl promos, during dynamite and now during butter. the op literally is talking about bts....

    anyway, there are always going to be different criterias for different shows. there are shows that require attendance where other groups can get their default wins.

    my point is why do you think groups are dying to get default, borderline "pity" wins? bc the groups that are going to win are not the "nugus" anyway. its the mid tier groups like a txt or a 17 or an nct that are going to win. not the nugus. and these wins mean nothing if the songs winning don't actually have the support to back them up. js. that will always be my stance. y'all want all these groups to win for winning's sake, here and at year end shows, but dont think about how meaningless it would become to them and others if they WERE to win for winnings sake. it means nothing if its not attached to success that is tangible. whats a plastic trophy worth when you cant even pay the bills!

    y'all always start this whenever bts wins music show awards fair and square its so exhausting!! why do you think excluding worthy competition just bc of no appearance would make artists feel good about winning these awards. its way more satisfying to win against big competition than to know you won bc the big competition was disqualified.....

    What is acting black? I’m black and I don’t behave like the ones in HipHop videos. So do millions of other black people. Also not every black person talks in AAVE…

    He acts like those in HipHop videos and every Rapper (no matter the race) have a similar demeanor and attitude and tbh I see no difference between him and those cheesy mv’s from those wannabe gangster mumble rappers.

    you two are honestly annoying as hell. do you think pretending that none of these things stem from deeply routed racism makes you cool or hip? stop trying to dismiss the feelings of other black people bc you sure as hell do not speak for me. defending this shit doesnt erase the fact that literally every last person in that video could probably give two shits less about black people.

    i don't get whats so hard to understand about black people and hip hop culture being one and the same to almost every other race. when i say acting black i mean acting like the stereotype of black people they have in their heads. which we can all see.

    Kouss if i ever see you refer to black people as "blacks" again im blocking on sight. thats not cute when anyone does it.

    you're both rlly gross to me.

    mac miller and eminem never had to wear black associated hairstyles or act black to do hip hop. and many of the other artists on your little list have been called out in similar fashion to jay park. just so you know.

    You clearly think hip-hop/black culture should be segregated and only stay as a black phenomenon,

    i was done with this convo but im not going to let you put words in my mouth. i never said that. i just think the act of these dumbasses only dressing like this to look black and to be "hip hop" is inherently a mockery. thats exactly what they're doing no matter how many "for the culture" "woke" essays jay park writes about it.

    LOL, you think Jay Park and the countless other K rappers are doing hip-hop cause it’s popular???? What. That’s like saying every kpop star is getting into kpop cause it’s popular.

    this is a joke right? do you even hear yourself? yeah...a majority of current gen kpop stars are becoming kpop stars bc kpop is popular and they want to be successful...hello?? how many groups do you see mentioning international achievements they have as goals almost solely bc they've seen bts do it?

    also it is not about what they were doing before khip hop blew up (it was always sizeable subculture in sk anyway before it was mainstream). it is about rap music being popular on a global scale and that is why even kpop emulates it heavily.

    i don't care to have a discussion on this anymore if you're not black. and if you are and we don't agree then we will never agree. jay park is full of shit and always has been. writing a long ass post "explaining" himself AFTER getting called out says more than you think it does

    I have an opinion on why I don't get the US's CA issues. I do however understand the history of it's racism and to me it boils down to the country's inability to solve racism and the claiming of culture plus the appropriation that comes after, happens as a result of that. Thus the change that is needed is in fact the amalgamation of the country's races, instead of segregation of culture. That's thinking critically.

    You didn't even realize that you are implying that its okay to have this hairstyle as long as it's intent is not stereotyping, which is actually in line to what douchey Jay says. You probably don't even realize you are agreeing to Jay Park's words.

    thats not "thinking critically". thats a crock of bullshit. "the country's inability to solve racism"? you mean, the world's inability to solve racism? CA is not an inherently u.s problem. other countries just silence tf out of their minorities in general. mixing everything together is erasure, not unity. i didn't mention anything about segregation. you rlly think asking people not to wear dreads ect when they're pretending to be authentic hip hop artists is segragation?

    i don't think i defined anywhere in my post when its ok or not ok to wear these hairstyles. it is inherently a stereotype to wear these things when engaging in hip hop. it doesnt make you more hip hop to have braids. you can do hip hop without pretending to be black.

    jay parks statement is bs. anyone who refuses to understand where other people are coming from and just dismisses them deserves similar treatment. he knew people would have smtg to negative say about this and did it anyway. and right after his issue with muslim fans not even a month ago.

    Your acting like all the rappers in the video are doing this for a fad. They are just emulating hip-hop culture. It’s what they were around/grew up with. It would make sense for them to want to look like/emulate their idols who did hip-hop. Since black people played a big part in that, hence why they “copy” their hairstyles.

    Everything the Korean hip-hop scene is dont out of respect/love for black hip-hop. It’s not like they are changing their hair as a joke or to be disrespectful.

    they are doing it as a fad tho. thats the whole point. they don't actually care about or respect black people outside of rap musicians. and jay park's response makes that clear as day. if hip hop wasnt popular and marketable they would not be doing any of this shit and thats the truth.

    its the same as the kpop stans that "respect" korean culture but are racist af towards regular asian people, asian stans and even just kpop artists they don't like.

    Not really mad he brought up Asian Hate though. There is context to that. The black twitter stans that followed him after the BLM donations mostly unfollowed him after his first Asian Hate post. Some Asian stans also did the same, unfollowed him because of BLM and then followed him again after his Asian Hate post. Outside of JP's douchey tweets, it showed the ugly side of others in that app too. The side who only want to fight for their own color.

    you're truly talking about of your ass with this. how would anyone even be able to track who followed him for what post and left him for another post and what their race is?

    personally the US's cultural appropriation issue is ridiculous to me. Hair is just hair. And don't come at me about dreads being only black culture. I am of old Javanese descent and we do have dreads in our culture so excuse me for not claiming much about it because unfortunately to those who are sensitive to the issue, I don't care if anyone wants to wear dreads. In my country wearing dreads or not, its both acceptable so the problematic thing is not the culture or the so called appropriation, its the country called United States of America that doesn't accept it that needs fixing.


    If he already knows its gonna create trouble and he still does it... like WHY?

    when y'all start saying stuff like this i know you don't actually get the point or want to get the point about why this upsets black americans. use the two braincells you clearly wrote this post with to think critically about WHY they only wear dreads and hairstyles like this when they're doing hip hop. THEY'RE the one who associate that stuff with black people and then boil it down to a stereotype to fit into "hip hop culture". its just annoying.

    so it's a us market specific term? I don't think I have anything to say then bc I don't live there neither do I fully understand the music culture over there. It's just that in other music industries, it's normal to heavily promote their newbie artists, so I didn't understand why it was wrong in this case.

    Also, idk why you're saying my post should've stayed in the drafts. I was simply asking a question.

    again, its the way the u.s market operates. artists often present themselves as having grown organically into their success when they had the strategic push of a big label all along. theres nothing wrong with your company promoting you, thats their job. but there are forms of promotion that will always be side-eyed by some. especially things like radio and playlisting payola.

    im sorry for getting aggressive with you originally. i just felt like it was disingenuous to act like kpop acts dont get similar criticisms, just not specifically using the term industry plant

    nearly all the big kpop acts (excluding BTS) were heavily pushed by their companies but why doesn't anybody call them " industry plants"? :/

    this is a joke right....? industry plant is pretty much a distinctly u.s market specific term as far as i know. it doesn't really apply to a market that does not operate in the same way. and you're being willfully ignorant if you think k-groups don't get called out for their companies doing shady things to get them somewhere like laboum, or the whole big 3 privilege discussion. this one should have stayed in the drafts.

    this is a bit pathetic calling western artist streams highly inflated. How western artists can't get a hit for every single they put out should tell everyone enough whose streams are highly inflated.

    um...what? how is it "pathetic" to state the truth....? i didn't say "western artist streams" are inflated. I said OLIVIA'S streams for G4U are inflated. thats a huge difference and maybe you need to work on reading comprehension. im not sure if you're trying to shade bts here, but all their songs are not hits. they've only seen this type of massive success in the u.s with butter and dynamite bc of a combination of push by CR and armys going extra hard for them bc they know we will also be partially sustained by gp and minimal industry support. if you're trying to talk about their success in the korean market.... thats a completely different story bc of how the kgp operates with their own popular artists so im not rlly sure what you're really trying to say here.

    why are you having a meltdown over this? im not understanding why you think im personally offended by baekhyun's words just because i decided to engage in a critical discussion of what he said. i can have opinions on things, can't i? you also need to stop acting like "shade" is some sort of ultimate evil. what was actually said in this thread wasnt even mean spirited. minimal shade such as vague posting about smtg that legit happened is not something that should have you this worked up. shade is not inherently hatful. hell you even just attempted to shade me using a completely irrelevant point. im done here dude.

    also just linking bc i found it interesting. what did you say about shaming again?

    you do realize the definition of shaming is to simply "make someone feel ashamed", right? you think your multi-millionaire fav telling you not to stream illegally doesn't make young stans and stans who legitimately cant afford this stuff feel like shit? or that he didnt know thats how it could make them feel? i personally think it is incredibly important to support the hard work of musician and their teams financially, and people who can should be willing when they have the chance. but for the multi-millionaire in this situation to go out of his way to say this when he could have just... stayed silent and been understanding of fans in positions where they cannot pay... its a bit meh

    i don't rlly get what answer you expected coming into this thread and responding to that when im sure you knew good and well who was being shaded specifically in that post. do't get mad when you receive the answer you were fishing for