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    To clarify, we banned those that we had absolute proof on. I'm not sure what defense of "guilt" any of you feel there should be when the actions were indefensible and there is solid proof of those involved being guilty. That said, this is an evolving case and more proof keeps coming to light. We will take action as needed to protect our users, including xx-jenn-xx .

    Leave this out of the game thread.

    Thank you

    All i asked is to stop talking about this issue if legal actions are happening, you already have your thread “explaining what happened” and the users involved are not even around anymore, they can’t even defend themselves without or without proof. That’s it.

    I didn’t bring the issue into this thread, i only checked if it was still going but after pages, i decided to say something.

    The things that happened were serious, but we also want to respect the privacy of those involved. No further details need to be shared publicly, and I hope that we can all move on while taking this as a reminder not to associate with individuals who have malicious intentions.

    Active users who were previously friends with those individuals deserve a chance to move on with a clean slate, as not everyone in that server and guild directly participated in harmful activities.

    Let's move on. The reason the thread was created in the first place was so that we can all have a general sense of what happened and move on in peace afterwards.

    I totally agree with you, i’ve been avoiding the issue because i don’t wanna get into problems here, i don’t wanna get banned and i am not in the mood to keep arguing about the same old stuff. The people involved already said what they wanted or did what wanted.

    But i think it’s not fair to talk about this in an open forum when the people involved can’t even defend themselves, being guilty or not.

    again it does, the admins verified it, we all have the screen shots, we have the logs, we have everything. You can believe what you want, but the evidence doesn't lie. The same group of people targeting her used my photos. Stop playing it off when we have the proof. You want to keep arguing about it you can go to melon and johnny. I'm not going to argue about it. I didn't deserve what they did to me.

    Yeah i’m not doing this either. It’s pointless.

    idk ask them. maybe it got erased before you saw it, point is i have them. and so does the admins.

    Jenn.. i don't know what you were showed, but i can tell you for sure your pictures were not shared by any of the girls.

    Months ago i got told you were bullied by people from akp, bullied for your love for male idols, bullied for your age and they seemed to use your pictures to make fun of you (and i knew this because you talked about it in the akp server and i asked) but that was like months ago and none of those people were any of the plastics girls. Idk what ss you actually have, but i don’t think it involves the main people that were accused here.

    it does have to do with the users involved, so don't try to say it doesn't because we already verified that. Clearly you didn't read the post either. And I won't sit here and get into a spat over it.. They took my fucking photos and tried to say that itiswhatitisss said things about me she didn't say, so yeah it is the same group. It's been proven.

    Jenn, i know you know i was part of the server, and i can tell you, your personal photos were never used.

    I’m gonna say this once and then stop talking about it because I’m already over this, for now. I’m only here to share pictures of idols and their fashion.

    The group of users that are blamed for different stuff that happened here the last month and we all know who they are, have absolutely nothing to do with what others did with you or your pictures xx-jenn-xx . No personal pictures involved, of any of the people here. I don’t know what others told you, but if someone took your personal selfies and use them against you, i can for sure tell you it has nothing to do with the users involved.

    A veces las noticias más sorprendentes son las que más fácil hacen que aterrices a la realidad..

    En un par de segundos, me di cuenta que ya no éramos los niños de antes, los que salían a la calle a aprendernos coreografías de baile, que nos fumábamos un cigarro a escondidas, que subíamos al metro sin pagar y que pasábamos semanas juntos en vacaciones de verano..

    Tu vida había cambiado para siempre y yo no estuve en esos momentos más difíciles para ti..

    No puedo culparme porque al fin de cuentas, tú me alejaste, pero si solo me hubieses insinuado por todo lo que estabas pasando hubiese dejado todo de lado, el rencor, los sentimientos heridos por tenerte en mis brazos y decirte que siempre estaré para ti.

    i have ams but never bothered to watch it...

    boring? what do you consider interesting then? what would be not a perfect weekend but lets say a good weekend for valenttinna pre covid?

    A good weekend for me means lots of sleep, going for some shopping saturday morning, nap and then go out to a party in the night, i love to dance.

    Monday is for resting and surviving the hangover