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  • do u remember me val :danceb:

    im xanfyrian

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  • Feliz cumpleaños valentina, que tengas un lindo dia :lover3:

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  • I apologize if it looked like I was an Anti. I'm actually not if you check my post history I've done nothing but stan for them. I just didn't like the OP because all they do is bash Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo while acting like Lisa is the Beyonce of BLACKPINK.

    • Even if i dislike OP so much, i would never bash Lisa just to attack her back. Because my love for BP is stronger than my dislike for akgaes or just haters..

      I do thought you were a blink, but i truly believe a blink would never bash one of the girls

    • I am a blink and I didn't bash Lisa it wasn't my intention.

    • I’m pretty sure Lisa worked really hard for that solo stage.. i understand if someone doesn’t like it, but straight up bash her is not okay

    • I know and I realize my mistake was. Can I have a second chance? Lisa deffo deserved that solo stage but the OP has a habit of bashing the other girls making BLACKPINK the Lisa show. But again that's not Lisa's fault and I was in the wrong here. I won't do something like that again.

  • Stan bp :cursing:

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  • 👍👍👍👍

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  • HII VALLL :love:

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  • your sig is amazing :sadr:

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  • Hey! Long time no see! How are you :claps:

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    • Hey girl! Good to see you here! ^^ i’m fine thank you, excited with all the BP content that’s coming

      What about you?

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    • Me too.

      I am so incredibly happy right now. Since the end of June, it feels so unreal to be a Blink because we've been getting so much stuff lately that it just feels like a dream. :groovins:

      I'm also looking forward to Sunday. :danceb:

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  • Why would you trap me like that ;(

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  • :omgr: that Jisoo ava.. i love that set

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    • Do i look pretty? ^^

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    • I'm pretty sure YOU always look pretty :lover1:

      But yes your set here is also very very pretty, :lover3:

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    • Owwww thank you! Jisoo looks sooo beautiful in red i couldn’t resist ><

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    • so since I know you, you had Rose -> Jennie -> Jisoo

      I will be dissapointed if its not Lisa next ^^

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    • Hahaha i almost had a Lisa set! But red lips Jisoo? Damn ><

      Next time i will find a good Lisa set :3 anticipate!

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  • <3

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  • Now you have 2 Layouts to get used too, hope you are coping well with it :D

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    • Haha well at least here the Shy version is pink and really pretty!

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    • Oh... I did not see they added more different Layouts. Yesterday it was only 3

    • Yes they did! That made the revamp a little better lol at least for me

  • <3

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