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  • Would ya be fahkin' willing ta spahah some akawrns so i can get a le sserafim guild emblem? Fahkin' bloody oath mate.

    • give me a good reason for me to donate akorns to you

      not a reason why you need akorns but a reason for me to donate them

    • uh ummmm uhhh i can give you Jisoo's contact info?

    • Special rank in our guild. You name it. Instant clout.

    • you do realise I have my own guild right? lol

      thanks but no thanks I'm not about to slide into any idol's DMs

    • Should we be hoarding gold like a dragon?


  • hello m8

    • who are you???? lol

      and since you apparently know me and I seem to know you - why did you change your username????

    • how have you been?

    • I'm tired but again who are you again? lol

  • I see selfmate people.

    • if symptoms persist please consult your nearest medical practitioner

    • It was just a joke.

    • I know my comment was one too lol

      which is why you need to follow selfmate as you would have know to not take anything I say that seriously

  • are your notifs blowing up?

    • right now? I'm still trying to go through my previous notifications

    • kjlkjlkasjaskdj

      i feel for you :pepe-high-five: notifs are annoying and painful

    • not really...but given that I was awol for like a month they build up

    • yup

      i have like 500 notifs on my youtube because i forget to check them aslkdjljdf

      and I'm like subscribed to about 200 people

      why can't there be an ai system that picks out important stuff out of your notifs :pepe-shame:

    • chatgpt??? lol

      damn that's a lot of much of their content do you actually consume?

  • Selfmate we miss you! It's been a month since you've left ;(

  • Now to find a way to turn ur pfp pink.. ;judgingpepe:

  • 好久不見

    • xin nian kuai le!!!

      (I'm too lazy to change the language lol)

    • 請給我2k akorns

    • pffttt... give me a more reasonable number mate

  • Hello selfmate! Long time no see

    • 'tis been a very long time

      'sup my friend lol

    • I'm doing well. I had to take a lot of time off because of personal issues but I'm back for a little bit. How about you?

    • same old same old nothing really happens when you reach my age...

      have you heard of what's gone down here recently? lol

      ahhh I hope everything is better for you my friend

    • No I just came back on the forum so I'm not really up to date. Care to share?

    • I'll DM you

  • :pepe-beg: :?:

    • how much and give me a reason my friend :thumbup:

    • How much - 500 or possibly more if u can and want to :eyes:

      Reason - I need it for a badge :holding-back-tears:

      A reason for you - The obvious reason - I need it, lolol and you would lose these akorns even if u don't spend them anyways :clown: really tho, i need it :holding-back-tears:

    • still not enough of a reason for me to donate mate ;-)

      when do you need it by?

    • it's the only reason i can give for you to donate :pepe-cut:

      i can try and make things work out ;judgingpepe:

    • hmm...I have no need for akorns but I would like points

      how about a trade then akorns for points?

  • How are you doing selfmate? :lover3:

    • pretty good but same old same old

      nothing really new happens when you reach my age lol

      what about you my friend

    • Lmao :smirks2:

      Im doing alright

      today is gonna be rough when i get home from school today

      but aside from that

      my birthday is coming up :) :chicken-dance:

    • when is that mate?

      you're back at school already?

      don't you get a longer break over the holiday season?

    • Sometimes we do

      and i was abck in school on tuesday

      this is the shortest break our school has had ( i like having the short break tbh)

      its my cats time to go sadly :sob-bunny: he's 15, we kept putting it off, but now we doing it, he wont be there when i get home, I was 3 when my parents brought him home, im 17 ( almost 18)

    • sorry I meant when is your birthday? lol

      you prefer going to school?

      that's an old cat so he's getting to that stage in life huh?

  • night falls, darkness grows

    shadow encroaches, trouble follows

    footsteps quicken, heartbeat pulse

    head turns, human impulse

    moon rises, light shines

    movement slows, panic declines

    breathe exhales, sanity restored

    fear overcome, nothing untoward

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  • The Lonely Road

    single, one, alone

    a solitary road leading away from home

    uncertainty and doubt fills the mind

    leaving warmth and safety behind

    to walk such road is to walk without

    eyes darting twitching all about

    fear and trepidation all around

    not a single person to be found

    whilst walking the lonely road

    into the unknown he strode

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