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  • And when you become #1 on the ranks just by beating me :pepe-life-support:

    • what ranks??? no I'm not ranked #1 that's jinaland lol

  • Hi dad ^^

    • how's things

    • oh..good!


    • shhh playing c4 tournament

    • well excuse me then :cursing:


    • hahaha I asked you to shhh yet you still replied??? lol

  • I have a favor to ask my friend!

    you know how you used to do that betting thing?

    Not now but on the 30th once we have all the participants can you do that betting thing to see who is going to win and possibly a second and third option too (depending if there is a lot, but maybe not)

    you should take 10% of all donated also!

    • wait you have 23k akorns.. i guess this betting stuff is beneath you now

    • no probs of course there's no problem

      but participants shouldn't be able to bet right?

      ie. wouldn't that just allow for throwing the game?

    • no it should be fine, in boxing they can beat on themselves too, besides the prizes are gonna be quite big so i doubt users would do that.

      its just to add a little spice! i bet most bets will go to jinaland anyway lol

    • sure then no probs

      quick question while you are here any reason why the rap battle thread was removed? (if you know)

      Wow 1
  • The Lonely Road

    single, one, alone

    a solitary road leading away from home

    uncertainty and doubt fills the mind

    leaving warmth and safety behind

    to walk such road is to walk without

    eyes darting twitching all about

    fear and trepidation all around

    not a single person to be found

    whilst walking the lonely road

    into the unknown he strode

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