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  • aww thanks for the akorn hun you really didn't need to

    • You need 2000 Akorns for a badge, right?

    • Not sure what your question is, if you mean for yourself some badges are just 250.

      For me, I need 8k akorns for a guild emblem (those circle thingies around a guild user's profile picture)

    • I gave you yours back just because you are so new it doesn't feel right taking from you. Save up for a tokki badge! :-P

    • Noooooo, please keep them! Besides, i am not that new, I am here since January or something, I just don't spend much time on Allkpop.

      Oh and I didn't know you were wanting to make a guild emblem, I misunderstood it. If you need 8k akorns, then it's quite embarrassing I only gave you 20... So, don't feel bad for the akorns, and also, I don't want to force them on you or something, but if it's okay, I will give you a few so you have 2000.

      And also, I would love to be a honorary member of the Le Sserafim guild! I love them so much, they are my ults after NewJeans!

    • Haha don't worry about it it was very sweet. Emblems are super cool because once one person buys it anyone in the guild will get it. I'm sure the tokki's will get one soon.

      And great I'll add you!

  • Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here. I recently read your introduction. We are about the same age so I hope I can get to know you better.

    • Hi, sorry for not answering, I swear I am terrible at noticing if someone has messaged me :((((((( How are you doing?

    • I'm doing good. Thank you for the reply. How are you doing?

  • Can someone tell me how to make a thread?

    • Geh zu dem entsprechenden Forum. Oben rechts ist ein Button "+ Create Thread"

      Klick da mal drauf.

    • Thank you! Are you German too?