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  • how are you doing

    we haven't talked in what feels like forever :-(

  • 🍰⋆。 ✩ ° Lucky Girl Syndrome ‧ ₊˚ 🍮 ⋅ *:・

    I don't need, I don't need, I don't need
    Any golden ticket
    All I need, all I need, all I need
    Is to believe in myself
    Finally, finally, finally
    Everything will come true
    Recite the spell every day (Mwah!)
    Yeah, luck
    Yeah, I'm a lucky girl
    Yeah, you're a lucky girl
    Yeah, we're so lucky
    Luck, luck, luck, luck
    Luck, casting a spell of luck
    I'm truly a lucky girl
    You're truly a lucky girl, girl, girl, girl

    Oh, my girl, casting a spell, say
    That's my girl
    Lucky girl syndrome

    ₊˚ 🍮 ⋅ Yeah, I'm a lucky (cat)girl ⋆。 ✩ °🍓

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    • Wow, this came just in time! I've been thinking about making a thread on how amazing Loonas predebut music was.
      I love rosy. Olivia was my bias

  • So when do you expect your signature to be complete?

    • I finally changed it today!

    • How long was your signature in process?

  • thanks so much! Are you new on akp I don't recognise you

    • Ghosted

    • I didn't mean to ghost you ;( I always forget to reply when it's on my wall! I'm not really a "new" user, I've been here since December 2022 but got more active in 2023. However, I've never seen you before either, you appeared 2 or 3 weeks ago lo.

      I hope you can now buy Allkill for a month :white-heart:

      Note: I saw your post abt Baemons debut and found that comment on Chiquita being 90 pounds a little bit unnecessary. I get what you mean but still idk if it's that good to comment on peoples weight

    • I did buy it thanks !!

      I used to be admin actually for 2 years I went on a break around January so you might not recognise me.

      Well my point was more that they need to settle the tough girl thing when it's very obviously not real. I don't actually know her weight or anything.

    • Yes, I think YG is kind of pushing it too far. You can be swag without acting like this. I feel like half of Baemons members don't even fit this concept, honestly only their rap line/japanese line really does

  • anytime i see your pfp u remind me of an old friend lol

  • ty for the follow i followed u back :))

    Love 1
  • Thanks for the follow, and don't worry about your thread I'll try to reply in it whenever I'm free :finger-heart:

    Maybe I can use it to farm akorns as well lol

    • Feel free to step by whenever you can :)

      Ofc you can use it to farm lol

  • thanks for the follow my friend

    so as I ask of everyone - tell me something about yourself which I don't already know

    • Sorry for not replying for such a long time... Honestly, there isn't anything interesting about me. And idk what you know already. Anyways, some random facts:

      - I am a writer
      - I've been in TV once bc of my writing career and it's the moment I regret most in life bc watching it now is embarassing asf

      - Even though I was in TV, I still haven't published my debut novel. I finished it once, but decided to rewrite it and changed 50% of the whole plot, characters, worldbuilding etc.
      - I love Loki from the MCU with all my heart :pepelove1:
      - I never really watch any K-Pop variety content bc it makes me delusional (Bc all idols are fake anyways)
      - I simp for Hyunjin from SKZ :pepe-simp:
      - My greatest fear is that anyone here finds out who I am irl bc I just can't keep my mouth shut and I'm bad at lying about my life ;(

      That was way more than I intended to write... Thats exactly what I mean with "I can't keep my mouth shut"

      Anyways, tell me something about you

    • "Honestly, there isn't anything interesting about me."

      that's just loser talk and selfmate does not become friends with losers...everything is unique in their own ways my friend - you know how I say different strokes for different folks all the time I mean it - you have things that are unique to you and you should be proud of those things...people think interesting has to be things like I won this award or I play sports at a national level...nope interesting is just something unique about you...

      me something random is that I managed to catch all 151 of the original pokemon after my friend came back from Indonesia and gave me one unfotunately that feeling lasted for 1/2 hour at best since whilst doing some trading/battling the cable (yes this is the old old original grey gameboys lol) disconnected and the save file got corrupted and I lost EVERYTHING!!! lol

      to this date I've never played pokemon on a console!!!

      you told me you were a writer - how did you get into the hobby?

      on TV? that's great - I'm tempted to ask you what show but that's probably outing yourself so instead I'll say if it's because of your writing then that's a great skill and kudos

      hey I really like the MCU as well - I've basically watched all the movies and tv shows - do you just enjoy loki or do you watch other mcu stuff? I remember watching the end of loki and then having to spend another 2 hours finding out wtf it all meant lol

      I really like kpop variety stuff - personally I find it to be entertainment - I'm not parasocial enough to consider their on camera personalities to be their "true" personalities but I enjoy it and that's good enough for me...if you don't enjoy it no biggie

      boys huh? I like GG lol

      talk as much or as little as you want my friend - it's the process of getting to know the other person better

    • I used to love Pokémon a lot when I was younger. I only collected the cards and watched the TV shows and movies though.
      You have a friend in Indonesia? That's funny, one of my best friends lives there

      How I got into writing... I don't actually remember. I started writing the moment I knew how it worked. But I started taking it serious because I had a lot of ideas and felt like writing was the best way to express them. I think I am just gifted at writing, I feel like it's the reason I'm born, the only thing that truly makes me happy. No matter what I write about, I am always so passionate about it, even if it's about things I dislike.... I could go on and talk for hours, just about writing... Anyways, to answer your question, I just started writing because I always felt like I had to. It called me lol (I mostly write in German though. My English isn't as good as my German)

      I am actually scared people will find out about my identity if I publish a book and screenshot my threads and posts on here and say that I am a bad person and then I get cancelled.... Knetz traumatized me with the way they rant about idols lol.

      I've watched almost all MCU content except for the Spiderman and Captain America movies. I just can't get myself to watch it. I dislike Steve Rogers a lot, same goes for Peter Parker. They just have something I can't stand...
      I really like the MCU and I wish Marvel hired better writers... they did a great job with Loki, but they do need help with their female character.... I contribute :)))))) My dream is to actually write some script for a company like Marvel.

      Anyways, Loki is my favourite movie character ever. I have 3283289 Pinterest pages dedicated to him and I watch the whole show every other week. I just love him sm

      I actually don't stan much BGs, I only like Stray Kids. I prefer GGs, their music is better, they are more trustable in terms of who's personality is real and fake, and they're just so sympathetic. Some are role models for me, others inspire me... I really do love GGs.

    • I collect the cards as well and still do occasionally - hey I watched all the shows religiously until I like season 3-4 since by that that I was at uni or something and had less time to watch it

      my best friend is from Indonesia (small world huh?)

      so your German huh? cool cool - that's great that you've found a calling so early in your life I mean lots of people reach my age and still don't know what they want with their lifes - I assume you want to write for your career and the future? what kind of things do you write about if you care to share?

      in terms the ideas part I can relate since I have a lot of weird crazy random ideas in my head but mostly they just come out as stories that I make up and tell my son - my wife told me to put it down on paper but I can't be bothered too lol

      that's cool no biggie - you should protect your identity at all costs especially online

      that's cool - if you don't like you don't like it no need to force yourself to watch something you don't enjoy - different strokes for different folks my friend

      for spiderman and CA - is it because of their self-righteous nature that they seem "flawless" characters???? sometimes I hear that from people - like for other characters they have flaws and egos and negative traits? sound like whatshername - the character who plays ms marvel (Iman Vellani) for some reason lol

      "I watch the whole show every other week" wow - that's hardcore stan stuff - do you also like the person - Tom Hiddleston? or just the character since there's lots of comics and stuff about him???

      me too!!! I've always said if I'm going to be watching beautiful people sing and dance they sure as hell better be girls!!! lol

    • I only watched the movies and some shows, but not all of them

      I am mainly writing High-Fantasy but I also like Sci-Fi or Urban fantasy.
      You should totally write stuff down, I bet it's gonna be fun!

      I dislike characters that seem too flawless even though they have tons of flaws. Spiderman acts like a kid and Captain America... Well he's himself and I don't like him. Lol. I am more into morally grey characters like Loki, Wanda etc. Or heroes that are heroic but cool like Thor and Iron Man.
      I don't really like Ms. Marvel, she's way too naive an immature lol (It feels like an insult to be compared to her ;( lol)

      I do like Tom Hiddleston and feel like he fits the role perfectly, but it's more about him as Loki than him as a person.

  • And again, I changed my aesthetics.... I went from Feel my Rhythm to Supershy concept to Perfect night, to Asap, to Drama and now to Oshi No ko in only one month... Crazy. Pirate Hyunjin is going to be next, and I really want to try Red Lights inspired aesthetics, as well as Venom... And of course, an IVE inspired one... And maybe Kakegurui... And definitely something NewJeans debut era inspired... Maybe Cookie... And Enhypen Dark Blood... And XG Girl Gvng...

  • Oh I didn't recognize you because of your new aesthetic I thought you were a new user lol. How is it going with your writing?

    • So sweet of you for asking how it goes! I feel like I finally got rid of my writers block! Someone gifted me 4 writing-workbooks and they helped me so much. Sadly, after I solved my writing problem, I got new problems... It seems like every time I solve something, even worse stuff comes into my life

    • That's great, I'm happy you got rid of your writer's block! I see, life is like that I guess without problems life will be too boring? I hope that this new life problem doesn't affect you for long and that you are able to overcome it sweetie. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  • aww thanks for the akorn hun you really didn't need to

    • You need 2000 Akorns for a badge, right?

    • Not sure what your question is, if you mean for yourself some badges are just 250.

      For me, I need 8k akorns for a guild emblem (those circle thingies around a guild user's profile picture)

    • I gave you yours back just because you are so new it doesn't feel right taking from you. Save up for a tokki badge! :-P

    • Noooooo, please keep them! Besides, i am not that new, I am here since January or something, I just don't spend much time on Allkpop.

      Oh and I didn't know you were wanting to make a guild emblem, I misunderstood it. If you need 8k akorns, then it's quite embarrassing I only gave you 20... So, don't feel bad for the akorns, and also, I don't want to force them on you or something, but if it's okay, I will give you a few so you have 2000.

      And also, I would love to be a honorary member of the Le Sserafim guild! I love them so much, they are my ults after NewJeans!

    • Haha don't worry about it it was very sweet. Emblems are super cool because once one person buys it anyone in the guild will get it. I'm sure the tokki's will get one soon.

      And great I'll add you!

  • Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here. I recently read your introduction. We are about the same age so I hope I can get to know you better.

    • Hi, sorry for not answering, I swear I am terrible at noticing if someone has messaged me :((((((( How are you doing?

    • I'm doing good. Thank you for the reply. How are you doing?

  • Can someone tell me how to make a thread?

    • Geh zu dem entsprechenden Forum. Oben rechts ist ein Button "+ Create Thread"

      Klick da mal drauf.

    • Thank you! Are you German too?