Alone is the second single of MISO.

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    [Verse 1]

    The season goes, you're all alone

    Nowhere to go, no one to hold

    There's something hidden in the past

    "Cover your eyes, girl"

    That's what papa said

    It might just be an endless road

    Anxiety just holds you close

    But if it holds onto you tight

    Cover your eyes, girl

    Open your mind instead

    [Verse 2]

    All the things you do

    Though we're in the blues

    You know how to come through

    I choose to turn to you

    You, you're everything I knew

    In you, I see the truth

    Turn rust to gold, so pure

    All the things you do

    [Verse 3]

    We could be floating on time

    Into the peace of your mind

    Before decisions collide

    Stay out of time

    Just take a walk in your mind

    To keep the balance intact

    Remember, you are alive

    Stay out of time