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  • Like why the hell would we want to read some dull ass anti's long, dull ass screeds?

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  • I hope you never change your profile photo and sig! I love seeing Jennie smiling!

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  • Finally someone who didn't private their profile lol


    Love your new username btw!

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    • Thank you! Inspired by a fave that won't ever quit music so I'll never get tired of it lol

  • Do me a favour would you.

    Go on akp article section and tell me if you can see the ads there (make sure you're signed in with your akp account)

    • Not ads on this one but they pop up on the one without Allkill

    • Interesting... They show up on mine, I'm assuming because mine is a fake allkill that got bought with Akorns.

      Thanks for your assistance.

    • Just use adblock dude

  • Jennie is so precious in ur sig

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  • Omg your new sig/aesthetic is PERFECT

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  • you really do remind me of kittykitka

  • your username reminds me of ice cream.

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    • I'm actually really craving ice cream now.

    • And I'm baking cookies lol

    • It is impossible and ice cream is the most important thing ever

    • You are equally cool. +1 follow

  • Hi ! I find you nice and I like your takes.

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  • hii

  • Hello! Would you like to get your first badge free? We have some in the shop that are BLACKPINK related if you’re interested.

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    • Yes please!

    • Okay, I tagged you in the thread. Also, come by the Blink Guild anytime, we’re all pretty chill there.