• Kitty, you cutest person in this world !

    How are you? <3<3<3<3<3<3

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    • omg I haven't seen you around in so long :pepe-excited:

      And im doing alright

      Been trying to do better at school lately :sadr:

      I dont think it's working tho lmao

      How have you been ? ❤

  • youve changed your title :mukbang:

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  • hello my child other mum 8o

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  • why are u less active :pepeflushed:

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    • I've been sick with the flu 😿

      And I also have midterms to deal with


      I'll be way more active next week dw ❤

      How have you been ?

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    • Oh OK

      Am good , I have studies coming tooi :sweatr:

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    • sad 😿

      Why must we suffer like this :cryingr:

      I wish I was born a billionaire

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    • Idk but I wish I was a billionaire too :waterr:

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    • it would certainly make a lot of things easier :pepe-comfy:

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  • She left us again...


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    • you're talking about guin right? 😿

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    • Yes, RIP, she got permabanned :'(


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    • I remember her asking us if we missed her in the chat

      And by the time I was awake to reply she was already gone again :cryingr:

      What did she even do :waterr:

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    • Aww, yeah...she was only active for about 3 hours before she got permabanned :(

      She got 6 warnings, mostly for insulting other users...

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    • how did she even find that many users that fast :eyes:

      It's honestly kind of impressive

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  • its been long since i commented on ur wall :pepe-tea:

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    • did you forget about me ? :sadr:

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    • nooo how could I :nervousk:

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    • it seems you did :sketchyk:

      I was actually planning to comment on your wall first cause I hadn't seen you much yesterday :nervousk:

      but you came here :pepe-excited:

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    • ya i wasnt active fr whole day i was busy with school work and u guys blowed my notifys up :pepe-tea:

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    • as we should :smirks:

      Damn schoolwork must really be beating your ass tho

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  • :pepe-comfy:

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    • why sad? :pepe-comfy:

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    • not sad necessarily, just a little stressed with my school stuff lol

      how are you doing?

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    • Understandable lmao

      School is also killing me :sadr:

      Do you have any breaks coming up soon ?

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    • there is spring break

      but i think that's in like 5 weeks lmaooo so yeah

      any breaks for you?

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    • spring break for me too :pepe-excited:

      But it's also like a month away :(

      am I confusing you with someone else or are you from the US too ?

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  • Yo team?

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  • why the sakura dp :?:

    hinata is better :pepe-tea:

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    • sakura is 10 times better than hinata IMHO

      Tell me one thing hinata does better than sakura ? :mads:

    • everything.

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    • alright fine

      Name 2 ? :pepe-back-away:

    • everything includes everything :!:

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    • I'm personally not into the whole " I'm such a submissive sweet woman" vibes hinata has going on

      The only notable thing she has done was jump in front of pain for naruto

      And in hindsight that was a stupid decision to make because she knew there was no way to win :P

      Sakura on the other hand was busy the entire war healing her entire sides raggedy asses and people still have the audacity to call her useless

      Even when the war ended what's hinata been doing in boruto ?? Being a freaking house wife even though she has freaking ninja training 😒

      Sakura on the other opened and operated a hospital to help traumatized children

      While raising her daughter by herself :mads:

      Because sasuke was a massive dumbass

      As far far as I'm concerned Sakura >>>>>>>>>> hinata

      Sorry for the essay :oops:

  • why is your name so fun to say ;(

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    • idk :pepe-hehe:

      I original just wanted kitty but that was taken apparently :pepe-comfy:

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    • I personally like kittykitka more than kitty haha :pepe-toilet:

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    • it does roll off the tongue doesn't it :teeheek:

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  • you can change your post glow and your all kill badge color btw

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    • jichutran actually just helped me with that lol :claps:

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  • U flop how u get that allkill vip? :cursing:

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    • I found it on the avatar management place :claps:

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    • Real money? Naah no thanks :cursing:

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    • I think it's worth it :wellr:

      the ads were pissing me off

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    • I have ad blockers so it's not bothering me lol :cursing: Anyways, it looks good on u

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    • thank you ❤

      I'm technology inept so I don't really know how ad blockers work


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  • Could you do me a favor pls?

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    • If I'm able to do it, I don't see why not :]

    • Could you tell me what u think of my first "How would xyz sing abc" video pls?

      External Content www.youtube.com
      Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
      Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

      This is the first i've ever done one like this and would appreciate your opinion pls & ty!

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    • and i take requests too if u have any!

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    • it was pretty good overall. The audio wasn't wonky or anything.

      If you're looking for constructive criticism..

      - I would put lyrics up because the pictures are kind of confusing

      - wouldn't it be easier to have a picture of all of them and just light up whichever one is supposed to be singing?

      Sorta like lyric channels do

    • Thanks for the opinion! voice wise did i get twice members correct if this makes sense? I'll add lyrics in the future!

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  • Kitty is awake :pepe-excited:

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    • not willingly :eyes:

      I had lecture at like 7am ;(

      and now I have to do a quiz at 9am


      how's it going for you ?

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    • I have exam's suddenly recently so am being prepared so that I'll always be awake :cryingk: I need to get all A+ :mads:

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    • don't you just hate schooling 😒

      I don't have the energy for an a plus

      B's are better anyway 😌

      What are you studying? If you don't mind me asking

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    • LoL I like being top student it feels good.

      I study arctecitural engineering it's designing sketchs fr a building or such things but in the field you should also master in engineering

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    • who wouldn't like to be top student 😏

      I would love to :sweatr:

      Do i have the discipline needed?

      Definitely not

      I'm hoping I'll improve but it probably won't happen.

      Wow wow 👏

      Someone's smart :eyes:

      That sounds like an abhorrent amount of math is involved


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  • why is the middle piece of your sig broken? :(

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    • Is it ? I'm on my phone so I can't tell :eyes:


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  • thanks 4 the follow back :iloveyoub:

    ur acc is sooo cute btw

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    • ah thank you so much :lover3:

      your sig is so pretty

      I spent several minutes just staring at it :lover1:

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  • Love the dp

    :!: :!: :!:

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    • ah thank you ❤

      I did it for Rosé's solo debut


      Do you have any plans to change your dp?

      I feel like you've had it since the revamp :sketchyk:

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    • Hmm I'm still thinking about. When I see a new fitting dp :cursing:

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    • maybe something from Rosé's upcoming

      Music video :suggestiver:

      You have to promote you know :pepe-cute:

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    • I'll do it if there's new content from her solo.

      The 3 members might get jelly u know :cursing:

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    • it's Rosés time to shine you know :pepe-cute:

      The others can get attention when it's their solo time :merongk:

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  • now we have a matching sig :lover3:

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  • You're a cool blink ✔️

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    • thank you ❤

      I think you're a pretty cool blink yourself


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  • I am sorry for being disrespectful & talk about misogyny without knowing. But I try to see things from both sides. Women & men are totally different biologically & mentally. Because of their differences they will percieved different by people thus will go by totally different path to success & live. If you have experienced misogyny. I still believe there are men in your country that suffers from the norms & standards set in the society. They could have not complained about it because they are afraid of looking whiny & weak cuz people stereotype men as physically & mentally strong and men have the pressure to satisfy that standard. We haven't experienced life as a man. We only have experienced life as a woman. Thus it doesn't make sense to make conclusion that everything is against woman and everything is more favourable to men. Even in lots of countries suicide rate for men is more than women which indicates something also.

    • Women are

      - Constantly belittled

      - treated a lot of the time as subservient to men

      - they're objectified to hell and back

      do you know how many women are domestically abused every single day ?

      Have you ever seen rape statistics ?

      Don't ever try to tell me men have it more difficult than women

      After centuries of oppression at the hands of men you think most women would know better but I guess that's not the case

      If you've never faced misogyny, that's wonderful and I'm happy for you

      But don't go around speaking on things you don't know anything about

    • That doesn't mean man also doesn't suffer!

      Lots of men experiences domestic violence. Yet they have less opportunity to seek help from people cuz they are afraid to look weak & incompetent.

      You also don't know that there are lots of boys are raped? Have you seen statistics? But it is difficult for them to report sexual assualt they have experienced in this masculine custom. They are afraid to be labeled as homosexual or unmasculine. Male rape victims tend to get less support and legal systems are not well equipped to deal with this kind of crime which leaves them at disadvantage.

      I know that male has used to oppress women in history but that was a time where people were less sociable & more barbaric. But no one pays attention when also man experiences sexism. In history most of the times the ones who have went war was males. To protect their own country's indepence & secuirity every man should go to war and many have died because of that. Every man is subjected to military draft while female is not. It just shows how people view male's lives less than female's. Lots of young boys are massacred.

    • who made you champion of the male defense squad ?

      I honestly can't do this with you

      I can see that we're not going to agree ever

      Let's just agree to disagree and leave this topic alone ☹

    • I am not defending men at all. My uncle has just passed away because of heart attack. The reason was overworking and depression. It was her wife who has always been attacking his mentality, scolding him for bringing not enough money & not giving her luxurious life she has wanted. Women may don't use fist by they are capable of attacking people by cruel words. It is just people see things very one-dimensionally. How is it misogyny when society shits on both men and women? How is it misogyny when suicide rate for men is much higher than women in the world? Is it okay you believe misogyny exists because of the awful things you have experienced. But applying it to every other thing is wrong. Look at kpop idols who has committed suicide. Both male and female idols suicide. They both recieve shits from the society. YG has shitted both their girlgroups & boygroups. How is it misogyny then? People say girlgroups recieve so much hate. But boygroups still recieve so much hate because of toxic masculinity. They are still taken as joke by the general public cuz people think only horny teenagers are obsessed by them. Maybe you should read transgender people's view on this. It says something.

    • I'm not replying to you anymore

      Go somewhere else if you want a fight

  • Why did the thread get closed? Do you know?

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    • nope 😳

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    • guess that didn't work 😕

    • and now they're deleting posts apparently


    • Literally a whole page of posts

      I wonder why


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    • apparently it's "spam"

      I don't get it

      But whatever I guess

      It was fun while it lasted

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  • You are so nice! And I'm so happy that you are nice to Once and Twice, there aren't a lot of people like you <3

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    • aww thank you ❤

      I try to be :nervousk:

      And why are you talking as if you're not the sweetest akp member


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    • Aww, thank you! I think you're the nicest that I've met <3:saint: (other than my wife)

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    • a wife ??


      At 15

      What sorcery is this 😳

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    • LMAO It's hard to explain but on the other side they added marriage and so I got married to her @itsymoo :)

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    • ah I didn't see much of the other side

      I've only been on here for a month :sweatr:

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  • i love your sig :pepe-heart-eyes:

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    • ah thank you ❤

      Jungkook looked so cute at that concert

      I just had to make him my sig :lover1:

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  • I love the idols you stan :pepe-heart-eyes:

    Btw, followed you

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    • I could say the same to you :lover1:

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    • you're a blink army right?

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    • Yup <3 you don't see us often, but we do happen. :saint::whistling:

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    • It's too bad too

      Armyblinks are the shit :pepe-toast:

      Who are your biases ?

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    • thank u. ;( It's really a bit difficult to be an ArmyBlink when both fan communities don't really like each other. :rolleyes:

      In BTS, definitely Jungkook, but Jimin is my bias wrecker.

      In Blackpink it's Jennie and Lisa. :love: I can never really decide. :/

      And yours? <3

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  • Jealous of your badges

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  • And the richest member completed her badges lol :!: :!: :!:

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  • Someone posted how you embed yt and twitter on the blink guild. you post the link here

    Edit: my entire message doest show up here for some reason -_-

    Edit2: here RE: BLIИK GUILD

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  • Your badges! so pretty!

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    • thank you 🥰

      Most of the new badges have been such an improvement

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