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  • :pleading: imysm

  • missing you :pleading:

  • We are waiting for you Bestie :send-love-bunny:

  • 2x maass oohh

  • miss you hilary :pleading:

  • you play the granny :clown: meet me at the random thoughts thread

    " MotHER , moTER !! " says child jukiop nuyih scee nelung , while washing the dishs.

    " you know your mother got drunk ...whats WRONG ???" says the father .

    " BUT I neeeeed to gOO to the market and buy SOME GRAPES !! " says child jukiop nuyih scee nelung placing back the dishs.

    " You could ask me to YA KNOW !!!" says the father .

    " ....YOU ARE ALWAYS SO BUSY RUMMAGING THRU WHICH SOAP BAR YOU SHOULD BUY..." says child jukiop nuyih scee nelung leaving the kiction .

    "... WHATEVER. YOU ARE NOT PUTTING A STOP TO IT PERIDOT . ..." insists the father.

    " YEAH WELL- I DONT MF CARE ABOUT YOU !!" says the child angerly.

    The child runs away from home and to the magic fountain.

    She swats the birds .

    She stomps her feet.

    then .....

    her grandma came out of the well ... like magic...

    "what the HELL ARE YOU DOING GARNNY ?!?! " says the child , shocked.

    " granny has come to give you some grapess " she leads the child to the market.


    " We dont sell any grapes , but we do sell lemonade. " they store man guy whatev shit name says.


    Granny glued the guy ...WITH GORELIA GLUE.

    The child waddled home ...and said to her dad , "got any grapes ???"

    his dad said ..." WERENT YOU ANGERY WITH ME ?!?!?"

    Then the child waddled away...waddle waddle ...

    THE END. :clown:

    • this is like so weird. why am I the granny?

    • lmao , yeah its werid . Your the granny just because ..

  • I didn’t get to say it before, but I love your DP! Jungwon is so adorable! :send-love-bunny:

    • Thanks! It was so hard to make the size smaller so glad you like it..

    • No I definitely get you. I myself, still don’t know how to do anything in relation to that. Thankfully, I have my amazing friend on here that does it for me all the time.

      Like why is it so hard? ;-;

      Though, I’m glad you figured it out.

    • Ohh, who is that amazing friend? I don't why I get so curious haha...

      Uhm, it's hard cuz the gif's original size is bigger than the maximum size, if u get what I mean...

      Thanks, I found a website to make it smaller so that's why it made it a little easier..

    • That amazing friend is @rrrrrrapmonster that carries my aesthetic.

      Yeah I know what you mean. It’s such a struggle tbh. :angryr:

    • Ohh, that's nice... I love your aesthetic too..

      yeah, it's very hard, it was my first time doing it so I struggled a lot..


    • Yes I am although this is my last day :cryc:

  • Your dp is finally moving :wow:

    • yes, it was so hard lol, I tried and tried to make the size smaller, that's why the color is like that but it kinda looks good..
      Do you like it?

  • :pepe-beg:

  • Thank you for the follow <3

  • hii, at school, plz help

    • hello, you can use gadgets at school? (we can't)
      what do u need help with? I'm gonna sleep in a few minutes tho..

    • Good night! :sleepyr:
      Let's talk abt this tmrw, just say what u need help with..

    • i was trying so hard not to show my phone lol, i hid it in the test folders

      i dont need help, i was just bored

    • Lol, that must be so hard, actually I don't have my own phone just a laptop...

      Lol, I thought you were in trouble or something, are you still bored?

    • mine is cracked up lol, i dont have a case and drop it 8 times every day lol

      no lol, i was but not when i messaged you

      OFC I AM


  • Hey Hilary! I understand the enthusiasm of making threads and trying to make users participate in it, but try to not abuse the tag list, please. I advise you to use it for important news and updates in order to inform engenes and other users that might have missed it. It's okay to use it for discussion threads and polls, but don't use it many times in a row. It spams people's notifications and this might annoy users.

    • Okay! Thanks for the tip! I'm really sorry, I won't do it again..

  • Hey friend <3



    • Hello, I just saw your comment on Liv's wall (it became her nickname lol) that you asked how to participate on the Hunger Games, it's actually easy..
      You go here: [RULES] All About AKP Hunger Games + TAGLIST
      and ask to be added on the taglist and after that everytime there is a new game, you will be notified.. and then you go to the thread and if it says "signs ups are open", that means you can sign up and tell which idol or teammate you want (example: bang chan) but if it says "active", you gotta wait for it to finish and wait for another round.. and if it says "concluded", that means it ended already..

      If you don't understand, just go to the thread and read the rules..


      my wiifi dont work TT

    • Your welcome!!

      is it very slow?

    • yes, slowest shit ever

      it be slower than the time someone takes in the bathroom when they try to shit but they constipated TT

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    • Wow, they actually know the Filipino song Salamat...

    • i'm sure they had queue cards in front of them but nonetheless, its so cute! :borahae:

    • maybe they had but it's still so cute..

  • Hiii <3 I gave 500! Let me know if you need more!

    • Thanks! I actually needed 900 but this okay, I'll farm the other 400..

    • I gave you more to reach 900! <3

    • OMG!! Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

  • a child

    • who? me?

    • yez

    • what abt you??

    • im a.......

      wait no im the child, your a baby

      btw, what do i call you? i forgot to ask lol

    • hehe, okay, you're the child, I'm a baby :pepe-hehe:

      you can call me Hilary or any nickname you want..

  • You got lucky this time ....i broght 2 badges and spent 300 ...I'LL WIN THO !! I PROMISE !!

    • I got my 2nd badge! Yayyy! :danceb:

    • NICE !!! :lover1:

    • thank you Dongsaeng :borahae:

    • You don't have to promise!! I don't need it, why did u buy the ghost badge, for your aesthetic?

    • ohhh

      and yeah for my athesticc

  • wake up sleepy head! :-P:borahae:

    • lol I woke up hours ago, I was taking a bath and eating... haha

    • omg! lol and here i was thinking you had slept in on a saturday morning ! hehe

      that's good tho, you're all ready to have a great day! 8)

    • yes, wow u got your 2nd badge!

    • ikr! :groovins: I won 1st prize in the "who wants akorns" thread! hehe

      that gave me a lil' boost to make it happen sooner! I was lucky! :danceb:

    • where's the thread? I wanna seee


  • akorns plz im pur

  • 20141113110150890.gif

    • Hello Nyaz! How are you?:whatr:

    • I'm great! :-) Just chillin' 20141113112936575.gif

    • That's good. Can u give me some ideas for new threads?

    • hmm... how about you ask them "which idols would make a perfect couple?" :yesr::omgr:Like a matching game! hehe

    • Ooh, great idea. I'll get to it tmrw. Don't worry, I'll put credits that it was your idea.

  • wae follow so many people

    • So they will follow me back and more users will know me and to also make friends :pepegrin:

  • Oh wow. You follow so many people. xD

    • Yes. Including u but u didn't follow me back :pepe-cut:
      Just kidding:pepe-excited:

    • I don't follow anyone for now, but I might again someday! xD

    • Oohh, u should def follow me when u do that someday.

  • No worries!!! <3 I sent over 250! You can ask anytime I got you!

  • hello fellow k drama lover, thanks for the follow :lover3:

    • Thanks for the follow back. Btw, what are ur fav kdramas?

    • I have a looot but I will try to make it short haha

      My all time faves are School 2013 (really recommend, it's a very nice drama about friendship), It's okay that's love (very strong message, it's a romance but the main focus is mental illness), Hotel Del Luna (IU queen <3 ), While you were sleeping (the main characters can forsee a bit of future when they go to sleep, it's super interesting) , Beyond Evil (one of the best k drama I've ever seen, it's about serial killer though so it's quite heavy, and also the acting is superb), Crash landing on you was great too

      and many more dramas haha

      What about yours ??

    • I haven't watched School 2013, only some episodes. I haven't watched It's Okay That's Love and Beyond Evil either. I also love Hotel Del Luna, While You Were Sleeping and Crash Landing On You and my other faves are All Of Us Are Dead, The Uncanny Counter, Happiness, Sweet Home and more dramas

    • I really recommend! :yesr:

      I watched all of those you've mentioned except All of Us are Dead and Happiness

    • Okay! I will watch them soon. All Of Us Are Dead and Happiness, I recommend it too.

  • Here you go.

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    Love 1
    • Finally:groovins:
      I liked Door by Eun Bi so I might like this one too.