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  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • Hii

      Thank you for writing. I'm ok. I hope you are well.

      I slowed down coming here because of work, and being so busy.

      I also got really turned off with the Blackpink anti's that started in July, including some Blinks, so I didn't want to participate as much. And....I'm happy with the comeback, so I don't have alot to say!

      I feel guilty about not checking in on people. Someone new followed me and I haven't written them or thanked them...or followed them back. I think starting next week I'm taking time off from work so I can catch up.

      In the meantime I hope you are well and doing well in school, and I will try to backread the Guild and say hi soon.

      Thank you for checking on me!

    • No problem! Good to know you are doing ok. Thank you for that! I hope you are also doing well!

      Aw good luck with your work! Aw but you don't have to be guilty, it's not like you are doing it in purpose but I understand why you feel that way.

      I am doing well, thank you so much. Hehe no pressure, I actually haven't visited the guild for a while because of school works so no rush, take your time and when you are free and feel like doing it, you can do it then!

      No problem! It's always nice talking and checking on your friends!

  • hii

    • Hello!

    • hru?

    • I'm good, but starting work now.

      Where do you live in the Philippines? I live in California and many of my co-workers are from the Philippines or from families that were originally from the Ph. Most are from Luzon, but one girl I worked with was from Cebu.

    • Ohh, really?

      I'm from Mindanao.

    • That's interesting. I like Philippine history, especially the last 160 years or so. I've read a lot about the Spanish and American involvements. Mindanao had an interesting history during these times!

  • im guessing he got banned when he went and harassed another user on their wall :pepe-shame:

    • Thank you for answering. He always seemed to know just how to torment people up to the line to keep from being banned, but looks like they lost control. I hope its permanent. I also think he and someone banned a while ago are responsible for those VPN driven quickly banned new accounts that pop up every few days to just insult people and groups...but that's just my guess.

    • I think it's only a 2 week ban because they usually dont straight up hand out permanent bans like that so its unlikely. I don't know if he's responsible for the VPN accounts since he seems comfortable talking shit from his own main lol but there is a user who was banned around December that I think is responsible for those accounts... either that user or the infamous godkingt*hsub user :pepewash:

    • Yeah that sounds right. Thanks again!

  • Jisoo looks so good, have a follow because of that.

    • Thank you! I don't post much but I'm glad you like her in red too.

    • your welcome, she legit looks like a queen👑