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  • Hey do yo uwant to participate to the produce game ?

    • i have no idea what that is lol

    • as in, i never checked the link :pleading:


      here's the link, basically a game where you choose an idol, then I give you instructions and you need to send videos (fancams) of the idol to compete. There will be judges who will evaluate the videos to determine if you continue or not. Winner gets 1000 akorns.

    • i'm not a good person for the game, i don't watch fancams ^^ i think i watched 10 fancams in my life ^^ tag people who might find it interesting, especially multi stans, they need akorns lol


    • no problem :rv55:

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    is even the part in 2:35 from ningning lipsync? :pepewash: seriously? am i that used to lipsync

    • it sounds live though :pepe-puddle: i don't want to believe that they even lipsynced on hand held mics and in an american late night show

    • yes, it's all lip syncing. they lip synced on their previous late night performance (forgot who was the host :D), why wouldn't they do it now lol. but this is a ballad, at least for savage they had a choreo. i don't get it :pepe-shrug:

    • ok nvm i think you're right because at 2:44 the sound seems to come out before karina can even open her mouth fully :pepe-shame: this is really annoying ngl :pepe-shame: SM ffs :hazmat-pepe:

    • what about this one?

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    • no wonder they look bored on stage and have no energy. compare their coachella performance and any other tv show performance. why aren't they singing live, i'd like to hear sm's explanation because it doesn't make any sense. groups with weaker vocalists sing live and they don't


  • I was about to respond to you in that thread but it got deleted before I clicked "submit" :cryingr:

    • oh, didn't know that! thank you!

      i was about to reply too :cryingr: i found this gem:


      It's funny reading maknae solo stans and akgaes fight it out 😂


      why did it get deleted :boredr:

    • I posted a screenshot too but for some reason imgur doesn't cooperate :boredr: but I guess you found it. :happyr:

      I had a good laugh skimming through their posts too. There was one saying that they don't mind solo stans as long they're not messy. :pepe-joy:

    • :pepe-joy:

      cosplaying as ot7 when you are akgaes/solo, it must have been hard ;(

  • it would be very kind of you if you could suport the badge-petition for the Japanese group JO1, even if you don't interact with anything at the end, just give me your name on the list by buying it and I'm happy, thank you in advance

  • ćaos

    ima li te

    • evo me, tu sam :)

      šta ima, je l si dobro?

      ja sam prilično down, pikachu_senpai je umrla a baš sam je gotivila :( još je bila član badge tima pa smo bili bliskiji sa njom. al, eto...

      pazario si allkill :groovins:

    • Da,vidio sam,nisam mogao da vjerujem :( zašto se ovakve stvari događaju najboljim ljudima :pepe-sad:

      Ja sam ok.Nedavno započeo novi posao pa je bilo kaotično,prilagodba ovo ono..ali sve je dobro :)

      Ahah ma da,dosad nisam davao pare na ovaj forum al reko aj da se i ja oprobam u pravljenju aesthetica :pepe-hehe:

    • strašno. a bila je divna ;(

      drago mi je da si dobro! :pepelove1:

      i kako ti se čini? :D

      svrati ovde, za vreme akorn vikenda post je 3 akorna


      a inače je 2!

  • Are you ready? Seo Yea Ji's comeback drama starts airing today

    • :pepe-loop::pepe-loop::pepe-loop:

      The queen is back!

      Thanks for letting me know, I'm too busy with badges, i forgot it's today!

      Tbh I'd might even buy her badge but i know it wouldn't be a good look ^^

    • I am still waiting for subs. :excited-bee:

      I think my expectations are too high

      From the comments I have seen people making about the drama, it looks like it is a makjang drama like The penthouse

      We don't have a Seo Yae Ji badge yet

    • didn't watch the penthouse! i know there is more than 1 season and i'm not interested in that.

      i'm waiting for the subs! :pepe-hype: i missed seeing her on screen

      we don't have a badge but i don't think users would support it :eyes:

    • I found subs :uwu-party-bee:

      Do you use Telegram? if you do you can find Ep 1 subbed in the group from this link

    • i have it installed, if that's what using means ^^

      i'll try it! thanks :pepelove1:

  • i like your akorns

    could i have some


    • nope! you have no idea how many akorns i've donated ;( last year more than 7k ;( and that was only in the first half of the year. i spent more than 700 akorns only in supporting badge petitions ;( i need to keep something for myself!

    • thats a lotttt :eyes:

      osy tweank oi :rv24:

    • i can donate 50. that's my final offer :yesr:

    • TYSMMM :ak_hanuelheart:

    • you're welcome :pepelove1:

  • fun fact: an african bush elaphant usually weight 13,000 pounds

  • ily smiley612.gif

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  • So that gif shows up as an 18+ warning on my sig?Could you send me a screenshot or something lmao

    • the gif is shown properly on your sig, it's when you click on it that you get the warning lol

    • ooh ok good

      I thought I was a clown with an erotic imagery warning on my sig this whole time


    • i wanted to check the source, i thought it was tumblr. and i know those are tumblr gifs, i know tumblr dimensions. i made a bunch of doctor who gifs, god knows how many ^^ i was really into gif making for my fave show ;( it's not anymore sadly, damn chris chibnall :pepe-firing:

      according to imgur other gifs are safe :yesr:

    • yes yes,tumblr is my go-to for gifs :yesr:

    • gifs are flawless there, and how can they not be, people make them in photoshop. it takes so much time to make them, perfect cropping, sharpening, and colouring... maybe if your computer is new-ish it's faster but my laptop isn't and it takes time to load all the layers :boredr:

  • your siggggggggggggg 133563-hyunjin-eat-gif

  • headache from wine

    aspirin nowhere to be found

  • I could have sworn i was following you

    glad to know that i am now :pepelove1:  :pepe-excited:

    Love 1
  • thax for the akorns :pepepizza:

    • now beg for more :pepepizza:







    • not me, all others but me ^^

    • :clown::clown: "ALL the others?" okkk ALL the others

    • don't waste time on me, especially here where you don't get akorns :pepe-cut:

  • daj žira jebemu miša

    • za šta treba :D

      žira HAHAHAHAH

    • carnival album :oops:

    • 250? da to nije malo mnogo!

      može 100 max :D

    • a daaaj puna si ko brod sister,ne ciljam te bzvz :cryingr:

      al može stoja :eyes: I'll take what I can get

    • gde sam puna ko brod! čuvam ih za bts comeback! osim jina kog smo dobili pre mesec dana bts nema individualne badgese, planiram da kupim bar tri, plus mv badge, plus ako bude dve verzije :cryingr: a treba i kupiti blessed-cursed :cryingr:

      kako stoji stvari ja ću da molim za žireve ^^

      ako bude trebalo za blessed-cursed tu ću da ti dobacim :)

      eta: a i plaćam svaku peticiju, više dajem nego što zaradjum ;(

  • Donate akornz plz

    • again? :cryingr:

      since i got in the badge team i'm barely earning any akorns, i'm never in the main :cryingr:

      how much do you need? not from me, in general ^^

    • Yes again :waterr:

      I'm saving till 3.5k so I can buy a guild custom badge for the cat guild :pepe_akorns:

    • i can only donate 50. i'm supporting every petition and not gaining any akorns, soon i'll go bankrupt :cryingr:

    • Thank youuu!

      oh :angryr: Maybe you should try spamming somewhere

    • i don't have time with all the drama that's happening :pepestare: ABOUT BADGES!


  • You stan always clothed rappers? I just googled "Suga shirtless" and wanna ask if all these photos are photoshopped? ^^

    • Yes, they are ^^ the only pics that are not photoshopped is from their debut stage/era but all other pics were photoshopped ^^ in one of his last year's vlives an army asked him to show us muscles and he said: i have muscles on my face :angryr:

      i think that after the debut era (which is obviously what they were told to do) this is the most skin he ever showed, it's from their nov/dec LA concert


    • It's cool that BH does not force them to show their skin :thumbup:

    • jungkook shows his skin but it's his choice, he always says he wants to make performance sexier :) he doesn't want to go full shirtless, he likes to tease. jimin too, but jk reveals more.

      jungkook had wardrobe malfunction during their lastest concert. this is how the outfit should have looked like while dancing

      and this is what happened :D

      he was trying to fix it during the performance but it was useless, you can't fix it while you're constantly moving :)

      and this is suga's outfit in that same performance ^^

      skirt tho :eyebrowsr:

      i don't see jhope, suga or jin ever showing much skin. v might to it sometimes in the future but now? there's zero chance. rm shows arms, at least that ^^

      i'm also glad they don't force them, but then again how can you force bts, they run the company, let's be real :)

    • OMG, that's true! BTS run this company.

      I'm really grateful to JK for his choise of costumes :-) I remember every time when Fake Love is performed and JK lifts his shirt a little bit, the audience is going crazy 8o and RM is really bumped and his arms are huge afair. My bias is TY, he's in the club of shirtless




    • fake love was his choice too :D suga, jin and jungkook are in introvert line, it's interesting that jk is really comfortable with showing his skin, and suga and jin are like, nope, it's not gonna happen lol

      suga started working out too, after his solder surgery he finally can. but he's really uncomfortable showing his skin and i'm glad he doesn't do it. you can always see when idol is forced to do it and then you feel bad for the idol

      yep, i know taeyong is in the club of shirtless :eyebrowsr: and you can see he enjoys it, he's comfortable and confident. i don't know much about them but i'm glad that mark isn't forced to do it and his wish is respected. anyone else who is not in the shirtless club? :D i don't know all 23 members :pepe-life-support: but it seems that a lot of them take their tops off :eyebrowsr:

  • Oho! Part of badge squad? :woow:

    Nice nice! Congrats <3

  • Suga's Best Fashion, in Honor of His Birthday | InStyle

    i give you agust d

    • And i gladly take agust d :borahae:

      He's both :pleading: and :eyebrowsr:

    • And merry christmas uf you celebrate it! :pepelove1:

    • thats why seing agustd needs to be illegal!!!! HES BOTH CUTE AND HOT

      i dont celebrate christmas, but i hope you had a good christmas!

    • I'm a soft stan, i like them more when they laugh and are goofy/joking (which is my definition of soft stan, I heard some pretty disturbing ones :pepestare: ) but lately bts has been testing me :pepe-cross:

      I hope suga, namjoon and jin will get well soon. I hope they are okay. Sigh

      I don't celebrate it today :) I'm waiting for january 7, perks of living in a an orthodox christian country that uses different calendar. If i wasn't on the internet i would forget december 24 and 25 were a thing ^^

      Well i hope you had a great day :pepelove1:

    • bts be like perfect squidward vs buff richard but with shirts on



      i didnt have a good day, i had to see agust d today!!! my eyes are now scarred with handsomeness ;(


  • follow me back :pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-sad::pepe-cut:

    • done ^^ i never follow first, i sometimes follow back if i don't forget. i still have no idea what's the point of this ^^

    • its to give me VALIDATION!!!!!! ;(;(;(

    • well here you go ^^

      pinky_peachy is from my neighboring country, we speak the same language and basically talk on a daily basis. she asked me a month ago how is it possible she's not following me, and i was like, idk, i even forgot that existed ^^

    • 8| wow what language do u speak?

    • i speak serbian, she speaks croatian. we think it's a different language (politics, you know) but in linguistics it's known as serbo-croatian, so you get how similar they are :) it's something like all spanish speaking countries in south america would call their language argentinia, peruvian, mexican, etc etc :) damn politics

  • Shrimping at 2x

    • :pepelove2:

    • :cutes:

    • :pleading:

      haha, i always found it funny when i remember your introduction to the forum ^^ that was intense :pepewash:

    • :pepe-hehe: its was my edgy era.

      i still have some controversial opinions but its fun to be nice sometimes lol

    • post them!

      i liked that thread, i really liked it, everyone was chill and respectful talking about a pretty sensitive topic. which was unheard of until that point ^^

  • Voted for the tbz badges!! I'm so sorry about all the fuss with finding good sets, I promise I tried looking and I still couldn't find anything... I regret choosing sets because I know it was a lot of trouble for everyone :pepe-sad: Thanks for reminding me

  • wow your yoongi sig 2x

  • Following you for your superior DP 🥺

    Hoping we can get to know each other 💜

  • just started following an icon 63628-taeyong1-gif

  • is you online?

    • I'm now but will sign off soon. I'm in central european timezone (it's 1pm here) but i slept only three hours and i need to sleep some more.

      What can i do for you? :)

    • oh okay.

      We added the bts badges to the akorn shop i was wondering if you could go have a look and let me know if its simple to navigate.

    • i told you to wait a bit but i fell asleep ;(

      everything works fine! i won't be buying anything atm, i'm slow at making akorns and i need to save them in case bts announces their comeback.

    • you can always ask the guild leader to fund you!

    • i'm not a part of any guild lol. i was once but not anymore. it's okay, one exo-l told me to ask her if i needed them. but then again, back then the new set of badges hadn't been announced yet, maybe she needs them now lol. we'll see

  • You rich, good to know :starec:

    • i'm not :pepe-sad: i'm saving up for idk what, but i did help txt guild with 200 akorns, they got their forum guild :lover4:

      you're the richest guild there is :cursing: you yourself have more akorns than me :pepe-sad:

    • OMG I thought you donated 3k :akorns: all at once! :pepe-cut:

      I am not rich at all, but I am trying BUT I have constant expenses and I am stuck with this rank title, kako nemaš milosti! :pepe-cut:

    • no, i'm not that rich :pepe-sad: i'm not in a guild anymore, i'm going to earn akorns slower :pepe-sad: (not that i was fast before ^^ ). i didn't have any big expenses, my badges are basic plus one limited. i don't even have a gradient username (i did for the time i was in the guild tho)! yep, not rich at all, it's the opposite! sirotinja, šta ćeš :D

    • Nisi valjda dobila nogu? :pepe-hehe:

      Well you can always visit us if you want to earn them faster :pepe-hehe:

    • napustila :eyes: ni dva meseca nisam izdržala :-D

      exotics are so rich :sadr:

  • mm are you mad at me?

    • No? Why would i be :whatr:

    • just asking :pepelove1:

    • If you are asking about the bts songs thread; ofc I'm not mad, you are allow to express your opinion and I'm allowed to disagree with it, and vice versa :D

      It's nothing personal or serious, we are just hanging out here, talking about kpop, our faves, ex-faves, and sometimes accidentally or on purpose get caught up in some drama lol


      Love 1
  • upravo to :pepelove2:

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