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  • mm are you mad at me?

    • No? Why would i be :whatr:

    • just asking :pepelove1:

    • If you are asking about the bts songs thread; ofc I'm not mad, you are allow to express your opinion and I'm allowed to disagree with it, and vice versa :D

      It's nothing personal or serious, we are just hanging out here, talking about kpop, our faves, ex-faves, and sometimes accidentally or on purpose get caught up in some drama lol


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  • upravo to :pepelove2:

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  • Happy birthday 💜💜

  • Happy Birthday :borahae:

  • Happy birthday! <3

  • happy birthday!!!

    • thank you so much :pepelove1:

      i had no idea this site shows b days :-)

      again, thanks :pepelove1::blowing-kiss:

  • saranghae :pepelove1: thanks for the donation

    • i'm glad you got the badge, and i'm glad nice people donated over 500 akorns for your cause :pepelove1: i would have given you more than 50 but these akorns aren't mine lol. i was about to tell yoshi to take them back but instead, she went on hiatus. i need to wait until she gets back to get rid of them lol

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    • it's fine I still appreciate even if little lol

  • 8.9 k now :froghype:

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    • Flop almost 9k let me donate :moneyk:

    • 9k now :pepepizza:

    • I contribute to it daily :P

      "Only" 1k more! Do you have an idea how the emblem will look like?

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    • twice the akorns, we're smart flop :pepe-smug:

      also why didn't I get a notif for this? :eyes:

      And for the emblem we're thinking about going for 50k instead, apparently the sub forum and emblem will come together :cutes:

      And for the emblem I was thinking about a sky blue layout :claps:

    • 50 THOUSAND?! THAT'S INSANITY! AND IMPOSSIBLE. how long till you achieve that? i swear, you might give up on kpop/treasure before you reach that goal :-D

      no idea about a notif, surprisingly this is the only site they work perfectly.

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  • :groovins::groovins::groovins:

    7.8k now :mooning:

  • Rich tyrant :evil:

    • 8)

      Now i can't donate anymore, or should I say i'm automatically donating to myself :-D

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    • Tyrant, donate to me :cursing:

    • Come on now, let's be responsible... No :-D but seriously, how did you get unbanned? Especially if admin himself banned you? It happened before but due to "political" (in terms not forum) reasons

    • In terms OF forum *

    • I got unbanned bc ves spoke up for me and I technacly didn't break any rules :eyes:

  • you changed your dp? :eyes:

    • yes, but i'm not sure if i like it, i had agust d since the beginning :/

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    • I got used to the savage agustd dp ngl :pepe-cross:

      When I saw your new dp I thought it was someone else for a sec :pepe-life-support:

    • yes, i also have that issue :/

      we'll see how it goes, i can always switch, i saved the gif :) i thought i should make another gif dp but was lazy to look for the right video and went with a pic lol

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    • let's see how long you survive :pepe-hehe:

    • we'll see!

      how to vote for you on that thread? walk me thought, i have no idea what should i do lol

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  • I thought we already followed each other :pepe-life-support:

    • no, i didn't even know this was a thing lol.

      i followed back sveznalica and was surprised i had people following me xD i know only you so decided i followed back. but i still have no idea what's the purpose of following lol

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    • Ohhh :wow:

      Lmao, I thought you already followed me but then I saw my earlier comment on your wall when I was a newbie :pepestare:

      I never replied back to you :pepe-comfy:

      and the purpose I suppose is to, uh, umm

      what is it for anyway? :pepe-peek:

      wait maybe to say you're friends with this person? :pepestare:

    • i don't even remember we talked rip so all is good xD

      okay then, friend :D i have two more people i talked to but we keep it in private, who knows maybe i say something problematic and later it might come back to haunt me lol. i don't want to have a problematic past 392001500-EYES-EMOJI-400px.gif

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  • it needs saying

  • does it need saying?

  • Thanks for the support. :thumbup: I feel lonely sometimes debating these sheeps.

  • your profile pic is gooddddd, :lover1:lil meow meow is best boy. :yesr:

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    • thanks, i made it :) all the credits go to his face tho! blond royalty :lover1:

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    • 0 0 you mae the GIF? woooww, your talented, and yes blond royalty, the one and only yoongi

    • talent doesn't have anything to do with it! i already make gifs on tumblr, i know the process :)

    • ohhh, can you make one for me?

    • tell me that video (please let it be youtube!) and the moment you want me to gif and i can :)