• History was a south korean boygroup formed by LEON Entertainment. The group debuted April 26, 2013 with their single 'Dreamer' and disbanded on May 12, 2017. They were LEON Ent. first boygroup. The members were Song Kyung-il, Na Do-kyun, Kim Si-hyoung, Kim Jae-ho, Jang Yi-jeong.

    Their first single 'Dreamer' was was composed by Lee Min-soo and written by Kim Eana, featuring narration from IU and rap written by Sunny Hill's Misung. The single Dreamer was their most successful single, charting #73 on korean charts.

    The group was officially announced to be disbanding on May 12, 2017, with Kyungil enlisted in the military as part of South Korea's compulsory military service and the rest of the members required to enlist soon.

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