• Hiiii :send-love-bunny:

  • 6r52bKE.gif

    • How could I leave this legendary picture uncommented ? :sob-bunny:

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  • :lover3:

    • :send-love-bunny:

      oh my god, why are you so cute?! :sob-bunny:

    • I just want to act cute with my wife aesthetics :smirks:

      Btw your nickname is the sweetest I've ever seen :send-love-bunny:

    • Oh thank you so much :send-love-bunny:

      and yours is the most beautiful! :send-love-bunny:

    • I'm melting cuz of this sweetness :pepe-puddle:

      My nickname is just my wife things :pepe-onions:

    • that nobody used it before you is a wonder.

      everyone is crazy for not using that epic username. :pepelove1:

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  • Yours is filled with positivity 👀

  • I can't believe I didn't follow you earlier. You have some of the best aesthetics on here and are such a kind Blink.

    • Me too. I thought we should change it very fast.

      Thank you, you too. Your profile pic is so cute and your username is very creative.


    • I'm glad you thought that way. Aw, thanks, you're so sweet!

    • You're sweeter! :pepelove2:

    • No U.

  • Hi! We follow each other but I realized we haven't talked on your wall yet.

    • Hey :pepelove2:

      Oh no, well then let's change that!

      How are you?!

    • I'm good, hbu?

      You seem very kind..

      Also what should I call you?

    • I'm fine too :)

      Thank u, u too.

      Well, whatever you like. But no mean names lol :smirks:

      Some people call me Marmalade :coming-bee:

      Can I call you Hilary? :ooo-bee:

    • Thank you!

      Marmalade it is..

      Ofc you can!

      What have you been up to these days?

  • The title is a lie i'm afraid. Fan girl no.1? lol girl u are blocked.

    • lol.

      if you don't like people, why do you go on their profile just to let a load of bullshit from you?

      Please block me. Best thing you posted yet.

  • How can you be kim jennie's fangirl number 1, if I'm kim jennie's fangirl number 1??? :mads:

    • What? :ak_bunny10: No way! :ak_bunny1:


      lol, I'm joking. Then Jennie has two amazing No.1 Fangirls :alpaca-happily::alpaca-twinsies:

    • I'm joking too lol :pepe-hehe:

      It's cute how much you stan her :pleading:

      We need more people with jennie as their ult bias on here 😤 🤧

    • I love her so much. :cutes: She is amazing. I was her fangirl since the moment I saw her. :danceb: But I can share her with you :groovins: Jennie needs more amazing fans like u. :cutes:

    • she really is the best :lover1:

      No words to describe how great she is :lover4:

      We can be the no.2 and no.1 fangirls of jennie :pepelove2:

    • yeah she is :cutes:

      your profile pic is very beautiful.

      do you have a bias wrecker? :starec:

  • Hi ! I just wanted to tell you that you are nice and I love your threads.

    • oh thank you! how nice of you :pepelove1: I really like your comments too. You are very sweet. <3

    • Thank you <3

    • I see we share some faves. :claps: You got taste :groovins:

    • Who do you stan exactly ? Blackpink for sure. I am curious because I have a long list.

    • I have many groups I like. :cutes:

      Blackpink is my no.1, of course. I stan Aespa, Twice, SNSD and BTS too. Especially RM. The other groups are just groups I really like and support too. :claps:

      Who is your bias? :whatb:

  • are you really the cutest girl in the world? :whatr:

    I really like cute girls :pepeflushed:

    Love 1
    • I'm super cute and there is a rumor that I am the cutest girl in the world. :cutes:


      Are you a cute boy? I like cute boys :pepe-flirt:

    • :lover1::lover1::lover1:

      I'm not a boy and not cute either, but in my heart I'm still cute :pepeflushed:

    • yeah? because your profile says 'male'.... Sorry :blowing-kiss:

      But I'm sure you are super cute. :cutes:

  • what's with the akorns girl :pepe-life-support:

    LOL 1
    • You gave me some when I hadn't the possibility to get Lisa's limited badge so I thought I should pay back because it was so nice <3 . It's not the same amount but I hope it does help (with whatever you want) :lisa5:

    • Aww that's sweet :lisa1:

      You really don't need to tho :shyy:

      It was gift

      And I don't really need akorns at the moment :pepeflushed:

    • then give it back. :cursing:

      lol, no joke. Do what you want <3 If you want give it back then it's okay too or use it for the guild. I'm sure it will be needed one day <3 <3 <3

      I was just so happy about the akorns that I wanted to give something back.

      You were so super nice :lisa3:

    • aww that's so sweet :lover3:

      you're really super nice too :lover2:

      You should get yourself another badge with it :eyebrowsr:

    • haha, okay. Well, if you need some (maybe for some nice Blinks too) then write me.

      I will Transfer it immediately :flying: :cutes:

  • thanks for the follow but why me my friend?

    Love 1
    • I think you are really cool <3 and I try to make new friends here so I thought following you would be a good start. :lovec:

    • thank you for following me back :flying:

    • no probs...now as I ask of everyone...tell me something about yourself

    • as you can probably tell, I'm a big Blackpink fan and my bias is Jennie and Lisa. Bias wrecker are of course Jisoo and Rose, haha. But I also like many other groups like Twice, Red Velvet, Aespa, BTS etc..

      English is not my first language by the way, so if you ever find some mistakes or don't understand what I want at all, please just pretend you do, haha.

      I don't know that much about you either, unfortunately, also as I said. Just think you are cool. :cutes:

    • well feel free to ask anything you want my friend...that's what a conversation is for no? :-)

      so how did you get into BP then?

      well English isn't my first language either I'm chinese lol...what's your native language then?

  • Welcome to allkpop!

    I stan





    and i respect so many other groups too! <3

    • Thank you!!!!

      I love Aespa and Treasure too :love: <3

    • No Problemo! :lover3:

      you have lots of taste!

    • Yay! We both have great taste!

      Who is your favorite? :pepelove1:

    • Thats tough

      it ussualy shifts based on my mood

      but Loona

      Loona first kpop group i ever stan and that group is so special to me :cryingr:

    • Ok, I understand that. I have the same with Blackpink.

      I loved Jennie from the first moment I saw her and when they debuted I couldn't stop me from loving all members. Jennie and Lisa are my bias :) Rose and Jisoo my bias wrecker ^^