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    Sunny Hill is a south-korean Girlgroup formed by For Everyone Media in 2007. The Girlgroup debuted on September 20, 2007 with their single album Love Letter.

    Sunny Hill originally debuted as a co-ed group consisting of members Janghyun, Jubi, and Seung Ah. In 2010 Sunny Hill moved to the company Nega Network. Nega Network later introduced a new member Kota for the group. In 2011, Sunny Hill again made a surprising switch to a new company, Loen Entertainment. In January 2013, it was announced that Janghyun would begin his mandatory military service in January. In April, it was announced that Sunny Hill would make their comeback as a four-member girl group with the digital single Is The White Horse Coming?

    In 2017, LOEN Entertainment stated that Sunny Hill had left the label and would move on as a group elsewhere.

    In 2019, Sunny Hill joined BOD Entertainment. The group remained with Bitna, Kota and two new member Eunju and Geonhee after Jubi and Misung had chosen to leave the group.

    Studio Albums:

    Sunny Blues (2014)