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  • hi :froghype:

    btw I love your Jay aesthetic!

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  • bestie miss u :peperain:

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    • Bestieeeee I’m here after such a long hiatus


    • omg bestie missed u :exohug: where'd u been :blanket:

    • I’ve just been so busy with life in general tbh bestie but I’m glad to be back. Miss u toooo


    • aww glad u're back too :jennie4:

    • Yassss bestie. Have I missed any major tea? I’m sure there’s a lot like always

  • I started a pre-order thread for GOT7 LE's! I tagged you already, but I'll also leave a message here in case you missed it!

  • okee can i have 10 akorns :pinky-longing:

  • hello, unholy child, I see the hobi water didnt work

    here, have a lil more

    Hobi Water | ARMY's Amino

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  • Bestie where are you, I haven't seen you for ages :pepecute:

    • Bestie I’m hereeee. Not quite as active since all the bullshit with they who shall not be named, but I recently started logging in regularly again


      You’ll always be one of my faves

    • omg seems like I missed something but I'm sorry that you had to experience some bad moments here ;(

      this place can be very toxic so take good care of yourself and don't let anyone drag you down

      For me too, love you :pepelove: :pepelove:

    • Aw thanks babes. It wasn’t nothing too serious, just a lot of red flags with users and complete lack of awareness and decision making among certain people piled on top of each other for me lol. But I’m happy to be back and of course I’ll always be lurking around in the guild.

      Love you loads babes. If you ever want another way to contact me when I’m not active here ofc just lmk and I’ll send whatever info u need


    • I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to still be here, I would have really missed you ;( <3

      Idk if you have discord but if something ever happens we can talk there :pepelove1:

    • :iloveyoub:

      Of course! I have a disc as well so I’ll be sure to get in contact with you

  • Bestie i made some enhypen allkill emotes and they're gonna be uploaded soon :suho4:

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    • OmG?! Yassss bestie as you should

    • :kai1: where've u been btw i rarely see u now :Baekhyun6:

    • Super busy between work and school, just life in general lol

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

  • Hello there!

    i noticed u visited my profile

    so i vistied u :teeheek:

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  • hihi


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  • dat sig and pfp...

    unholy, child :pepe-cross:

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  • here to send some love :pepelove1: after the mess that happened in dumpster fires. dear lord

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  • wow i never realised u have that many badges :rv36:

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    my naevis, we love you

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    • Hiiii zuzu


    • what did you think of jal bwa 1234567 you make me feel like eleven


  • your sig reminded me:

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  • hello.png

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  • Hello hello. I have sent you the reward. So redeem it when you come online, okay? I'll be waiting.

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  • okee thank you so much Hypee at 2xcatLuv at 2x

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    • ZUZUUU

    • hihi i got bored loll

      how are you?

      i feel like we haven' talked in ages :peperain:

    • Lmao I felt that. I’m good tho, how about you~?

    • not much, im a bit busy with school. but that's an always thing haha

    • Literally sameee. Between work and school I’m basically just


  • RegularBonyItaliangreyhound-max-1mb.gif

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    • Your welcome for the follow prrd


    • I felt touched ;(

    • :smirks::cutes:

    • U hyped for Kai's comeback??? I gotta say I am, I have watched his MV an unhealthy amount of the times kkk Also have done naughty stuff while listening to it ooopsie :pepe-peek:

      Best marketing ever :pepe-daddy:

    • Kdkdkdk not “naughty stuff”. But yasss prrd of course I’m hyped af. Expecting the album to be full of bops and of course for him to come thru with the visuals like always.


  • You didn't comment on my current aesthetics. :pepefrog:

    What do you think?? :pepe-flirt:

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  • Thank you so much for the follow :borahae::borahae::borahae::flying:

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  • Hey, you said you don't know me in that one thread.... :baekhyun4:

    So I thought I should say hello :pepe-sad: :froghype:

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    • Hii


    • I see that you are a multi-stan :blade-lounge: but who is your favorite? :eyebrowsr:

      EXO? I really like Baekhyun. He is so cute and Kai is fire. :ak_bunny15:

    • :pepecute:

      OMG sorry for the late response, I missed this. But to answer your question, EXO is definitely one of my ult groups. You have great tasteeee. Baekhyun and Kai are both just-


    • No problem <3

      I heard Kai is coming back in november, right? I'm sure it will be a bop again. :pepemusic:

  • Follow me back :cursing:

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  • okee did you listen to this :omgr:

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    • :omg10:

      No but this is interesting ooo

    • that rap part sounds so good here ;(

      that lil pause ;(;(

      the ending too ;(;(;(

  • The “beetch” cracks me up every time


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  • Sry to ask this but can u donate me some akorns I wanted to buy the new NCT badges 🥺🥺

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  • mwOyA❓YA‼️noh🛀 kOyAngi😼iSseO🥵kUgEni🎉💫koYa🐨nGiyA🕳️🚶iGeNi💨koYanGi😾yA‼️🙌🏻

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  • give me your akorns

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  • i never usually do this but.... u got akorns to spare :eyes:


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