• Hi, nice to meet you!

  • Helloooo :cutes:

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    • Hai 8)

    • How have you been? :lover3:

    • Doing well. How about yourself? You not that active lately. May because not much Seventeen lately :/

    • good to hear you are doing well. I’m good as well, thank you for asking. I’m on akp, I kind of follow along with everything, I just don’t post much other then few Seventeen content here and there.

    • I see. :groovins::groovins::groovins::groovins:

  • happy birthday jichu :ak_hanuelheart:

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  • ik we're not that close but happy birthday!

    hope you have a great day bestie 😌

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  • happy birthday :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

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  • Happy Birthday :pepe-excited:

  • Happy birthday :jisoo7:

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  • Blue is such a relaxing color! feel like im in the ocean

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  • You got a username change!!

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    • The most wasted technical $25 in my life but iz ok

    • LMAO :cryingr: I like it though... :pepefrog:

  • You probably already seen this, but god I'm obsessed with this!

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    Just... it sounds fucking good with the live band and their vocals too oddfsasdf

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    • Yes already watched. Band version took this to a whole other level :borahae::borahae::borahae:

  • you decided to follow after all lol

    so given I know why you followed me tell me something about yourself?

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  • Do you have any "how would blackpink sing" requests? I've done a lot of those lately and can't think of any new ideas?

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    • I'm not a fan of those kinds of videos so I have no idea of any recommendations. Probably Aespa songs come to mind because they also have 4 members.

  • Follow back u flop! :cursing::-P

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    • idek what following even does it has hade no difference in my experience ;p

    • you're displaying iconic DPs in your profile! You're a cool dude! 8) Bouahahaha

      Thanks mang, much appreciated! :borahae:

    • Thanks bruh keke

  • Love your dp

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  • You changed your aesthetic! :eek:

    • it costs so much akorns to do so ;(

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    • OH yeah... :crys:

      Sorry if it's an annoying question lol I just see you with the purple aesthetic a lot and a little surprised it's different. I like this one though <3

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  • Hi, Jisoo fan :borahae:

    I saw your badge

    Would you wanna join the Purple Kiss taglist ?

  • I see you're a fellow Jisoo stan :borahae:

    Quick! What's your favorite Jisoo look?

    • So many!

      This look got me mesmerized


    • 401daeb6a0110d84ee85927273347871.jpg

      This red dress iconic too

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    • Oh my gosh!! :borahae::borahae:

      She looks amazing :pepelove2:

    • when does she not :ak_jisoowave:

  • Hey Jichutran...that Day6 badge is hot

  • donate juseyo so I can get rose limited badge

  • Cute dp bruh

  • Stream On The Ground :cursing:

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  • omg jisoo looks so good on ur dp :waterr:

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  • :mooning::mooning::mooning:

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  • Okay I am confused....

    You dislike BTS or not?


    • I don’t. Please show where I even implied I don’t like them?

    • No I was just asking....

      I guess it was someone else with same profile photo as you. My bad :P Sorry.

    • hmm okay

  • I didn't realised that I didn't follow u


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    • dw I would still live regardless :P

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  • I love your new dp Jichu is so cute :lover1:

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  • Wait the other day I confused someone with you on the discord server and they told me it was someone else. They had the same gif as dp, was I trolled? :|

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    • i don't recall :O

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    • so it really wasnt you, damn they even had some dc nickname which was like chochotran lmao

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    • heh :P

    • ofc it's me I feel bad for trolling u this long so

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    • are you serious? :cryingr:

  • help a flop out :oops:

    How did you change the color of your allkill thingy

    • go to edit profile and everything you can change should be there


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    • yess thank you ❤❤

      Idk why i didn't think of that :sweatr:

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  • Hi! I'm a friendly new user here! Hope to have more lovely conversations with you <3

  • ty for the follow!! <333

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