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  • hey just wanted to know, do you want to be the op for the official purple kiss thread?

    • i don't care, if you don't wanna do it no problem for me. If you wanna still do it, no problem for me :D

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    • i think you're the better person for it lol, youve got the taglists and you actively make more threads

      lemme dm you

  • uve been working hard

    • so you deserve a treat

    • i present to you my favorite kpop dance cover of all time

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  • 4NIA? :melon_think:

  • I LOVE YOURS <3 Especially the badge formations omggg :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

  • hello there, if you are interested in getting 1000 akorns join this thread
  • Hi, fellow Purple Kiss person.

  • Stan bp :cursing:

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    • I stan them already, i listen all of their songs, watched their TV show and Vlive replay. My favorite song is "STAY". <3

      I'm not too much of a BP thread because I feel uncomfortable with the Blinks. One must always be very careful not to be misinterpreted if one does not want to be called haters for nothing and be embroiled in silly wars with other fandoms. ;(

      I wait impatiently Rosé's solo :saint:

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    • Oh you are? Best decision you ever made in your life :cursing:

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    • full

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    • Thanks for leaving me this beautiful gif :cursing:

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