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  • if you're reading this wish me luck : )

  • hi dummi

    • hiiiiiii hru

    • good.... just fed up with exams and stuff :mads:

      spring break is taking its sweet time to arrive

      what about you?

    • I'm also swamped. Projects and exams... I wanna be done so I can start my summer job soon. I also already had my spring break lmadijes when is yours?

    • my spring break is next week.... but I have like so many exams this week so I just gotta get through. I also made the mistake of taking two of the hardest AP classes in the same semester.... and with me being the lazy person that I am, it is quite the deadly combo :mads: but I need to keep that 4.00 unweighted gpa, so I try to scrape by with the low amount of effort I put in. honestly I miss being that perfect kid that just slept through everything and still got great scores. gifted kid burnout is real :flop:

      anyways how was your spring break? my birthday is on the 31st so I'll be on vacation the entire week :flower-cutie:

  • :pepelove1:

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  • BIBI in your sig >>>>>> MAN I really did miss you seeing you around it truly is refreshing seeing you and your aesthetic back

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    • tysm <3 I'm here to spread the bibi gospel

  • I've been wanting to tell you this for so long... "Hongdae R&B" took over as my favorite Bibi song! The storytelling, the beat, the guitar, the melody, the MV, everything. It's perfection.

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    • I can finally reply!!! omg superyeah I freaking love this woman... like what cant she do?? HER BEAUTIFUL VOCALS!!! the song itself, the music video.. she also composed it alongside a diff composer called purple. I really like this kind of laid back coffee shop bop. it's so great, I'm glad you liked it too

    • *** wanted to add this is only a chill coffee shop song for ppl who dont speak korean, the lyrics are somewhat dark


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    • Let it be known that this dummi is VERIFIED real by AMERICAN PATRIOTS