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  • cant believe they answered your whole question haha lucky

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    • yes and it made me happy because somehow those answers felt personal, even the way of typing is different haha

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  • really great questionssss!!


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  • yo so like can u help me with the purple kiss taglist lol :oops:

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    • but I never did taglist, and I also don't really know who was in :(

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    • no, like skitzy 18 had one, just like if anyone wants to join the taglist tell me k?

  • you seem to be super confused about the sections.... I would give you more akorns for constantly moving your threads lol

    • yeah because it's confusing ;( or maybe I'm just big bakaaaa :sweatr:

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    • well news is for news, you put something there that was not news. Just asking who would do well for something relating to news.

      'Jennie to represent Gucci' news
      'Jennie eye are so pretty' - K-lounge
      'Jennie solo is great!' - kpop

      i edited the descriptions so look at those first, good luck tho

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    • But you know what will be cool if you can add there in description, where to put:

      - group vlogs, backstage videos, photoshoots, covers (one idol group covering another)

      - survival shows for trainees, variety shows with idols as guests

      Of course I get that maybe there isn't enough space to put it all there in description but it will be very helpful.

    • covers (one idol group covering another) - Kpop section is for all performances.
      survival shows for trainees, variety shows with idols as guests - If these are performances which show singing, or music then Kpop music, if they are variety then news

      group vlogs, backstage videos, photoshoots - All news ^^

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    • ok so now going with this logic if some fan re-created STAYC Yoon in Sims 4 game then I should put it in k-lounge because it's not related to either music or it's not a news after all.

  • my purple kiss lover :lover1: how u doing

    • I'm more than ok! It's weekend and I'm eating lunch , what about U? :shyr:

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    • procrastinating -_- but other than that ok lol

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  • yess its the ruler of the c-pop section im glad your here

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    • haha that was sweet! yes I'm here to talk, and ocassionally spam

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  • omg ur here i didnt know u'd be coming to the new forums

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    • of course I'm here ;) and I don't plan to leave anytime soon