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  • boppity bop bop

    do you have discord you flop?

    • Discord I do not have

      But shame on me cause this is all I have🤣

      I can’t rhyme to save my life

      But I plan on getting it, I mis s you guys alot🥲

    • I miss you as well you flop. if you ever get it please do tell me.

      also I can't rhyme for shit. the only reason why I came up with that is because I was having a sugar rush

  • they are all free <3

  • how are you ?

  • "Delayed But Someday"

  • been a long time how are you ?

    uWu 1
    • Ive been doing alright

      ive just been looking everyday for anything Loona related

      but i can only find news on the Loona reddit and i dont have my phone so i cant check there when i loose my phone :(

      ever since their fab closed there barely has been anything as far as news goes :(

      How have u been?

    • alright too but i've been busy with work and school so can't be here a lot. I am barely able to spend time looking for Loona news nowadays...

    • thats really sad cause i miss u alot :( </3

      the latest i could find was Loona at a Fan sign and from the looks of it they will also be performing in Japan :drinktears:

      i wanna be happy about it

      but BBC ruins everythng and had hurt us all :emotionalpepe:

      oh! they also opend auditions for the boy group.... :boompepe::pepe-laser-eyes::pepe-firing:

    • yes I will try to come by more, we will see what will happen in Jap

    • lets hope Japanese Orbits can distract loona from this sadness :(

  • hi

    Love 1
  • Thank you for the follow! :D

  • oi


  • I'm answering your comment here, sorry about that. I believe honesty is the best policy. Explain to your dad what happened and pretty much everything that happened in your post. Ask him if there's a way to return it or exchange it, and if not, see what his advice is.

    Love 1
    • I would...But im way too afraid

      he just wrapped the present up too :pepe-cringe:

      plus he will be confused

      im sure it will be fine... :check-bee:

    • :hug-raccoon:

      It's okay then, just hope for the best at this point. I'm sure it'll be okay. Or if you want, you can warn your sister in advance, and she can look at pictures of it online and see if she thinks it's age appropriate for her daughter if you're really worried.

    • I can never remember her birthyear so i think shes 12 *we are 5 years apart i sure* truth be told,, i would've wanted to pick out the version, but trying to get my dad to understand a kpop album isnt easy, he calls it a CD, hes not wrong, but the package itself is an album :angryr: and then trying to explain what a different version of the same album... :check-bee:

      i think the pics themselves are fine *majority at least* i wouldnt even pick that version for myself i think id pick the last version :boredr:

      im not extremely worried bout it, but i hope my niece takes the hint when she looks through it :clown:

      and shes much more mature than me and has much better grades too ;(

    • Well then hopefully all goes well. Fingers crossed!

    • :thumbs-up::check-bee::leaving-bee::flying:

      This will be awesome either way

      she also has Kpop posters and merch up on her wall in her room ( i saw the BTS cookie runners banner thingy)

      it was so cute :crys:

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  • hello orbit, I'm here to teach you a trick I learned when I was still in school (so you don't have to use your brother's Ipad whenever you wanna see a twitter post)

    if this website isn't blocked for you, you can copy and paste the end of a twitter link at the end of this link and you'll be able to see the posts

    • Hello! :mesmerized-bee:

      Jae that is so sweet :uwu-party-bee:

      but the problem is, this site is blocked too :pepecry:

      i apperiacite what you told me though :drinktears:

    • oh..there are other versions of that site tho..try looking up just "nitter" to see if there are others that aren't blocked

      if it doesn't work, sorry for being useless :drinktears:

    • Ill see if i can find an unblocked version :cheer-bunny:

      and Jae your not Useless! :uh-uh-bunny:

      Your a wonderful human being :send-love-bunny::hug-raccoon:

    • thanks orbit! :send-love-bunny: ..I mainly said that as a joke tho

    • I Got you Jae! :lover3:

  • i like your pfp!

    • Aww!

      Thank you! <3

      i really Love yours too! :lover3:

      HUGS :hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

      and thank you 4TheFollow

    • ofc ty for interacting with me💜

    • OFC!

      i love to interact with people! :send-love-bunny:

      i also love minecraft <3

      im born in 05 and my zodiac is Aquarius and chinese zodiac is year of the rooster <3

      (feel free to look at my about me section!)

    • :)

    • :lover3:

  • cool to see you active

    Love 1
    • Im glad to be back and active! :lover4::hug-raccoon:

      How have you been dear Friend! :lover3:

  • Hello! How are you doing?

    Love 1
    • Im well thank you!


    • Kinda busy with school. We will have public exams this year which will determine our placement in 11th grade.

    • ooo

      i sorry

      i just got back into school

      do your best!

      im cherring 4 u! :cheer-bunny:

    • Thank you <3

    • No Problemo! :cheer-bunny::send-love-bunny:

  • Orbit, I miss you!

    Love 1
    • I missed you too!

    • OMG Orbit!! I missed you! How are you?

    • I missed you too! ;-)

      Im doing well thank you!

      and how about you! :borahae:

    • :hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

      Good to know!! I'm doing good too! What are you up to?

    • Im waking up getting ready for school!

      what r u up to this fine morning/ Afternoon/ evening? :happyr:

  • omg lord is back

    LOL 1
  • hope you can comeback regularly soon

    • Hello Dear Friend

      I will try

      I finally found a moment <3

  • ez money ez life

    LOL 1
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    Love 1
  • hello, can you buy jo yuri petition pls ? I can refund

    LOL 1
  • That jinsoul pic though...

    Love 1
  • LOONA USA TOUR :cryingr:

  • hi I noticed that you noticed that I visited your wall and visited my wall :ooo-bee:

    LOL 1
  • Can you buy the A.C.E badge petition? I can give you the akorns if you want :pleading:…d=sortOrder&sortOrder=ASC

    LOL 1
    • I need to save mine :(

      btw nice avatar

      i cant get this dam song out of my head!

      "Like that i like that" :pepemusic::pepe-dj::pepe-singing:

    • Thanks!

      It's 10 akorns and I can get them transferred to you! I'll take care of the cost, you just have to click the purchase button ;-)

    • Okay

      thank you😊

    • Akorns transferred! <3

    • Purchase complete! <3

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • thanks for the follow <3

  • thanks for following! <3

    • No Problemo :lover3:

      I saw ur Post in the Stray Kidz anniversary Thread it was so sweet

      and i thought i was already following you as well

      good thing i double checked :froghype:

    • Glad you liked it! <3

      And a lot glad that we're following each other now! :pleading:

    • Same :saint: <3