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  • 21 akorns just for all of that? ;(:cursing:

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  • :boredr::boredr:

  • Shawty's👱🏻‍♀️ like🤤a🅰️melody🎶in⬆️my🙋‍♀️head🧠 That I😃can't😞 keep ✊out👉 Got me 😄singin'🎵like💕 Na ✊na✊na ✊na ✊everyday📆 It's like 💕my 🙏ipod 📱stuck💋 on replay🔁, replay🔄-ay-ay-ay

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  • give me glowing privileges too :wilds:

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  • It is not fiction.

    Please return it to its rightful place.

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    • It's definitely fanfiction. Please at least try not to spread misinformation when you troll.

    • It is not fiction.

      Please return it to its original place.

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  • thx for the follow <3

    • No problem. Thanks for including me in the ITZY and PURPLE KISS tag lists.

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    • np, glad to see a fellow purple kiss stan ^_^

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  • how did you do that approve thread thingy?

    • I'm not sure. It just showed up and it gave me the option to approve.

    • hmmm interesting. I think i clicked delayed for posting time on accident.

    • I see. My apologies if you didn't mean for it to be posted!

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    • For some reason, the thread I posted had to get approval as well.

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    • first day and you're experiencing weird stuff must be some setting somewhere that mods have to approve other mods content lol.