• Stage Name: Seoyeon
    Birth Name: Lee Seo Yeon

    Group: fromis_9
    Position: Main Rapper, Vocalist

    Birthday: January 22, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    Blood Type: A

    II. Seoyeon Facts

    – She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
    – Seoyeon has two older brothers.
    – She is a former YG trainee, and was a part of YG trainee group called Future 2NE1
    – She starred in GD&TOP’s “Knock Out” MV.
    – Her nickname is “Sleepy Head” because she has big dark circles under her eyes.
    – The members call Seoyeon “Baby Panda” (TBS tv fact in star)
    – Education: SOPA (but she gave up in order to pursue her music career)
    – She is the oldest unnie of Bbang bbang (2000 liners) of Fromis_9.
    – Seoyeon thinks her attractive point is her waist
    – She likes romance, hero and animation movies. Her favorite movie is ‘The Notebook’.
    - She likes Tori Kelly, Rihanna, Dean, Heize and OH MY GIRL's Arin.
    – She likes BMO from Adventure Time and has many BMO merchandise.
    – She has a lot of chokers.
    – Her favorite colors are Red and Black.
    – Seoyeon is afraid of water (some kind of Aquaphobia). (Fromis_9 Channel.9 Youtube)
    – Seoyeon really likes gummy bear candy and milk tea. (Seoyeon’s V LIVE)
    – Seoyeon almost burnt the Fromis_9 dorm during FB live. (Fromis_room)
    Chaeyoung said that her first impression of Seoyeon was that she was very chic. (Seoyeon’s V LIVE)
    – Seoyeon is good at learning choreographies. (Fromis_Room)
    Jiheon said Seoyeon is the most fashionable member of Fromis_9 (KCON NYC Red Carpet 2018)
    – She ranked 7th in Idol School with 61,083 votes.
    – Seoyeon, Saerom, Nagyung, and Jisun share a room on the 2nd floor

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)