• I. Introduction

    Dean () is a South Korean singer, songwriter and producer. In addition to releasing his own alternative R&B music, he has written and produced for artists including EXO, IU, VIXX, Block B, Lee Hi, Winner and Heize. He has also featured or collaborated on songs with other artists including Taeyeon and ZICO.

    II. Career

    Dean was born in Seoul, South Korea, and gained an interest in American hip hop and rap in school. He began performing at the age of 16 with the hip-hop artist Keith Ape and was writing songs for K-pop stars by age 18 under the name "Deanfluenza." He debuted in the US in 2015 with the single "I'm Not Sorry" with the R&B singer Eric Bellinger. He also collaborated with Mila J and Anderson Park in 2016 and became the first Asian artist to perform at Spotify House at SXSW. He made his debut in Korea the same year, releasing his first digital single and EP to success on the Korean and U.S. charts and awards.

    Dubbed the "Korean R&B prince," he continued to feature on other artists' singles, notably Taeyeon and Heize, as well as continuing to write songs for other artists. In 2017, he also appeared on the popular TV show Show Me the Money with Zico.

    In 2019, he combined with fellow artists Zico, Crush, Penomeco, Stay Tuned and Millic for the hip hop project group FANXY CHILD.

    Since 2015, he has sold more than 4.9 million digital songs in South Korea as a lead artist. He continues to release singles, write and produce others' songs and appear on other's tracks, but he has not released another EP since 2016.

    III. Discography

    IIII. Solo EPs and Singles

    Artwork Title Album Release Chart
    "I'm Not Sorry" feat Eric Bellinger single 2015 -
    "Put My Hands on You" feat Anderson Park single 2015 -
    130 Mood: TRBL - 2016 KOR #10
    US #3 world
    "i love it" feat Dok2 130 Mood: TRBL 2016 -
    "Pour Up" feat. Zico 130 Mood: TRBL 2016 KOR #96
    "what2do" feat. Crush, Jeff Bernat 130 Mood: TRBL 2016 KOR #41
    - "bonnie & clyde" 130 Mood: TRBL 2016 US #12 World
    - "D (half moon)" feat. Gaeko 130 Mood: TRBL 2016 KOR #15
    "Come Over" feat Baek Ye-rin limbo 2017 KOR #6
    US #8 world
    "love" feat Syd single 2017 -
    "Instagram" single 2017 KOR #1
    "Dayfly" (하루살이) feat Sulli, Rad Museum single 2018 KOR #37
    "Howlin' 404" single 2019 -

    IIIII. As a featured artist

    IIIIII. Songwriter

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    IV. Videography

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    IVII. Features

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