• I. Introduction

    LOUD (라우드) is a boy group audition show that is broadcasted on SBS. It premiered on June 5, 2021, and airs every Saturday at 9 p.m. KST. The program involved 75 contestants from different countries with artistic talents competing for a spot in one of the 2 groups. The finale is set to air live on September 11 at 8:55 PM KST.

    II. Background

    LOUD also known as Boys be LOUD is a 2021 South Korean survival show aimed to create a worldwide boy group project under the collaboration of J.Y. Park from JYP Entertainment, Psy from P Nation, and SBS. Lee Seung-gi joined the program as Special Agent, a unique position whose task is to provide the remaining contestants with warmth, guidance, and support as they prepare for the finale

    The name of the show, LOUD, was inspired by Stephen Hopkins saying that ‘quiet people have the LOUDest minds’. Unlike other survival shows, LOUD aims to recruit individuals who are talented not just in singing and dancing, but that also have charm and very unique skills in different fields. In the show, Psy and JYP sit on a LOUD chair that they control to get closer to the contestants. The closer they move, the more they are interested in that participant. There are 3 levels forward. Only when they get closest to the stage (level 3), they can press the pass button. Contestants need to get a pass from both Psy and JYP to pass the first round. The producer that hits the pass button first, gets to recruit that contestant in his team.

    III. Contestants & Participants

    Name Hangul Age Nationality Prior LOUD
    Yoon Min 윤민 22 South Korea Former Cube Entertainment trainee
    Jo Min-ki 조민기 22 South Korea
    Kim Dae-hee 김대희 22 South Korea
    Lee Seung-hwan 이승환 22 South Korea Former member of 1the9 and contestant of Under Nineteen;
    Former Play M Entertainment trainee
    Zo Doo-hyun 조두현 22 South Korea
    Tatsunari 타츠나리 22 Japan
    Kim Min-hyuk 김민혁 22 South Korea
    Kang Hyun-woo 강현우 22 South Korea
    Kim Hyun-soo 김현수 21 South Korea
    Kim Myung-kyu 김명규 21 South Korea
    Choi Soo-woong 최수웅 21 South Korea
    Ham Mo-hyeob[b] 함모협 21 South Korea
    Lee Su-jae 이수재 21 South Korea
    Song Joon-hyuk 송준혁 21 South Korea
    Shin Hae-in 신해인 21 South Korea
    Kim Do-young 김도영 21 South Korea
    Kwak Chan 곽찬 21 South Korea
    Park Hyeon-min 박현민 20 South Korea
    Choi Tae-hun 최태훈 20 South Korea P Nation trainee;
    Former The Black Label trainee
    Woo Kyung-jun 우경준 20 South Korea P Nation trainee.
    Tsubasa 츠바사 20 Japan
    Kim Min-seo 김민서 20 South Korea A former contestant on Produce X 101;
    Former Urban Works Media trainee
    Nam Yun-seung[c] 남윤승 20 South Korea
    Lee Kang-jun 이강준 20 South Korea
    Park Han-bin 박한빈 20 South Korea
    Ellery Hyun-bae 엘러리 현배 20 South Korea
    United States
    Edward Park 에드워드 박 20 South Korea
    United States
    Kim Tae-sung 김태성 19 South Korea
    Jang Hee-won 장희원 19 South Korea
    Lee Tae-geon 이태건 19 South Korea
    Kim Min-seoung 김민성 19 South Korea
    Jeong Tae-jin 정태진 19 South Korea
    Yoon Dong-yeon 윤동연 19 South Korea
    Ahn Jae-ho 안재호 19 South Korea
    Jang Hyun-soo 장현수 19 South Korea P Nation trainee;
    Former TS Entertainment trainee
    Choi Jae-heum 최재흠 19 South Korea
    Park Yong-geon 박용건 19 South Korea
    Lim Kyoung-mun 임경문 19 South Korea JYP Entertainment trainee
    Kang Ha-yoon 강하윤 19 South Korea
    Kim Young-seok 김영석 19 South Korea Former contestant of Under Nineteen;
    Former KQ Entertainment & Brand New Music trainee
    Lee Sang-woon 이상운 19 South Korea
    Kim Joo-seong 김주성 19 South Korea
    Lee Ye-dam 이예담 19 South Korea
    Haruto Maeda 마에다 하루토 18 Japan Musical child actor
    Eun Hwi 은휘 18 South Korea
    Yoon Hwan 윤환 18 South Korea
    Kim Se-gon 김세곤 18 South Korea
    Kwon Yoo-seop 권유섭 18 South Korea
    Cheon Jun-hyeok 천준혁 18 South Korea P Nation trainee
    Lee Gye-hun 이계훈 18 South Korea 1st place in JYP's 12th Open Recruitment Audition of 2016;
    JYP Entertainment trainee
    Jeon Gyu-min 전규민 18 South Korea
    Jeong Soo-min 정수민 18 South Korea
    United States
    Daniel Jikal 다니엘 제갈 18 South Korea
    United States
    Lee Min-gyu 이민규 18 South Korea Former JYP Entertainment trainee
    Lee Tae-woo 이태우 17 South Korea Child actor
    Kim Seong-min 김성민 17 South Korea
    Amaru Mitsuyuki 미츠유키 아마루 17 Japan JYP Entertainment trainee;
    Former YG Entertainment trainee
    Do Min-kyu 도민규 17 South Korea
    Lin 17 Unknown
    Oh Sung-jun 오성준 17 South Korea P Nation trainee
    Kim Hyun-jun 김현준 16 South Korea
    Keiju Okamoto 오카모토 케이주 16 Japan A former contestant on Stage K
    Justin Kim 저스틴 김 16 South Korea
    United States
    Moon Hyeok-jun 문혁준 16 South Korea
    Riku[b] 리쿠 15 Japan
    Kang Gie-mook 강기묵 15 South Korea
    Yang Seung-soo 양승수 15 South Korea
    Kim Jeong-min 김정민 15 South Korea
    Song Si-hyun 송시현 15 South Korea
    Lee Dong-hyeon 이동현 15 South Korea
    Kim Dong-hyun 김동현 14 South Korea
    Maden Moon 문 메이든 13 Canada
    South Korea
    Mason Moon's younger brother
    Koki Tanaka 다나카 고키 13 Japan
    Hong Yeon-sung 홍연성 13 South Korea
    Na Yun-seo 나윤서 12 South Korea

    IV. Final Lineup

    IVI. Members of JYP Entertainment's Newest Boy Group

    JYP Boy Group Profile Trivia

    Name: Lee Gyehun
    South Korea Birthday: Sep 16, 2004
    Blood type:

    - His nickname was "Frozen Man" because he feels like he had been a trainee for a long period of time (like time has frozen).
    - His specialty is dance, rap, writing rap lyrics, composing and cup stacking.
    - His other nickname is "baby fox" because he resembles one when he smiles.

    Name: Yoon Min
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Birthday: Dec 22, 2000
    Blood type: B
    - He can write lyrics and compose music.
    - He likes to sleep.
    - He doesn't like ginger.
    - His charm is imitating Donald Duck.

    Name: Amaru Mitsuyuki
    Birthplace: Japan
    Birthday: Oct 21, 2005
    Blood Type: O
    - He's bilingual (Japanese & Korean).
    - He was a JYP trainee prior to joining the show LOUD.
    - His talents are rapping, singing, dish spinning, soccer and track athletics.
    - He likes soccer and catching insects.
    - He hates mushrooms.

    Name: Keiju Okamoto
    Birthday: Oct 4, 2006
    Birthplace: Japan
    Nationality: Japanese
    Blood type: A
    - His specialty is dancing.
    - His hobby is drawing.
    - His nickname is K-Chu.
    - He likes cats.
    - His charm is being cute.

    Name: Lee Donghyeon
    Birthday: Mar 13, 2007
    Birthplace: South Korea
    Blood Type: A
    - He can play ice hockey.
    - He loves to do poetry.
    - His nickname is ‘idol on ice’.
    - He was inspired to become an idol after listening to a song from Justin Bieber.
    - Compared to other LOUD contestants, he had very little idol training.
    - He can compose music and play the piano.

    IVII. Members of P Nation's Newest Boy Group

    P Nation's Boy Group Profile Trivia

    Name: Woo Kyunjun
    Birthday: Aug 30, 2002
    Birthplace: Australia
    Blood type: B
    - His English name is Justin Woo.
    - He can speak Korean and English fluently.
    - He studied in Australia for 10 years from age 5 to age 15.
    - He was already a P Nation trainee prior to the start of the show Loud.
    - He likes dancing and singing.
    - He hates vegetables.
    - His dream was to become a surgeon.
    - After he moved to Korea, he got street-casted and changed his dream from becoming a surgeon to becoming an idol.

    Name: Koki Tanaka
    Birthday: Jan 29, 2009
    Birthplace: Japan
    Blood Type: A
    - His specialty is dancing, krump dancing.
    - His nicknames are Little Prince, BabyBtreetBeast, BabyKrow.
    - He likes dancing, collecting hats, and shoes.
    - He started dancing at the age of 4 and started Krumping at the age of 6.
    - He has won a lot of Krumping competitions overseas.
    - He hates socks.

    Name: Jang Hyunsoo
    Birthday: Sep 16, 2003
    Blood type: O
    - His talent is agriculture.
    - He was one of the five P Nation trainees on the show.
    - He likes money.
    - He hates fish.
    - His charming point is his eyes.

    Name: Oh Sungjun
    Birthday: Aug 30, 2005
    Birthplace: Korea
    Blood type: B
    - He was one of the five P Nation trainees to participate in the show.
    - He passed the first round with a JYP badge.
    - He likes playing computer games.
    - He hates vegetables.

    Name: Eun Hwi
    Birthday: Nov 11, 2004
    South Korea
    Blood type:
    - His talents are composing music, music arrangement, rap, skiing.
    - He taught himself how to write music and play the keyboard.
    - He writes Kpop music.
    - He overcame his fear of starting something new and started to compose music.
    - He won first place in skiing for 4 years consecutively.
    - After giving up his dream to ski, he got into music and wrote his first original song in 2019.
    - He studied how to produce music for an entire year, spending 15 hours a day practicing.

    Name: Cheon Junhyeok
    Birthday: Sep 20, 2004
    Birthplace: Korea
    Blood type:
    - His specialty is vocals and singing ballads.
    - His talents are drumming, basketball.
    - His nickname was Gaji Gaji (different in Korean) because he liked trying many different things. Gaji sounds like "eggplant" in Korean.
    - He likes basketball.
    - Three words that describe him: peddler, switch, basketball.
    - He is an extrovert.

    Name: Choi Taehun
    Korean name: 최태훈
    Birthplace: Korea
    Birthday: Nov 19, 2002
    Blood type: A
    - His talent is sports (soccer, swimming, shooting, archery).
    - He was one of the five P Nation trainees on the show.
    - He likes music and fashion.
    - He hates lying.

    V. Discography


    • LOUD 2Round Team Mission (2021)
    • LOUD 3Round. JYP's Pick (2021)
    • LOUD 4Round PSY's Pick Part.1 (2021)
    • LOUD 4Round PSY's Pick Part.2 (2021)
    • LOUD 5Round JYPSY's Casting Part.1 (2021)
    • LOUD 5Round JYPSY's Casting Part.2 (2021)
    • LOUD 5Round JYPSY's Casting Part.3 (2021)

    VI. Videography

    VII. Social Media