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    I. Context

    KQ Entertainment was founded in June 2016 by Kim Kyu Wook. KQ Entertainment currently manages two labels - Seven Seasons (Block B's Label) and KQ Produce (A singer-songwriter and producer label).

    II. KQ Artists

    Artist Debut Date
    ATEEZ October 24th 2018

    III. Seven Seasons Artists

    Artist Debut Date
    Block B April 25th 2011
    Block B BASTARZ April 14th 2014
    Taeil March 7th 2015
    B-BOMB July 2nd 2019
    Jaehyo December 20th 2018
    U-KWON December 3rd 2019
    Park Kyung September 21st 2015
    P.O. September 27th 2017

    IV. KQ Produce Artists

    Artist Debut
    EDEN February 17th 2017
    Maddox April 3rd 2019