• Stage Name: Chan
    Birth Name: Jo Chan Hyuk

    Group: TO1
    Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Producer

    Birthday: December 8th, 1999

    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

    Blood Type: O

    Element: Fire

    II. Chan Facts

    – Chan ranked 2nd place.
    – Chan has an older sister.
    Specialty: Rapping, Dancing, and Producing.
    – He is a former SM Entertainment trainee.
    – Chan dropped out of high school.
    – He has a tattoo on the back and one on his hand
    – He is left-handed.
    – Nickname: Idea Bank, because he can come up with ideas on the spot.(Road to Kingdom)
    – Chan and Chihoon are members of a producing group called CUROHAKO.
    – He can speak basic Thai.