• I. Introduction

    Sungjun is a member of Keystone Entertainment's boy group BLANK2Y.

    II. Career

    Prior to joining BLANK2Y, he was part of Woolim Entertainment's W PROJECT, a project that introduced and showcased the skills of their trainees. Sungjun was a member of this project in 2019. He was featured in the collaboration single "1M1S" on September 2. He left Woolim in December 2019.

    Sungjun was teased as a member of Keystone Entertainment's boy group BLANK2Y on February 16, 2022 by Keystone Entertainment's CEO.

    Sungjun was officially revealed as a member of BLANK2Y on February 27. He will debut with the group in May 2022.

    III. Discography

    Title Type Date Released
    1M1S (with Joo Chang Uk, Kim Min Seo, Kim dong Yun, Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yun Seong)
    Digital Single (Collaboration) September 2, 2019

    IV. Trivia

    • He likes reading novels.
    • He is close to DRIPPIN's Yunseong, Hyeop, Changuk, Dongyun, and Minseo since they were also part of the WPROJECT.
      • He also went to the same school as Minseo.
    • He studied in IB Music Academy.
    • He can beatbox.
    • He passed different auditions for different companies. These include; 2Able Company, YG Entertainment, and PNation.

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