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  • ALEX!!

  • Sana is life

  • catgirl sana for u

    Happy Birthday Sana! 생일 축하해 - YouTube

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  • Hey. I had a loooong day and I'm dead on my feet right now. I just checked your lexicon and it's messed up. I won't approve it for now. I'll explain what went wrong tomorrow then approve it. I just wanted to let you know first.

    • Thanks mate, I really don't understand the whole thing.

      It's way too complicated for me.

    • Don't worry. I'll explain everything to you tomorrow. So, you won't face the same problem in the future.

    • :nayeon5:

    • :bts7:

    • I DMed you about the lexicon :thumbup:



  • :cutes:

  • Vote for me in the Halloween Aesthetic competition juseyooo :pepe-sad:

  • :jeongyeon3:

    1.117922-kittyilysm-gif or 2.117927-kittyhehe-gif

    1.117933-bunnylove2-gif or 2.115195-bunnyheart-gif

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    1.KittyJam at 2x or 2.SuttonDale at 2x

    1.115186-bunnysnuggle-gif or 2.115190-bunnyhug-gif

    • If you think I have the attention span to actually reply to that you are wrong.

      I would pick 111,2222,111,22,111,2222,111

      I have no idea if that matches the number of cats bouncing their asses at my screen or not

    • Interesting choices :angryr:

      Can you at least try to choose from these two?

      1.117926-kattywtf-gif or 2.117937-kattyquestion-gif

    • 2 is cuter

  • :lover3:

    Don't ask why. Just because.

    • I know exactly why :sana5:

    • Smart, huh? :kismer:

    • My mom didn't raise stupid kidz.

      She raise one and right :sana5:

  • Akorns? :akorns:

    • Dude I have another badge petition that I am leading.

      I need at least 2k more.

      What do you need korns for?

    • :woow::woow::woow:

      I need akorns for badges of my own :shyr:

    • Aight 420 for you since I'll have to buy more korns for the new album

    • Thank you so much :lover3::lover3::lover3::lover3:

    • go away bad dream

  • The comments you post when you report someone are HILARIOUS :angryr: Just wanted to tell you that :angryr:


  • Happy birbday🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • Happy birthday!!!

  • Happy birthday!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  • happy birthday alex <3

  • mwOyA❓YA‼️noh🛀 kOyAngi😼iSseO🥵kUgEni🎉💫koYa🐨nGiyA🕳️🚶iGeNi💨koYanGi😾yA‼️🙌🏻

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  • You are Romanian? It is crazy that a Latin influenced language (romance language) survived that close to the Greek Roman Empire. I can understand Italian, French, Spanish etc

    • Same here, I can speak and understand Italian fluently, and I can understand the rest

      I think it has to do with how hard our people fought against other occupations.

      Since our country was pretty much a pietry dish for inter breeding.

    • I'm honestly surprised the language lasted that long. Romania was the old Roman providence of Dacia. With all the central asian people that migrated to the area like the Bulgarians, Hungarians and Turks I would have thought it would have been assimilated into a slavic or turkish language by now, or greek with the Eastern Roman Empire.

      Just look at English its a mix of the germanic language that is spoken by the people that pushed the Romans out, and the Norman French that defeated the Anglo-Saxons in 1066. A real bastard language Germanic foundation but with large french influence lol.

    • We were occupied by the Polish, by the Turks, by the Austro-Hungarians etc etc.

      But somehow we kept our language and culture alive.

      You have no idea how proud I am of our Romanian culture.

      I hope you can visit one day and go to a traditional fair.

      It's amazing to see.

    • It survived the cronies of the 20 century people like Ceaușescu etc. Well serious stuff aside according to the western view of Romania I gotta take my vampire hunting gear if I go to Romania (blame Hollywood not me lol)

    • Vampire hunting jokes aside (I was born in Transylvania) I actually met and shook hands with Ceausescu. I was 7.

      I also met the King and the Queen, I was 15.

      I also met two presidents, had dinner with a prime minister and with two heads of the church.

      And I'm being dead serious here. I have pics to prove it (cept the Ceausescu and King one since I was too young)

  • why the akorns may i ask

    • Coz the feels, plus I want to buy all the Twice badges before they go

    • oh i see. I should notify the forum that they're all going too

    • Yeah, a reminder is due :nayeon2:

  • akwon pwease :shyy:

  • this is a comment FeelsAyayaMan at 2x

    • and this is a reply :ak_jisunDAB:

    • :ak_JihyoNodies: knew it

  • Sana is such a peach

    • I would say she's such a hamster :P

      But you are correct :)

  • donateee

  • Thank you. <3

  • Sorry mate, I had completely forgotten to follow you since I got back. Its corrected now! :)

  • I'm gonna transfer more tonight. I was originally gonna stay offline but I am gonna write now to get you Sana

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    • I really appreciate it, but please don't work just because of me :)

      Your time is precious.

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    • I was already started but you bought akorns lol 😂 I had brought up the list of ones I need to finish and uploaded one right as you said something. I'll go offline for tiny bit then 💞

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  • Ya the boomers in our guild are always bullying each other

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    • Heh :) They need new hobies :P Get them to try crochet or something ;)

    • lol nah they are fine it is normal for us since we are a really close knit guild (as you can tell) it is almost like online family and we show are love by bullying each other

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    • Like siblings do :P

    • exactly the good way to put it also I am a once too and my bias is Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Dahyun and Tzuyu but I still do really love Jihyo, Chaeyoung, Mina

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    • Pretty sure you know who my bias is in Twice, heck the whole forum does :P

      But I like them all. OT9 forever!

  • Hey Alex! Nice to see you back!

  • yass the Sana DP