• Stage Name: Wonyoung
    Birth Name: Jang Won Young

    Group: IZ*ONE (former member) and IVE (current member)
    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: August 31st, 2004

    Zodiac Sign: Virgo

    II. Career

    I. 2018-2021: Produce 48, IZ*ONE

    On May 11, 2018, she was revealed to be a contestant on Produce 48 as a trainee representing Starship Entertainment. On August 30th, she finished the competition in 1st place, thus becoming a member of IZ*ONE as the center and face of the group.

    The group officially debuted on October 29, 2018 with the mini album Color*IZ and its title track, "La Vie En Rose".

    On April 29, 2021, IZ*ONE disbanded after their special contract was concluded. Then, Wonyoung returned to Starship as a trainee.

    II. 2021: Debut with IVE, Music Bank

    On August 22, 2021, Star News reported that Wonyoung and fellow IZ*ONE member An Yu Jin would be members in Starship's upcoming girl group, set to debut in the second half of the year. Starship confirmed the plans, but did not share if the two would be part of the group.

    On September 27, it was announced that she and Enhypen's Sunghoon would become the new MCs for KBS' Music Bank replacing OH MY GIRL's Arin and TXT's Soobin after they stepped down from their positions as the previous MCs.

    On November 2, following the official reveal of the girl group, an article was published on Naver confirming that Wonyoung will be making her re-debut in IVE. The group is set to debut on December 1, 2021 with the single album ''Eleven''.

    III. Wonyoung Facts

    – She is a former member of IZ*ONE

    – She was a participant of Produce 48, ranking first place

    – She is the current Music Bank MC along with Enhypen's Sunghoon

    – She is fluent in English

    – She made an appearance in the YDPP ‘Love It Live It’ MV

    – She has an older sister

    – Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip

    – She is the global brand ambassador and muse for Innisfree

    – She is also the muse for Kirsh

    – She was the third member to be revealed

    -Her dance specialty is girl’s hip hop.

    -Wonyoung used to wear braces.

    -She trained for one year and two months

    -Wonyoung’s favorite food is beef.

    -She doesn’t cook. She said she can’t even cook ramen well.

    -She likes tarts more than cakes.

    -Wonyoung wants to remake Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl”.

    -Her favorite Disney Princess is Snow White.


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