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  • just randomly remembered you. you’ve been gone so long, hope things are great at your end 🥹🫶🏼

  • izonieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • im back

    I get middle school exam and passed

  • Hey :pepeflushed:

    I see that you made that wiz*one taglist, did you pick all the wiz*ones you know or did you ask them if they wanted to be added first? if not, I thought I would make a thread asking if anyone wants to be added or removed from the taglist that you have currently so we can get more iz*one content :D

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    • Im suck for taglist

      Do you know did taglist for new wizones?

      I wish there re more wizones but this is hard with izone disband cause the people think they re underapprecited group

    • Yeah :( True wizones stay with izone even after disbanding (like us)

      We should totally make a taglist thread I think. We should gather as many wizones on here as we can

  • chaeyeon ig live is really sweet

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  • wonyoung get Instagram account 😃

    Go wait support chaewon and yuri

    Family is complete with chat on Instagram

  • b17730be993390de5ff3f67bc6dc4ed99880fd52.jpg

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  • izoniee please donate and ill write a lexicon article for any izone member you want and ill stan izone :crys::crys::crys::crys: ;(;(;(:waterr::waterr::lover3:

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  • today is izone disband with last post of members on Instagram

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  • yena is winner brand loyality daesang in kore

  • hiiii

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  • we ride by brave girls

    Kill me

  • i love your dp :pepelove1:

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  • 🌌🌬😢🦢😌🤍

  • Go subcribe my YouTube channel


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  • uWu :pepefrog:

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  • lmao girl making a whole thread about me? just DM me or post on my wall. don't get yourself banned now girlie. lmaoooo ;(

    • Im banned ???

      Why is you write a comment on japanese line??

      This is one thread sakura stans and akb strategy

    • no, I'm saying if you make call out threads for one user you run a risk of getting warning points and if you get a certain amount it's grounds for banning.

      I don't want you to get any points or banning on my behalf. I don't care if you call me out tbh just be careful in the future because there are some users who might care and report you!

    • also I commented on Sakura and the J-Line because

      1. Your thread was about Sakura

      2. Sakura is part of J-Line lol

      It's not like I would bring up Hyewon or Yuri on a Sakura thread ???

    • No no no

      This is not jline .....

      You think than you re Smart and superior 🧊🧊

      Go exposed you

    • when did I ever say that? lmaoooo honestly I don't care anymore.

      My only advice: don't make call out threads because I don't want you to get in trouble.

      Also maybe don't use "weeaboo" as an insult. I don't mind being called it but there are people who will mind.

      Other than that, see you around the forum! :S

  • How did you get those icons under your profile ?

    • in section badge with 500 akorns

  • Izoniee best user

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  • :pepecute:

    • You re stalker here..

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    • i talk to my friends & other people here everyday

      well this is forum isnt it :/

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  • my new badge is chungha🌌❤💎

  • hello my new old friend lol

    why follow me after all this time though?

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    • i don't know i wish follow the people like that

    • cool cool so tell me something I don't already know about you my friend?

    • You have trying of know my life ...

      Well im teen girl without izone contents cause im a person with personality calm introverti but many people said im really natural fun so i get friends

      Add im really anxious for the izone disband👁👄👁

    • I ask everyone that lol

      teen girl? wait wait wait..i know you're french but you're a girl!!!! I've been thinking you're a guy this entire time!!!!!!

    • hum ok im girl but no guy...

  • Deja vu by olivia rodrigo


  • my New badges re yena and wonyoung with izone

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  • 8) hi

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  • Wizones my new cover

    This is april guy so soon disband

  • im busy on kpop industry lol

  • Sorry for not responding your question, I was busy :pepecute:

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    • ok im ok

      I Think


      Thank follow me

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    • For some reason I find your threads so cute lmao

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  • are u gonna stan TREASURE? 3x

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    • idk

      I only stanned izone in kpop

      Im sorry ... :shake-it:

    • u're new in kpop :eyes:

    • non no im wizone

    • i mean did u get into kpop lately since u only stan IZ*ONE

    • i know the kpop since 2013 but i dont care of that at this time so this is the moment of my new versatile musical 2019,i was really into in kpop cause izone

      I hate 2018 cause they get many hate for nothing...