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  • Bestie!

    I miss you! :hug-raccoon:

    • miss you too angel :pleading::pleading:

      just super busy with exams, i'll be active soon :lovec:

    • Okay! :hug-raccoon:

      Good luck!
      ill be waiting right here on forums when you return! :lover3:

  • What happened to your beautiful aesthetic? :starec:

  • :thumbup:

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  • omg put on pfp :pepe-onions:

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  • dolphin soobin, nooooo! :waterr::waterr::waterr:

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    • i put it up 2 years ago and then totally forgot about it 😭🙏🏽

  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

  • why u want to leave :pepe-comfy:

  • It's been so long omg

    • where have you been ;(

    • College has been beating my ass. I had no time at all to go on here. But I just finished studying for midterms.

    • yikes that sucks but Goodluck for your midterms! you'll ace them

  • see y’all on the 20th :blowing-kiss:

  • akorns plz

    i need 40 :akorns:

  • HELO

  • Where's your dp? :pepe-tea:

  • apparently i haven't been follwoing you


  • 0 and 5 squad :lovec:

  • fight me

  • Wall is finally open

    I've been waiting for this moment


  • :pepe_akorns:

  • good luck with everything :iloveyoub:

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    KAI IS SO HANDSOME :angryr::lover4:

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  • txt 📵 are fucking 🍆💦 GAY 🌈. you 👉🏻 can find 🔎 they own little 👌 to no 🙅 token 👾 straight 💑🔌. sure 👍, maybe 🤔 yeonjun experiences 💯 a lot 🍑 of comphet because he 👨 likes 💖 the kissing 😘😳 booth 🤠, but 🍑 i 👁 enjoyed 🤤 it as well 😦 and im 👌 still 🤞🙌 gay 🌈 as hell 👺🖕🔥 even 🌃 though 🤔 i 👁 hate 😡🤖 gay 🏳️‍🌈 people 👫 (btw 😛 soobin himself 😤 said 🗣 that gay 🌈 ppl 👬👭👫 should be abolished ☠❌ LOL 😂....) anyway 🔛 you 👉 can see 👀🛑 in the blue 💙 hour ⏳⏱🕐 photoshoot that a poster 📝 saying 🗣🎸 "queer 🏳️‍🌈 bizarre 🧽" is in the background 😡. not only that, every 💯 member 🍆 either 🚫 wants 😍 to fucking 🍆 kiss 😘💏 each other (yeonbin) or beat 👊🏼💦 each other up ☝ (read 📖: beginning 🔘). they are so fucking 🍆 gay 🌈 i 👁 get 🉐 a headache 😵 even 🌃 thinking 🤔 about 🤔 it, when ⏰ we talk 🗣 about 💦 txt 📵 gay 🏳️‍🌈, we speak 🙊 of all 💯 of them. cat 🐱 boys 👦🏿 are always 🔥 gay 🏳️‍🌈, they actively 🏃🏻 speak 🗣 up ☝ about 💦 being catboys 😻. not only that, we can CONFIRM 📘📗 yeonjun is nonbinary 👶 through his 👋 shirt 👕 saying 💬 no 🚫 to being male 👦 or female 🚺, but 🍑 human 👤. also 👨 i 👁 can't 🚫 fucking 🍆💦😩 believe 🌈 soobin knows 💭 the lyrics ❓ to strawberries 🍓 and cigarettes 🚬 by heart 💔 and hueningkai has troye 💁🏼‍♂️ sivan on 🔛 his 💦 playlist 📲. this essay 📇📃, i 👁 will-

    • how long did this take :pepe-life-support:

    • it took 0 effort since i found it in satan's asshole also known as reddit

    • well... thoughts and prayers to the one who wrote this 2x

    • If you dont mind me cutting in

      Why is it such a war between Redit and Allkpop?

      some redits i go to are very friendly (mostly offical YouTuber redits)

  • almost there bestie, then I'll carry u :pepegrin:

    • 1500?????? how tf :pepe-life-support:

    • by the grace of god himself I was given 200 akorns

    • how much did you have to beg 🚶🏻‍♂️

    • I got 2 threads closed bc of how desperate I was acting :pepeflushed: BUT IT WAS WORTH IT

    • LMAOOOO 💀💀💀

      but look at you working so hard for us :starec:

  • @mygsbeat u can spam on my threads for akorns I don't mind my notifications being flooded.

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    • thank you so much you’re an angel :pepe-sad:

  • imagine not having 1k akorns :clown:

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    • girl i’m arranging an akorn loan for myself please keep up 🥱

    • omg no way?? yk ily sooo much and I appreciate you?? you'd give poor dummi some korns right?? :*

    • images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR7yyLvKa6HmG75pvzHX-6S_Bz6CAjf1vVXkSu-3Z6ifQyTQ25IJsZ8evO3&s=10

  • I havent talked to u in awhile!

    how r u!
    how is ur fam!
    any new lixard stories?!
    and i have new TXT theories up if u wanna check them out! <3

    i missed talkin to u!

    Love 1
    • hi sorry for replying a month late,, i just don’t check my wall much because i have my notifs off 😭

      but i’m good, how are you 🥺

    • There is no need to apologize!

      I am alright! :pepelove1::pepelove1::pepelove1:

  • What if TXT turned into lizards for one of their concepts?, would you be scared of them? :melon_think:

    • realistically speaking that isn’t possible :boredr:

    • it is possible with CGI :boredr: NOW ANSWER THE QUESTION :mad:

    • To be fair

      it be interesting

      but Mygsbeat does have a strong point


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    • well HYPOTHETICALLY speaking of it did happen, i would visually unstan txt for that comeback only. i’d only stream the audio and that’s it. won’t watch any lizard related content at all sorry txt but not even for you :sadr:

      LOL 1
    • you should watch this mygsbeat

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  • How is u my friend! <3

    • i’m good :omgr:

      i’m finally getting my ugly cast removed next week, so i’d get to feel my leg again hehe. but yeah i’ve been going around in a wheelchair and it’s boringgggg

    • That awesome news!

      Now let’s hope No Lizards try to give you any “get well” gifts or “welcome home” gifts cause they might be the cause to ur next visit to the doctors :pepe-joy: :pepe-joy: :pepe-joy: :pepe-joy: :pepe-joy: :pepe-joy:

      LOL 1

      i moved back to my apartment for school and there’s no lizards here thank god

      LOL 1
    • Then you should have zero worries :happyr: :happyr: :happyr: :happyr:

  • So how is the thing with the lizards going?

    • horrible 😖

    • I just saw your most recent thread on them a bit ago

      I wonder how they keep appearing :teeheek:

      Sad 1
    • id say we give our friend here a big hug and send her furrballs :wink:

      Love 1
  • oceaniatropics — a frilled-necked lizard (Chlamydosaurus...

    i discovered that lizards can run a hour ago 46658-4632-yes-nod-50-gif

    • can u post on my wall!

      and ghostings, ive known that those dainty likke cute shit can run faster than i could ever catch them :mads::starec:

    • gross

  • why is you wall full of reptiles and cats, I- :pepeshock:

    Sad 1
    • it’s a long story and it all starts with @ghostings... :peperain:

    • Yeah I’m the good guy in this story, I save her from ghostings^^’