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  • Hey! :coming-bee:

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  • Do you need to watch Addams family animated movie before watching Wednesday?

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    • i havent watched the animated one, I have only watched the its live action movies The Addams Family 1991 and Addams Family Values 1993, they are my intro to the Wednesday character.

    • i haven't seen any of those but the Wednesday addams trailer looks cool. I'll watch it then

    • i think u're fine if u havent watched any tho

  • jinaland, i don't know if you remember me but so glad to see you still around in the forum :"

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    • i think we played connect 4 few times?

      glad to see u too

  • hi

  • Omg is that you 001 :wow::wow::wow:

    • yes, i am here to take everyone's soul u shall be first :laughs:

    • You can take me. You to handsome to resist :|:|:|

    • okay, u have to give me 500 akorns for the tax

  • Jinaland they were talking about this "song"

    it's the only supposed song they can drag LOL :cryingr:

    like bro he made this for fun :waterr:

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    • its not the drag they think it is lmao :pepe-shame:

    • Honestly :cryingr: this idiots :pepe-shame:

  • Jamie Campbell Bower reacts to Stranger Things fans calling Vecna sexy: 'What's wrong with you?'


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    • some of the tweets were so embarrassing :pepe-onions: but its not our fault that Jamie Campbell is so hot afterall :nervousk::nervousk::nervousk:

    • Bruh his laugh I love it haha

      His tattoo's are pretty cool especially his spider tatts :D

  • The truth is just the opposite. You are better than they are. Superior. It is why you frighten them.

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  • Hey so, if I recall, you said you don't stan MCND, but you seem to like them! (correct me if I'm wrong) So if you could support my badge petition for them, I'd really appreciate it! I'm hoping to get 15 votes so we can qualify for member badges. If you need the 10 akorns to buy the petition, please lmk! Thank you!


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  • Like him, spiders are deeply misunderstood, solitary creatures.

    I've never felt such a connection before, truly fell in love at that moment.

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  • i realized i haven't been following you. hello fellow teume!


  • I use photopea.com! It's like online photoshop!

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  • How are you doing, jina? Hope you're doing well.

    BigBang's comeback is what I look forward to!

    • I'm quite busy and stressed with study and work

      But I am so excited for their comeback, when first teaser poster came out I couldn't believe my eyes :oops: , looking forward to ap 05 :love:

    • I see! Hope you're also finding time to relax. :-)

      Same. I knew it was coming, but the moment the first teaser poster came out... That made everything come to life and I was really happy about it!

      Whatever they come out with, I'm sure it will be great. I trust their creative direction. They're true artists who love what they do.

  • Looks like someone like DR Strange or is a Cumberbitch :|:|:|

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    • yep, I love MCU and Cumberbatch, and I am so excited for upcoming Doctor Strange movie :lover4:

  • gomoku?

    • i am quite busy these days i will tell u when I got to play

    • okie thankyee

  • i hope you vote for lee fo hyun badge X(

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3

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  • who is in your sig???

    im asking for....scientific......purposes..... :-):thumbup:

  • I miss your old pfp :(

    • which one? pig? anyways James >>>>> :p

    • Yea, it's not the same anymore :pepe-sad:

    • Yea, it's not the same anymore :pepe-sad:

  • ollo