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  • lol welcome back

    • I'm thinking of that meme that goes ahhhhhh! I posted that pepe twerk on your page because I saw there's a ton of new ones

    • lol I deleted by accident bc it spooked me idkw :boompepe:

      yea there's tons. I requested a few myself (like the one I just posted), but my wifey pinky_peachy really got the bulk of these in. She's great.

    • I think I would've deleted that too ngl hahaha

      Damn marriage life seems grate you get things in bulk :exit-pepe:

    • Someday you'll find the one :pathead-2:

  • ;judgingpepe:

    • Oh gosh making me self conscious haha



    • It's pretty freaky I was gonna post a stalkery quote on the random thoughts thread but decided not too

      And... here you are..

    • OH MAN...mind reader i am :ooo-bee:

    • It ain't stalkin it's just watchin... :starec:

    • OH SHIT..facts...*watches you*


    • :O))

  • In order for anything to live so many things must die.

  • hii

    • Seinfeld Hello GIFs | Tenor

      Sorry if it's too old to know haha from the show Seinfeld :D

    • Oh, that's fine, hru?

      What were u doing in my wall btw, also what happened in 8th grade (if you're okay with me asking)?

    • Ah just kids being jerks making teachers quit by bullying them I think it was 1 actual teacher and 2 teacher assistants and 1 sub

      I haven't really seen you around so.. I was just checkin' out your wall :D sorry for commenting on someone else's post :l

      Also you asked hmi I am.. sore haha I have GOUT! second time at that T_T HRU?

    • Oh yeah and there was some other things that happened in grade 8 that's tmi for AKP :D

    • Ohh, they really are jerks..

      That's okay. I thought you were a stalker cuz of the post above haha

      Oh my gosh, really? I'm good, just farming akorns here

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :
  • Just because I'm a little weird doesn't make me less human. In fact, it makes me more human.

  • If you have a very long tail, not only will your tail get stepped on, but also your tail will strangle your own neck.

  • You'd have to be a python or something to fit these giant doughnuts in your face hole.

  • If people knew the true price of spirituality, there'd be more atheists. - Blockhead

  • Pale angel go away, come again some other day.

    Devil has my ear today, I'll never hear a word you say.

    He promised I would find a little solace and some peace of mind.

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    you're welcome

    • ASdasdaseiibbbasds


      There's a random word in there that actually makes sense..

      And thanks that meant alot :wink:

    • yww

  • Your wall is gone. weird.

    Sad 1