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  • Relationship update, another solo trip around the sun.

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  • Listen to the spirits son, not the flesh

  • Reverse cowgirl is doggy style in space.

  • Let the butter melt away all of your troubles.

  • Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection the lovers, the dreamers and me.

  • been a while huh lili :3

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    • I went to your page and I gasped ! You have Heejin in your cover photo! :O))

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    • lmaooo ofc, mort and jaz got me into LOONA well and good xD I stan them too hehe

      how you been?

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    • I don't know those people but yes LOONA is awesome! Their dance covers is what got me into them and the first one to catch my eye was Yeojin but since there are so many of them it was hard to find her lol because in the covers they'd go off screen and let other members dance then they'd come back so I was like ???? so because of that I thought Heejin was Yeojin cause they're both kind of short lol but then I realized she was a different member named Heejin so I was like all for HEEJIN

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    • lmaooo for me, it was first Heejin, then Jinsoul, then Yves, and then Chuu and Hyunjin who caught my eye first lol, and it is a bit easier to differentiate between them than other girl groups

      I still hafta catch up with loona tv oof, lots of episodes

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    • Obviously my weird ass writing hasn't changed but yeah I like going back and forth between the members I like but in general I like all the members but the ultimate's would Heejin Yeojin recently Chuu Kim Lip because she was so damn charismatic in So What imo haha and OMG Yves also Choerry at first I was like meh but man she really know's how to sneak up on ya OH Jinsoul as well is an ultimate I love singing in the rain :O)

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  • Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?

  • Succ or ride? :cursing:

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  • It's sleeping with roaches and taking best guesses.

  • I am surrendering to the gravity and the unknown catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun.. Will you save me?

  • You deserve the flowers Due to the disease and the look like a monster.

  • Wow your back!

    • Who are you? :0

    • I was chimchimisahim. I noticed you weren’t on for some time.

    • Oh hello :0 That name reminded me of the cham cham cham game haha !

  • Don't let your halo choke you to death when it's hanging there around your neck.