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  • Oh my gosh! Don’t you know I’m a savage?

    • I'm a killa...

    • neoreul kkael ae

      ajikdo garigo hwangageul pyeolchin neo

      paella We Holler

  • I had a dream that you bought the Itzy pack for 5k.. and i was supposed to award you all the badges. and then i woke up in the morning, and went to my DM to award you but you didnt buy it :itzy32::itzy40:

    • Yeah I would have but I was low on Akorns..........I'm still sad about it ;(;(;(

    • yeah I'm sad for you. Maybe next time!

  • I need 2 badges 2

  • I'm an ITZSPA stan too!!!!!

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    • Omg what really Aespa and Itzy are my most fav group right now in Kpop <3<3<3

    • I don't get the original response to Mafia and Next Level, they're both bops. When they came out they got an average response at least on here.

      Who's your bias for each group?

      Mine changes a lot:

      But rn:

      Itzy - Yeji

      aespa - Winter

    • Yeah Both song are so good but I had the felling that Mafia is still not like so much by the people.

      My bias from Aespa is WInter and from Itzy Ryujin

      But I thought my Aesthetic already show who are my bias are ^^

    • I love Mafia it's one of my favorite gg titles of the year and it has one of my favorite Itzy raps!

      The controversy was so random, of all things to blame for the use of the word "mafia" you go after Itzy? What about the Godfather movies? they were heavy on the mafia for a story line.

      It just seemed manufactured as a way for Netizens to hate Itzy

    • Yeah that was so stupid because the song is talking about the Mafia game that a lot of Kpop star play.

      What do you think about Aespa new album ?

  • aa81a948d1176acc24834c13bda65d422cfb38db.gifv

    Look how cute winter looks :pleading:

    • She is the Cuttest and Coolest :love::love::love:

  • one break :|:|:|

  • when did you get married with GoldenNini? :whatk:

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    • I think last week it was really spontaneous and @GoldenNini is a Wonderful Wife :lover4:

    • Oh. Congratulations on your marriage then :lover3:

  • My amazing wifey, how are you? I haven’t talked to you in a while, and I wanted to make sure you were alright! <3

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    • Ohh you are so cute everything is fine your wife is only very busy the last days so she can come here so offen <3<3<3

    • You’re cuter! And awww I hope you aren’t working too hard! I’m glad you are at least be able to come here often! <3

  • :iloveyoub:

    • Ohh a ghost love me..... l also :iloveyoub:

  • your badges look so pretty :pepeflushed:

    • I have a second Joy Badge do you want it :-)

    • awww

      You're too sweet :lover4:

      I'm not really an rv stan though :shyr:

      You should sell it to the highest bidder in 6 months when people miss these badges :eyebrowsr:

    • No I can't do this I wanna gift it to someone who truly love Joy and haven't the chance to get the Badge ;-);-);-)

    • you're so sweet :sadr:

      I hope you do find someone like that then ❤

  • I9SON!!!!!

  • Nice to see another Midzy on here! I'm one myself since Wannabe!!

    I love OT5 but my bias currently Lia

    Btw I need your help, I have a Kpop channel on YouTube and I need some ideas for Itzy.

    Here are what I'm gonna do soon for Itzy.

    How would ITZY sing:

    Alcohol-Free by Twice

    Dumb Dumb by Somi

    Queendom by Red Velvet

    Crazy by 4Minute

    How you like that by Blackpink

    Perfect World by Twice

    Next Level by aespa

    Playing with Fire by Blackpink

    Fake Love by BTS

    Crazy Over You by Blackpink

    As If It's Your Last by Blackpink

    So Hot by Blackpink

    Cry for Me by Twice

    First by Everglow


    BEcause by Dreamcatcher

    LaDiDa by Everglow

    Pretty Savage by Blackpink

    Don't Know What To Do by Blackpink

    Black Mamba by aespa

    I Can't Stop Me by Twice

    Like Ooh-Ahh by Twice

    Red Flavor by Red Velvet

    Psycho by Red Velet

    Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet

    Bad Boy by Red Velvet

    In & Out by Red Velvet

    Russian Roulette by Red Velvet

    Really Bad Boy by Red Velvet

    Zimzalabim by Red Velvet

    Dumdi Dumdi by (G)I-DLE

    Lion by (G)I-DLE

    Kick It by Blackpink

    Why Not by Loona

    Promise by Everglow

    Oh my god by (G)I-DLE

    Love Foolish by Twice

    Fiesta by IZ*ONE

    Spaceship by IZ*ONE

    You Never Know by Blackpink

    Cheer Up by Twice

    YES or YES by Twice

    Deja Vu by Dreamcatcher

    Lovesick Girls by Blackpink

    I Am The Best by 2NE1

    Kill This Love by Blackpink

    Really by Blackpink

    Gashina by Sunmi

    Secret Story of the Swan by IZ*ONE

    Better by Twice

    Kura Kura by Twice

    Scream by Dreamcatcher

    Boca by Dreamcatcher

    Forever Young by Blackpink

    Bicycle by Chung Ha

    Rumor by IZ*ONE

    DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink

    Do you have any requests for Itzy?

  • omg i9son????

    wow you changed sO MUCHH :omgr:

    • I change how did I change 8o8o8o

    • you don't use ":| " as your religion anymore 🥺

      you even had pepes made for you ^^

    • Ohh yeah a lot had happen in the last Month and I kinda take a break from my fav emoji :| but I will start using it again soon :-P:-P:-P

    • its all good :)

      great to see you again, though. how are you?

    • Yeah I'm okay not good but also not bad. But where have you been :?:

  • Oppa..I need akorns for the lo$er=lover badge :pepecute:

    • How much do you need :?::?::?:

    • Nevermind oppa :smirks2:

    • Did you get Akorns from other users :-):-):-)

    • I have enough for 1 badge now..but I want both :eyes:

    • wait I will send you the Badge :-):-):-)

  • :aespa20:

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  • Hiii <3

    How are you my friend?

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    • since byleth's not responding i'll reply to u instead :pepe-hehe: hiiii!!! :pepe-excited:

    • Sry I haven't see it but I'm better now thanks for asking my friend <3

    • Dw <3<3<3

  • How'd you do that with your badge layout? :eyes:

  • have you tired removing your badges and then selecting them again?

    LOL 1
    • Yeah I did and nothing change :thumbup:

  • You changed your username??? :huh: :huh: :huh:

    • Yes I just fell like it. When we was playing @selfmate no pronounce game I start to hate my username so selfmate is one of the reason why I change my username :thumbup:

    • Oh, I see... that's cool! I was just wondering because I didn't see you talk about changing it :-D

      But I like this one! Just curious, what does it mean though? :/

  • I like the new username <3

    Did you enjoy RV's comeback??

    • Hey thank you for your kind word no I haven't listen to the comeback yet I don't wanna conncet this beautifull comeback with a bad Memory

      But did you like it ?

    • yes i did!

      hope you feel better soon my friend <3

  • I don't think I'm going to get used to not calling you i9son...

    • Sry my friend yeah I was fell like changing my username but you can always call me i9son if you want

    • oh no I'll still call you what new nickname you want me to my friend...


    • Then call me By :-D :-D :-D

    • Hi By? lol

      doesn't sound that much better

  • Why did you give me akorns? Are you leaving?


    • No I don't leaving I just wanna give the NCT Guild something

    • I've just finished backreading my guild, sorry to hear you've been having a tough day. You can always chat with us if you feel sad, we love you <3

      Here's a video of our Sun to brighten your day and help you get distracted for a bit

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    • Not really but because I have a bad day I wann make other happy . Thank you for asking <3

    • Okay, hope you make it through! take care!

    • Thank you it will take some time and the forum distract me a lot from it :thumbup:

  • hugs-desi-glitters-4.gif

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  • pls spare some akorns i have so much badges i want to get ;(

  • How come I’ve never followed you :pepe-sad: :pepe-sad: <3

    • Wait I thought we already follow each other already ...... You are one of the cutest user here :|:|:|

    • Awww thank you! You are too! :3 <3

  • f34d237c82e913e7ac96af46bbed5d2a.gif

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    • I need to find more Cute Emoji to show how much more I love you :iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub::iloveyoub:

    • awhh :lover4:

  • hi!!

    guess what??

    my family got disney+ so i was able to watch fatws, loki, and wandavision

    and all the other ones including black widow

    they were rly good!!!

    Wow 1
    • Omg I was just thinking about you because we haven't talk for a while and now you suddenly write on my wall.

      Ohh that's so cool that you could watch all the Marvel Show which one do you like the most :|:|:|

    • i left akp haha

      my fave was fatws!

    • Wait you left and you don't say goodbye to me ???? How you can do this to me but now you are back? :|:|:|

    • im sryy

      i was back to visit

      and im visiting again

      im coming back later tho, cuz i have to go rn

  • I was about to ask who are you copying i9son's :|:|:|

    But it's you, you just changed your aesthetics.

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  • Do you make your own aesthetics?

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