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  • my leg is numbb

  • :eyes:<3

    • :uwu-party-bee:

    • Missed you and your virtual smile Bop :claps: have yet to meet anyone as kind as you, online or otherwise.

    • awwww thank u!! <3:borahae:^^

      how are u doing? :hug-raccoon:

    • It's clem, btw.

      I'm doing good. :danceb: Staying with my sister for a bit so walking around her university and eating good food. But I'm going back home Sunday. Wbu? :shake-it:

    • Just found from thread that it is u CLEM!!!

      and that sounds fun! I hope that u got to spend some nice time with ur sis!

      and I am doing okay, just going thru high school y know?

  • How do we combat your greedy orphan cult? :boredr:

    LOL 1
    • "greedy orphan cult"

      ..... :eyes:

    • yes, I think I have an idea for my next thread.


      It'll be the AKP Infinity War: Maknaes vs Boomers!

    • pepe-ooh

      U WOuLDnT DArE HURt OUr MAkNAE pRIDe!!! :pepe-torch: :ragec:

    • The fake AKP maknaes already did that :eyes:

    • Gotta give it to u, that was a good burn

      U DaRE sAY tHEsE THiNGs TO uS?! :rant-bee:

  • In a way to honor the beautiful and loving pika, I have chosen to keep my icon as it currently is.

    I and you should never have to forget the beautiful presence that this user had on us, not only as a online friend, but as a human just like us.

    Thus, we shall stride on with honor and remembrance on the fond memories we have of our great friend pika.

    Pika, we love u so much and will always miss u. U made us feel special when we didn’t feel it ourselves. You made us feel love when we couldn’t even understand the feeling itself. So thank you, thank you for allowing us to feel the beauty in such loving emotions.

    Now I hope that wherever u may find yourself right now, it is a place where you can feel loved💞🪷

    Your friend,


    Love 3 uWu 1
  • YESASIA: Image Gallery - The Boyz : Jacob Style - Theon Single Piercing  (Basic / Pink Gold) - North America Site

    Jacob (The Boyz) Profile - K-Pop Database /

    kpop and writing blog — the boyz - jacob x fem. reader | fluff, boyfriend...

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  • Hola!

    Welcome to my wall!!

    If u want to leave me a message, I promise to get back to u as soon as possible!💌

    Thx for checking my page out, and I hope u have a good day :send-love-bunny:

    psst! over here!

    If u want some akorns, spam me pics of Jacob or Jungkook!! Will appreciate 🥰💖

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