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  • imma 'bout to get banned :smirks2:

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    • :pepewhat: Say what now?!!

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    • i posted a picture of a ladybug on the 'report all bugs here' thread :groovins:

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    • You really got me there for a second!!!!! ;(

      I actually thought that you were in trouble, don't play with me like that <3

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    • i might get in trouble for it though

      these mods have got us locked up! 'tis time to overthrow them and let the anarchists take over!

      they shall never take me alive :shake-it:

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    • Gosh, you are so cute!!! <3

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  • Ooh you got your iz*one badge!

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    • Yup <3:thumbup::claps:

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    • Yay! Also, what's your aesthetic idea :smirks2:

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    • So you know how right now I have that label rank "Star"...

      Well, I have just the idea for what my aesthetic is going to be

  • new wizone

    Sad they re different company now but support them in their new life


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    • I know right!!!

      It really is sad to know that there will be no more IZ*ONE anymore... ;(

      But you are right. The best thing that WIZ*ONE's could do is support the girls in their new chapter of life <3:thumbup:

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  • you still avatar-less ;(

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    • Yup :cryingk:

    • do you actually have boomervirus 2.0 ;(;(;( did selfmate get to you?

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    • Nope, it is just hard to motivate myself after looking for an aesthetic for 4 hours :mukbang:

    • can i help you find an aesthetic 🥺

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    • Really <3:blushing:

      THANK YOU!!! :nervousk:

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  • youre naked omg</3</3</3

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    • Yup.. changing aesthetics is tiring :sweatr:

  • i thought i've followed u before :teeheek:

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  • Hello Sara!

    Just wondering, why do write in that font a lot? It's very pretty <3

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    • I really like the aesthetic of it <3<3:claps:

      You should totally try it out too!!

      Also, how do you come up with such amazing aesthetics?!! :cutes:

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    • Times New Roman? It looks really nice! I think I'm going to use this sometimes :P

      Aww thank you! I get most of my gifs and pictures off of Google and Tumblr and make them flow nicely. I also prefer gifs that look similar to each other. :P

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    • I like it <3:blushing:

      Also, I need to do that now to up my game in aesthetics :eyes:

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    • Yes it's really pretty. I also think the cursive one is too.

      Ooh okay! Good luck! Let me know if you need help <3

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  • hellooo pretty :borahae:

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    • Hi <3:claps:

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    • you are not only cute but you have taste who is your bias in the boyz?

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    • Aw, you are cuter <3

      I actually don't have a bias in The Boyz, OT11 (always 12 though, Hwall included) for me.

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    • thank you but you are my friend

      i- what happened to ot11 or nothing pfff

      but yes MOONBAE SUPREMACY :pepe-hehe:

      i guess we share a bias

      my bias is kevin officially :froghype:

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    • I know, and that is what I hope we can come to a conclusion about.

      Just friends <3:pepelove1:

      Also, Kevin be freeing his booty at times :eyes:

      Times Kevin Moon shook his booty

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  • you have the cutest dp

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  • how do you have such good taste :cursing:

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    • I do?


      Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it <3:)

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  • Palette is one of my fav songs from IU, glad to see your aesthetic is based on that! :borahae:

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    • Thank you so much!!


      At the moment, I am really vibing with this aesthetic. <3  

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  • IUUU


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  • What happened to your pfp, Sara? :-(

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    • I am actually in the midst of changing my aesthetic for my profile picture , profile, and signature.

      I decided that I would change it every month to fit a new aesthetic✨ :claps:

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    • Ooh that sounds cool! <3

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  • Heey! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the follow! You’re amazing! :cutes:

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    • Your welcome <3

      You seem like a very sweet, kind hearted, and funny person :claps:

      And thank you also for the follow :)

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    • Aw, thank you very much! You seem the same way! You’re welcome!

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    • Also, I am loving the Lisa profile pic <3

      Guessing you are a Blink?

      I am :claps:

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    • Thank youuu! And yes! I’ve been a blink for 3 years now! That’s so cool that you are one too! :flying:

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    • It's so nice to know that I met another Blink <3:cutes:

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  • Hey your lee know dp is so cute

    LOL 1
    • My profile pic is actually Hongseok from Pentagon🎆💙

      But I mean, your profile pic of Lee Know is really nice and cool.❤️

      You're a Stay, I am guessing?

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    • I was messing with you lol and yes I am a multi-stan lol

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    • and the reason why I said it because lee know had the exact same hair color in one era

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    • ^^ You got me there, someone actually told me that yesterday.

      And wow, what groups do you stan/listen to?

      Possibly Pentagon??💙😊

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    • Yes I do listen to pentegon I had not found a bias yet there still looking for it I listen to many group I can only list some lol one of them is super junior and shinee, ateez, stray kids, Everglow, Red velvet, Iz*one and many more

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  • thanks for the follow!! feel free to stop by the kpop megachurch or nct guild :))

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  • Thanks for the follow! :cutes:

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    • Your welcome❤️ :claps:

      Love to follow another NCTzen (Seasonie)💚

    • Yay! Good to know you're a fellow Nctzen :borahae:

      Come hang out with us in our guild whenever you can.

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    • Thanks <3:claps:

  • thank you for being so sweet. enjoy the akorns <3

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    • I have your back, always going to be supporting you <3


      Take care of yourself, because you matter so much, not just to me and many others, but also to the world that we live in.

  • SARA-M YOU’RE AN ANGEL! But i can’t take this much! You should have it all back...otherwise you won’t have anything :lover3:

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    • You should take it all, I don't use akorns at all. Therefore, you need it more than I do❤️

      Think of this as a gift from a fellow engene :)

      Also thank you for the compliment, I really do appreciate it <3:claps:

      Love 1
    • are you sure? I actually feel so so bad, if i’m gonna take any i’m going to give you half back! I’m not taking it all...

      engene to engene, you’re such a sweetie pie i swear....who’s your bias?

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    • I am 100% sure <3:claps:

      OT7 for Enhypen

  • thank you for the follow!

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    • Your welcome :)<3

      Also I would like to thank you for following me in return, it means a lot <3 :claps:

    • Ofc <3, I don't know much about you, so what are your fav groups?

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    • I would have to say..

      *I am sure that I posted somewhere on my wall about all the groups that I listen to, so more of the groups/artists that I listen to are there, if you would like to check it out.*


      What about you? What are your favorite groups?

      I am guessing by your profile that you are an Army💜 & NCTzens (Seasonies💚)?

    • Cool, and yep I am an ARMY and NCTzen ^^

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  • Thanks for the follow <3

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  • ur so cool and nice :pepe-toast:

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    • Thank you so much, you don't know how much that means to me! :blushing:

      You also are kind ❤️😄

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    • I am guessing from your profile that you are a Once? :smirks2:

    • yup :)))

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  • I see GoWon as ur Pfp
    is u an Orbit?! :3

    • YESS :blowing-kiss:

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    • as luck would have it
      there is a loona Quild in teh works
      would u like to join :D
      PLUS IM SO MAD AT BBC FOR ROBBING GOWON OF LINES IN WHY NOT? :pepefacepalm::pepe-cut::pepenomad:X(:mad:

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    • I would love to join <3

      This LOONA guild sounds like a LOONA guild that I just joined though...

      Is the name currently: *planet & star emoji*LOONA GUILD (Still under construction)?

      Either way I would love to :smirks2:

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    • Yep! thats the one!
      u shoulve seen my response when i asnwered the form to become e member XD

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    • I did just now 😊

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  • hiii :pepelove1:

    • Hello :)

      How are u? :claps:

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    • OMG HI

      sorry i missed this!

      Im doing good, how about you???

      You seem rly cool btw :pepeflushed:

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    • It's no problem ^^

      I am doing fine as well <3

      Thanks for the compliment I really appreciate it :blowing-kiss:

      You also are kind and cool as well, I hope you know that :claps:

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    • awww thx ur sweet :pepelove1:

      what groups do u stan?

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    • I don't want to say that I stan a lot of groups..... but I listen to a good amount 😊

      Boy Groups

      Girl Groups


      • IU
      • Kim Jaehwan
      • Kim Wooseok
      • NATTY
      • *Finding more soloists to listen to ^_^