• PLEASE it’s so dead here

  • Legal what’s guuuuud


  • Back I think :)

  • Just coming back here for a little to say happy blackpink comeback day (almost)! Love this place and miss it so much.

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  • it's clem :wave-cry-raccoon: here to clean your wall for you in case you decide to come back. gl in life ily

  • Ninii imy :oops:<3

  • missing you :((

  • i miss you :pepe-puddle:

  • hi nini!

    • Hiiiii! How are you?💗

    • i'm good! just saw that you made a new account :o hbu how are you?

    • That’s good! And yes, I did. Only because I forgot the password to my other one 🗿

      I’m good! Just trying not to die in the extreme heat lol

  • thanks for following back my dopple fated one :borahae:

    • Of course! You’re welcome~ Thank you for following me first :finger-heart: <3

  • Download one on my phone and write shit in there. That should work out smoothly for me. Lord knows I need to let it out.

  • I also don’t always have the energy to write so there’s that. I might just settle for a digital diary for now.

  • I don’t like talking about my feelings, let alone writing about them. Too uncomfortable. And inconvenient too.

  • I should keep a dairy but idk.

  • Writing on my wall because where else shall I?

  • Hi

  • thanks for the follow back <3

  • Dance 👀

  • Dun Dun

  • Tired

  • Hi I'm the doppleganger of your wife ;-)

    • How so? :0

    • It's because we have so much things in common like our bias (Rosé/Ryujin/Winter) and our taste in anime ;-)

      I think she's my version from the other side :eyes:

    • Oof you really ate her doppelgänger 😮

      Does she know this? 👀

      Actually, wait, don’t tell her. I’ve heard that it’s bad luck to meet your doppelgänger

    • I didn't ate it I'm her doppelgänger 👀

      Oh no it'd be so nice to meet their lookalike. I was excited ;(

    • Lmfao I didn’t mean to put “ate”-

      I meant “are”

      That’s what I get for typing so fast-

      Oof ikr ;( When I first heard that I was so discouraged 🗿

  • Nini! Do you still remember me?

    • I used to talk to you a lot in the random thoughts thread, right?:omgr:

    • Yes. I was visiting users I follow and I realized that it is you! I'm so glad u remember me..

    • I don’t think I could ever forget you to be honest! You’re one of the most impressionable users here! In an amazing way, of course :3

      How have you been?

    • Aww, thanks! Also why tho? I don't know why but I just get so curious even if it's just little things..

      I'm doing good, this might be my last time being active for a while cuz I'll be in 8th grade on July 25 and it's face-to-face. Hbu?

    • You’re welcome! Lol, one reason is because of your iconic dp, the second is you username, and the third is how cool you are :yesr:

      It’s good you’re doing alright! I am too 👍🏾

      Omg wait for real??? Omg naaaur :pepe-sad:

      I understand, though. I remember when I officially went back to face-to-face learning I didn’t really have that much time to be on here, either. That’s okay! Enjoy your 8th grade year! I hope it’s fun and amazing for you :peperich:

  • Feeling bad, good bad. Powerful bad 😩

  • How tf do I have 258 posts and 1,659 points??? Is the math not mathing or am I just stupid

    • It's bcs of the threads u made and reactions u received..

    • Ohhh lol-

      I was super confused because I haven’t even been a member for this long yet I have so many points/akorns…

      Okay, the Akron part I’m not really surprised about because I do spam/post a lot but the points 👀

      It took me months to reach that many on my other account lol

  • Blackpink is coming back I repeat blackpink is coming back this is not a drill nor a dream the queens are coming back :lover1:

  • Hey, thanks 4 the follow 2.0

    Love 1
  • Thanks for the follow!

  • I think I know what your new username means but it reminds me of paninis :cryingr::cryingr:

    • Lmaoooooo oof lowkey not mad at it though-

      I’ve always wanted to be thought of as a sandwich :mesmerized-bee:

    • :pleading::pleading: