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  • Love you :red-heart:

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    • Love you & miss you :red-heart:

  • Omg it's been 2 months since we last talked lol :wow: anyways how are you doing? :pepelove1:

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    • Been good but busy. A looot o' inactivities, lololol. How about you, Hilary? Howcha been?

    • Good to know you're doing good :pleading: lolol.

      I'm doing good, trying to be more active because I need more akorns hahaha like I've signed up for Antifragile le badge but I only have 95 akorns as of now, I also wanna sign up for Nxde but I'm afraid I won't have enough ;(

    • You & I can even compete 4 who's more active atm, lol 2.0 Hope you can farm in time & lemme know if you can't 2.0 I think I can spare some~

    • lmao that emote makes it more funnier ahaha 2.0

      omg really? :hug-raccoon: but don't you have badges to pay too? i can't just take some when you have smth to pay too :pleading:

    • Nothin' 2 pay 4 atm :pepe_akorns: Sent you some :red-heart: Enjoy~

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    • Nyaz! 2.0 Miss you & I haven't been active myself since forever, lololol 2.0

  • Omg, it's been a while ul1ra! How have you been?

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    • Hey, Hilary! Not much. BZ with IRL stuffs 2.0 I haven't been on AKP since the last time we've talked, lol. Like, I'm only on right now 2 check out Blackpink. You? You like it?

    • Oh, really? Yeah, that's why I remembered since I saw you at the le signup thread for BP. :finger-heart: Yessss, I love it, what about you?

    • I'll be completely honest. Verses & raps are fire 2.0 But the chorus, lol. I'm not sure I'm feelin' the chorus 2.0 Hopefully, it'll grow on me.

    • It's okay, we all have different opinions. Yup, Jenlisa's raps were so AMAZING. I hope the chorus will grow on you!~

  • Lmaooo I forgot.. How much did you made this saturday?

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    • Me 2 2.0 Like, just a lil' bit over 200 4 both Sat & Sun combined. I've been BZ with IRL stuff last weekends. Wby?

    • Omg, me too.. I've been sooo lazy this week so I didn't get to farm much..

    • Oh, gotcha. 2 bad we can't spam anymore, lol 2.0

    • Ikr, I'm planning on posting on K-lounge threads, wbu?

    • Back 2 Lexicons & occasional threads maybe 2.0

  • let us spam farm since today is akorn weekend!

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    • Amen~ In the name of glorious :akorns::farmer-bee:

    • YESS :akorns: is life
      how many did you make (akorns) today?

    • I've just started so about 10-ish? :beehaw: What about yours?

    • I started hours ago but I was resting for almost 2 hours, soo almost 200

    • Noiceee :sure-bee: I've got 2 catch up~

  • Hi!

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    • Hello~ 2.0

    • Hru?

    • Just so so. Barely online lately 2.0 Wby?

    • I'm doing good..

      btw what should I call u?

    • A lot o' people call me Ura back in the ol' forum but anythin' you like really 2.0 You? Just Hilary?

  • hey, do you want to participate to the produce game ? here's a link :


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    • ThankU <3 I'll check it out~

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  • ( • ͜ʖ • )👌

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  • Hi :)

    Happy birthday to you!!

    It's on 23rd right, hmm.


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    • Pika, long time no see :hug-raccoon: Thanksies a million, Pika fr :lover1::lover4: When's yours btw? I forgor 💀






























  • gurl, why do i have this ancient bop on repeat? its so gawwwddd :pepe-sad: I need a time machine :cryingr:

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    • That IS old, lololol. Still a bop, tho 2.0 Totes in love with the aesthetics, 2.

    • 3 years before i came in this world, yup its old! lmaooo

      my sis is the resident DJ here! She knows all that stuff

      we crank it up on cleaning days :-P

      love the aesthe too omg! very goth/retro like :teeheek:

      I actually had a friend that had a somewhat similar look in hs lmaoo

    • Eyy, must be hella fun jammin' with the oldies with your sis 2.0 You like the genre? Like that type o' songs? 2.0 Must've been a cool friend, hmm?

    • honestly, hmmm, like honestly, i'm good for about 3 of 'em, lmaooo

      like, i'll settle for 10 or 15 minutes. No more than that! :angryr:

      but yeah, i like that stuff at times. I'm more of a Dua gurl tho, tbh :teeheek:

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    • Lololol, totally getcha 2.0 Oh yeah, that DL song's a bopppity bop. & have you heard the 1920s style cover o' Levitating?

  • so tell me, what led you to be inactive in the forum? were you active before? I see you've been here for at least a couple of years. Its a bit sad :-( you seem so nice gurlie :|

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    • A couple o' factors, maybe. I was active on AKP back in the pandemic 'cause o' the lockdowns like a lot o' other AKP peeps around the same time. Everythin' is back 2 normal now with IRL stuffs so, yeah 2.0 & ofc, the revamp. Convos, DMs, wall posts, unique badges, currency, etc etc - technically everythin' 'cept 4 the post count are lost, ykwis? Like, it's the major turn-off 4 peeps which leads 'em 2 either quit or be inactive if I'm not wrong 2.0

    • omg =O revamp? you mean they changed the forum right? I didn't know about that, sorry for being such a n00b :pleading: I mean, ngl, i had created an account in here like 4 years ago but had never used it, i was really invested in another forum at the time. But i wasn't fully aware of that fact either. So i guess everything got purged in the process, that's terrible :| are your friends still around? you know, i mean, the users you knew best before it happened? Anyhow, i totally understand you now, no wonder X/

    • Yeah, AKP's got a clean slate - sort o'. Some o' my friends are still here & like me, inactive, lololol. Tbf, havin' 2 move all my convos in2 DMs is makin' me seem more inactive than I actually am 2.0

    • that's terrible :pleading: I honestly hope i never go through this in here, you just scared the living hell out of me :sweatr: Well, i'm super happy to know you and i might be new around here but i'll be glad to talk with you whenever you want to gurlie! :send-love-bunny: thanksy!

    • I know I've said it but I'll say it again. I really appreciate you, Nyaz like, I'm glad you're here on AKP & havin' fun 2.0 Thanksies, 2 Nyaz. We can chat whatever whenever <3

  • i'd still want u to join the merryland guild :waterr: no strings attached, just a guild assignation to your profile and you'd get to turn off the border instantly. I'll try once a year! ok? :-P:*

    i'm a blink too ya know! ;-)

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    • Omg Nyaz, I appreciate you like fr. Oh, how about as an honorary member? 2.0 If it's ok with you, ofc.

    • you got it gurlie! :borahae::finger-heart::pepe-excited: thanksy!!

    • Yayy & Nyaz, you can tag me anytime 4 any guild or Momoland related threads 2.0

    • i just knew you were so sweet! :* tysm!


    • Anytime, Nyaz 2.0

  • alel nmy

  • Hi there! I'm here for an akorn donation drive, any amount from the bottom of your heart and akorn wallet will do. :pepe-beg: :pepe-beg: :pepe-beg:

    Thank you! :send-love-bunny:

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    • It's not much 'cause I'm savin' up, 2 but hopefully it helps 2.0

    • Thank you so much! :send-love-bunny::pepeflushed:

  • still solid ?

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  • fact bomb : you're still the best, awesomest user on this site ultra ><

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    • Heyyy :hug-raccoon: W8, are you still undercover? Should I call you Nia? :gossip-raccoon:

    • no longer undercover, but I am tryna figure out my egb password :sob: YOU CAN CALL ME EGB WORLD

    • Lololol, gotcha :eyebrowsr: Are you back? Back with the daily fact bombs? :3

    • back... I miss everyone, it's so hard to be back and talk to new people gahh the old gang... ugh I might be back if I find people here


      wbu? are you back?

    • I miss 'em, 2 :sweatr1: Me? Like, I've never left but I'm barely even here if it makes sense, lol. I'm active more in DMs & spammin', especially in weekends.

  • hi ul1ra:borahae: would you like to join our merryland guild? do you like momoland? :pleading:

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    • I love Momoland <3 & thanks so much 4 the invite but, I'm not really active so, I don't want you 2 waste a slot 4 me~

    • no really, i would be honoured to "waste" a slot for you, you seem very sweet <3 no activity required with us, its something we're doing to recognize their careers for the last 18 months of it, really.

      Let me know if you change your mind, i would be truly happy to add you :pepelove1:

    • Roger <3 You'd be the first 2 know :danceb:

    • :send-love-bunny::blushing:

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  • 👋

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  • Your pfp ♡♡♡

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  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

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  • I relate to your sig a little too much lmao

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    • Same same, lololol 2.0

  • You are literally the best!! :pepelove1: Thank you so much, I'm so touched.

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    • You're very welcome <3 Enjoy the badge 2.0

  • Xhilyu

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  • valorant update . neon ( ͡• ‿‿ ͡•)✌

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