• I’m following everyone I follows on this account :finger-heart: <3

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  • I miss this account so much rip :sadr:

    Sad 1
    • You should come and get back your badges..

    • I did :pepe-puddle:

      It just doesn’t feel the same :peperain:

  • Its been too long

    Ive missed you dear friend :wave-cry-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

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    • I’ve missed you too :wave-cry-raccoon:

      This is my new account! I’ll follow you so we can keep in touch!

      How have you been by the way? :hug-raccoon:

    • I’ve been well and thank u for letting me know <3

  • Heyy nini

    It’s been a while since we last talked

    I hope u are doing better in these moments, but I am here for you and rooting for better days as well for you!!

    Love u from a special place of my ♥️ :send-love-bunny:

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    • I love you so much Sara :wave-cry-raccoon:

      This is my new account as I can’t remember the password word to the other one. I’ve missed you so much friend, and thank you for your sweet message. I’ll give you a follow so we can keep in touch like old times! :lover3:

    • Oh NINI IT IS SO GOOD 2 HEAR FROM U!! :uwu-party-bee:

      And I luv u moreeee :borahae: <3 :finger-heart: :hug-raccoon:

      I will be sure to follow this account and yess!! Let us continue to keep in touch with one another :lovec:

  • Going to take a break for a while. My mental health is decreasing once again, and I need to

    listen to myself before it gets out of hand. See you later ☁️

    Sad 2
  • noice athesthtics

    • Thank you!! I try lol-

      I like yours too! If I’m not mistaken, that’s winter in your pfp right? She’s so pretty :lover1:

    • YW 💙🖤 !!

      UHHH - shes suhyun from Billle ; I had like beomgyu athestics five secs ago then I wanting to change it so ghostings rec me this / ofc billle/ and IKNOW :lover1:

    • Oop-

      I’m not familiar with Billlie tbh- 😳

      She’s super pretty though!

      And oooo cool! Ghostings always has the best aesthetics tbh 😌

      I wish I knew their ways of having the most vibrant gifs ever lol-

      Ty for the follow btw!

    • I stanned them a few something ago :pepe-shrug: do dont try to get me caught when I mix them up , or mispell their names :P

      SHE IS !!

      THEY DO !!

      YW !! :pepe-shoooketh:

  • nini :cutes:

    • Path!!!! Ahhh I haven’t talked to you in so long I missed you :pleading:

      How are you doing these days? 💗

  • nini :pleading:

  • i love ur eunha sig she is so cute and lovely

    • Ty! And yes, she really is 🥺

      Bop Bop is truly a bop too 😌

      I’m having some trouble finding a pfp that matches it though :(

    • :?:

      [webp-to-gif output image]

    • It says it’s too small :pepe-sad:

      Ily for trying to help though :pleading: <3

    • should it be 125x125 or 128x128 for you :melon_think: since I really have nothing to do I wanna help because I think you're a nice user

    • I’m sure it has to be 128 x 128 for me :3

      And aww thanks! You’re a lot nicer than me though ^w^

      And funnier 🥺💕

  • Omg I love green is my Favorit color <3<3<3

    • Awwww really?? I didn’t even know that UwU 🥺💚 Green is one of my favorites too!

      Also, I’ve missed you! How have you been?

    • Hehe now you know my love....and I'm been good and I hope you felling better after your break <3<3<3

    • Yes I do!💚

      And that’s good my waifu! I’m feeling much better after my break actually :3 I’m taking this time to heal and work on my mental health 💕

    • Yesh!!!🥺🥺🥺

      Also, hi common! I missed you!

    • I don’t think it went well tbh-

      I gave him a card that was super flirty and out there, but I guess it might have scared him away because I haven’t run into him in the hallways he’s usually in.

    • That's fine, sometimes it goes our way, sometimes it doesn't but nonetheless you should be proud of yourself! Not a lot of people take the initiative, i'm sure he appreciates that someone took the time to gift him something, even though it could scare him at first. Dw, it's most likely just a new experience for him <3

    • That’s an amazing way to think about it. As much as it sort of hurts, I can understand if he was a bit taken aback by my straightforward approach. It was really out there, and he probably wasn’t expecting it. Part of me wants to ask him what he thought about the card, but the other part of me is saying to leave the situation alone, which is probably the best option.

  • come back

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    • UwU I’ve been so busy lately tbh 😭

  • haylohhh

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  • nini i miss u :jennie6:

  • My beautiful Wife I hope I can see you soon. I miss you a lot <3<3<3

    • I missed you too 🥺😍

    • I hope you you are felling better now :|:|:|

  • Taking a mental health break. Sayonara < 3

    uWu 3
  • :borahae:<3:claps:

  • can you pls vote for me for aesthetic queen here :lovec:

  • ur sig :lover1:

    • Omg rina hiii! I haven’t talked to you in a while :pleading:

      And yaaas! She looks so cute :3

    • Cause u haven't been active :pleading: how are u <3

    • I knowwww I’m trying to be more active now 🥺

      I’m okay actually! Taking it easy, especially with this break💕

      How are you?💕

    • aww i'm glad to hear that :jennie3:

      i'm doing fine hehe :jennie12:

    • :iloveyoub:

      Awww yay that’s good to hear! I’m doing okay too :3



  • nini my lovely angel imy </3

    • I miss you too :(

      I’m sorry I’ve been away, I’m just going through something right now and I feel bummed out.

    • no, no i get it! take your time. whatever you need, im here for youuu

  • hoi

  • Thanks for the follow :lover3:

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  • Thanks for the follow! :iloveyoub:

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  • :aklijen_hug:

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    • Hihi32a0ce6ea609acd833b91b951ad94f92.gif

      How are you?💕

    • I’m happy. Just saw u were sad :ak_irenechickendance:

    • That’s good to hear💕

      And awww thank you <3 I’m trying to stay positive as I can < 3

    • That’s the hardest part❤️.

    • It truly is <3

      But I have to. I don’t really have the time to wallow away in my feelings. I’ve got school to focus on, and if I take even a couple of minutes to sulk, that could honestly just mess up the entire vibe I’ve got going on

  • In love with ur Jennie sig omg

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  • nini take care2x

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    • I’m back my love💕

      I couldn’t stay away for long :’(

    • How are you :pepe-comfy:

      AKP is really addicting, can't blame you lol

    • I’m doing okay, much better than before.

      How are you? <3

      And faccccts it gives me anxiety not to be on here tbh lol

  • Leaving again, it’s much needed. Take care, my friends <3

    Love 1
  • purr

    • Yaaaas I don’t know what you’re saying purr to but yaaaas queen periodt

    • jaehyun is my favorite catboy

      𝘫𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝘫𝘢𝘦𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯 shared by DANA on We Heart It  𝘫𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝘫𝘢𝘦𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯 uploaded by DANA on We Heart It

    • Ugh he’s such a cutie my heart :pepe-sad:

      I’m not into cat boys but I’d do a whole 180 for Jaehyun :eyes:

  • soty

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