• I’m following everyone I follows on this account :finger-heart: <3

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  • I miss this account so much rip :sadr:

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    • You should come and get back your badges..

    • I did :pepe-puddle:

      It just doesn’t feel the same :peperain:

  • Its been too long

    Ive missed you dear friend :wave-cry-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

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    • I’ve missed you too :wave-cry-raccoon:

      This is my new account! I’ll follow you so we can keep in touch!

      How have you been by the way? :hug-raccoon:

    • I’ve been well and thank u for letting me know <3

  • Heyy nini

    It’s been a while since we last talked

    I hope u are doing better in these moments, but I am here for you and rooting for better days as well for you!!

    Love u from a special place of my ♥️ :send-love-bunny:

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    • I love you so much Sara :wave-cry-raccoon:

      This is my new account as I can’t remember the password word to the other one. I’ve missed you so much friend, and thank you for your sweet message. I’ll give you a follow so we can keep in touch like old times! :lover3:

    • Oh NINI IT IS SO GOOD 2 HEAR FROM U!! :uwu-party-bee:

      And I luv u moreeee :borahae: <3 :finger-heart: :hug-raccoon:

      I will be sure to follow this account and yess!! Let us continue to keep in touch with one another :lovec:

  • Going to take a break for a while. My mental health is decreasing once again, and I need to

    listen to myself before it gets out of hand. See you later ☁️

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  • nini :cutes:

    • Path!!!! Ahhh I haven’t talked to you in so long I missed you :pleading:

      How are you doing these days? 💗

  • Omg I love green is my Favorit color <3<3<3

    • Awwww really?? I didn’t even know that UwU 🥺💚 Green is one of my favorites too!

      Also, I’ve missed you! How have you been?

    • Hehe now you know my love....and I'm been good and I hope you felling better after your break <3<3<3

    • Yes I do!💚

      And that’s good my waifu! I’m feeling much better after my break actually :3 I’m taking this time to heal and work on my mental health 💕

    • Yesh!!!🥺🥺🥺

      Also, hi common! I missed you!

    • I don’t think it went well tbh-

      I gave him a card that was super flirty and out there, but I guess it might have scared him away because I haven’t run into him in the hallways he’s usually in.

    • That's fine, sometimes it goes our way, sometimes it doesn't but nonetheless you should be proud of yourself! Not a lot of people take the initiative, i'm sure he appreciates that someone took the time to gift him something, even though it could scare him at first. Dw, it's most likely just a new experience for him <3

    • That’s an amazing way to think about it. As much as it sort of hurts, I can understand if he was a bit taken aback by my straightforward approach. It was really out there, and he probably wasn’t expecting it. Part of me wants to ask him what he thought about the card, but the other part of me is saying to leave the situation alone, which is probably the best option.

  • come back

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    • UwU I’ve been so busy lately tbh 😭

  • haylohhh

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  • My beautiful Wife I hope I can see you soon. I miss you a lot <3<3<3

    • I missed you too 🥺😍

    • I hope you you are felling better now :|:|:|

  • Taking a mental health break. Sayonara < 3

    uWu 2
  • :borahae:<3:claps:

  • can you pls vote for me for aesthetic queen here :lovec:



  • hoi

  • Thanks for the follow :lover3:

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  • Thanks for the follow! :iloveyoub:

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  • :aklijen_hug:

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    • Hihi32a0ce6ea609acd833b91b951ad94f92.gif

      How are you?💕

    • I’m happy. Just saw u were sad :ak_irenechickendance:

    • That’s good to hear💕

      And awww thank you <3 I’m trying to stay positive as I can < 3

    • That’s the hardest part❤️.

    • It truly is <3

      But I have to. I don’t really have the time to wallow away in my feelings. I’ve got school to focus on, and if I take even a couple of minutes to sulk, that could honestly just mess up the entire vibe I’ve got going on

  • In love with ur Jennie sig omg

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  • nini take care2x

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    • I’m back my love💕

      I couldn’t stay away for long :’(

    • How are you :pepe-comfy:

      AKP is really addicting, can't blame you lol

    • I’m doing okay, much better than before.

      How are you? <3

      And faccccts it gives me anxiety not to be on here tbh lol

  • Leaving again, it’s much needed. Take care, my friends <3

  • I'm just gonna comment here cuz' I felt like invading the thread

    I'm not really okay but I'm kinda trying to keep myself together

    I have exams starting from tomorrow, we weren't supposed to have them but we're writing them anyway

    even though my mom and dad are telling me not to worry about my marks I'm still kinda paranoid *sigh*

    nini I don't what you're going through but hope don't feel low and please don't overthink TT

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    • Ahhhh I understand, no worries < 3

      And I understand that completely. Exams are always super stressful :( I know it’s difficult to not stress about them, but try not to overthink it, okay? <3

      I’m sure you’ll do amazing, and even if you don’t, hey, you tried your best which is all that matters <3

      And ohhhh, I get that too. You’re not being paranoid, though. I completely understand being worried about your marks. You want to do well, and that’s completely understandable.

      You’ve got this, Path. I believe in you so much, and I want you to know that you’re the smartest person I know. No need to worry, you’re amazing <3

      Thank you <3 I’m struggling a lot right now, but I’m trying my best to make it through. I’ve started to journal which has helped tremendously, but I still feel unheard sometimes. I’m debating on whether or not I should talk to my parents about joining therapy again, but they’re going to ask me why I think I need it and I’m not ready to tell them the reason why.

    • You made me tear up Nini, thank you TT

      Keeping a journal is a good idea, don't think too much about it because it's time consuming and you might regret it later on

      If you ask me, join therapy because it might make you feel better, maybe don't your parents the reason and lie even though that's not the best thing to do

      i think it's a personal matter you don't want to share with anyone, you're struggling because of that right? I've been through that once a few years back before the pandemic and even when I was a kid, I used to have thought like "I think everybody around me is a robot" or "I wish my life was just a bad dream that I'm living in". These were the thoughts I had in 1st and 2nd grade btw

      I can't believe I actually had those thoughts

      I hope you stay strong Nini, we're all here for you<33

    • Awwww Path, you’re going to make me tear up :pepe-sad:


      And yes, I agree. It can become a bit difficult to keep up with sometimes, but it’s been a great help to me so far. I feel as though I can really express myself that way without judgement.

      I think I might do that to be completely honest. Ive taken therapy before but I wasn’t completely honest because I wasn’t comfortable going into depth about what was truly bothering me. That’s one of the main causes for my stress. A lot of the things I want to talk about are traumatic and upsetting to me. I thought pretending they never happened would help, but it’s made it worse if I’m being completely honest. I know that talking about it will ultimately help me to move on and heal, but it’s difficult. I’m sorry you had those kinds of thoughts at such a young age. I had similar ones as well. I would always ask myself why I had to be the way I am. I hated the way I looked, the way I was perceived by other people, etc. I still have these thoughts. They gotten progressively worse to fight off in result of events that have occurred in my life in recent times.

      Thank you, Path <3 I’m trying my absolute hardest to stay as strong as I can. Thank you all for always being there for me < 3

  • My Wonderful Wife where have you go without telling me goodbye :-(:-(:-(

    • I’m sorry my amazing wifey :( I’m taking a mental health break for while to work on myself and feeling better. I’m sorry I didn’t say goodbye :pepe-sad:

  • Hope is dangerous thing for a girl like me to have, but I have it~

  • NiNi

    you are exactly one month older than me

    im feb 17th of 2005

    ur january 17th 2005

    ur zodiac is capricorn and we are year of the rooster

    • Oh wooow! My birthday is actually in June, though :0

    • thats wierd

      ur about me section said that lol ;-;

    • Wait fr? Are you sure? It says Jun (June) 17th when I look at it :0

    • ooooo

      that makes so much sense now :,)

    • :iloveyoub::cutes:

  • the lyrics :eyes:

    straight out of a fanfic :eyes::eyes:

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    • Omg that’s so scandalous oof- :eyes:

      Baekhyun really said “yaaaas lemme write a whole song based on a steamy fanfic” lmao-

    • there a a friggin article about it on akp *sigh*

      k-exols weren't too exited about, he's a grown man

      the way he sings it lawd :pepe-life-support:

    • Omg wait for real??

      Oml nooo, baekhyun is literally grown he should be able to sing about what he wants to :pepe-sad:

      Brooo might be my favorite new song tbh his voice is just *chef’s kiss*

    • I say that to every baekhyun song lmao <3

      this is a drug be careful :eyes:

      External Content www.youtube.com
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    • Omgggggg cry for love is THAT song literally I’ve been obsessed with this song for months his vocals are literally heavenly in this I for real feel like I’m floating just listening to it💖

  • Rainbow skies, glittery hearts. Our colors are beautiful, we love without fear. Your hair, smooth as silk, eyes blue as the ocean. If I kissed you, would it be a sin? Am I allowed to love you like I once loved him? It’s new, and exciting. To explore and to be explored. How beautiful is that. Our lips intertwin, my hands caressing your soft, pink cheeks. I love you, more than my heart thought I could. They say it’s wrong, but as I look at you; the beautiful girl beside me, all doubts diminish. For I love you, and you love me. We are one, and I am at peace with that.

  • 🎵 I don’t know what to do without you 🎵

    • 🎵하찮은 이곳에 홀로 남아

      그려본 네 기억은 blue
      … 사람은 변해 왜 나만 이래

      오늘처럼 예쁜 날에

      어떻게 이렇게 모든 게 벅차기만 해

      Don't know what to do
      … I don't know what to do without you, yeah🎵

    • Yeeesssss :cutes:

    • I love that song so much!! One of my favorites by blackpink :flying:is that your favorite song of theirs?

    • Not my favourite but I thought that line was the cutest one I could think of off the top of my head 🥺

    • Ohhh lmao awww it definitely is a cute line tbh 🥺

  • omg my Wife you have Winter as your dp.....that make me so happy :love:

    • Omgggggg my wifey you’re back!!!!!!! I missed you so much!💖

      And omggg I’m glad it makes you happy🥺🥺🥺🥺 I love winter sm!🥺❤️