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  • i miss you so much

  • Happy birthday Bang Chan!

  • Oh no.. :sob-bunny:

  • whyyyy


  • transfer akornd to someone while you are still here :D

  • I mentioned this on your wall last year but due to how bad my wifi is, I think it never got posted. So I can't remember exactly what I said but I will try my best. 😊 I was really appreciative of your honest & sweet words on my 'wall' and I rarely get that type of comment or feedback so that was really awesome.

    I've found SKZ three days after they started their survival show. And because of that they are a group that's a comfort to me. I won't lie in saying I still love the I am You album as it has so many songs I still enjoy, but even if I'm not as active in the kpop community, I just couldn't turn away from them altogether. I am glad to know SKZ and Woo. If you are a Woo Supporter, that's okay, no one should ever feel pressured in any sort of way.

    Thanks again for your welcome, and I hope to be around here a bit more to. But sometimes I'm more focused on writing artilces trying to promote other groups or soloists. (Even if the mods don't always approve the article...), I do try my best to be active here. And yes omg, if I need anything I will totally let you know.

    Again, I apologize just in case I did end up writing on your wall before and I just can't see it. 🖤

    • Thank you so much! Sorry for the late reply, but this made my whole day to read. I am a Woo supporter as well. That’s great news, I look forward to seeing you around more! No, I don’t think you wrote this on my wall before, and even if you did, it’s no big deal. Have a great day/night!

  • I saw you visit my profile :beehaw:

    so now i visit you :ooo-bee:

  • is your pfp your old one?

    Bc it looks like same lol, except the blue background. That looks new

    Aww lso theres this vietnamese song in my head its soooooo goooodddd

    • Yep! It fit, so why not?

      Cool! What song is it?

    • Lol

      It was called see tinh, idk the artist tho

      Ngl its starting to be overplayed and annoying

  • bEsTiE


    do u know which one it is cause i need a refresher :cryingr:

    i think its called Go Live *whats the title track? :angryr: *

  • Why do you keep causing me to hijack posts?!

    I realized the Stray Kids light stick is poorly designed. With one of these you guys will be easier to keep track of and with a bark collar you can keep fans quiet.Illumiseen-LED-dog-collar-1.jpg

    • Because I’m magnetic.

      Nah, looks too much like one of those cheap glow sticks that break too easily. No thanks. I like the light stick we have now. Simple is best.

    • Maybe just go straight shock collar. Think of all the fans you can shock to get in front of at the fan meet?! Don't lie, you think it's genus! :pepe-devil:

    • No, I would feel so bad for them!

  • hey channie can you see the message I sent you on DC?

  • Your aesthetic is so cute :love:

    I stop and stare for a couple of seconds every time I see it

    • Aw, you’re so sweet! Thank you! I love yours as well.

  • I just got back so I didn't see your comment till now. You are so kind & I truly truly appreciate that.

    For me, I gotten to a point where I knew Woo since the second half of 2017. With all those memories its a little hard for me just to say good bye when he was proven innocent & even the official club stated he has never been there. I just couldn't say bye knowing the truth and how much confidence he has given me.

    I'm also at a point where I don't reply to trolls, everyone has their own beliefs and that's totally okay.

    No one should feel pressured or be scared to say they are a fan of someone. After all we all connect to it because of the music, why stop doing something we enjoy as long as everyone is safe~ Stay healthy all year. ✌🏻

    Love 1
    • No worries, and thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

      I completely understand. I wish I had gotten to know him before everything happened honestly, but I support him now, so better late than never I suppose.

      Exactly! I’m glad you have that mindset. Woojin has such a good singing voice, and all his covers are great, as well as his songs too. Still Dream is so good! I love it so much and it fits his voice so well too. Thank you, and you too!

  • hi fellow vampire :pinky-exhausted:

    I see you're still awake :bts9:

    • I am. I have exactly no sleep schedule.

    • yesss we're twins here

      in all honesty i always had a fxed up sleep schedule :pinky-restless: even when i had a curfew i was still tossing and turning when the lights went out because i have insomnia

    • Yay, twinning!

      I don’t have insomnia, but I heard it’s pretty bad to deal with, and no matter how bad you want to sleep or how tired you are, you just can’t. I hope it’s mild for you at least.

  • I believe in YouChanDoThis supremacy

  • Dude, I just discovered that stans of both SKZ and BP call themselves Stinks...why?! :skull:

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  • Hey sweetie, so pinky has come down with a case of covid, and... we were trying to make a contribution to your badge each since you requested both of us, but if you're really deadset on that, it's going to be a bit more of wait since pinky needs time to recover and I believe she has real life stuff on top of that.

    Your badge is really close to a completed state. I managed to sew together the clips you sent together, and I want to add a couple of more touches on it. So I was thinking I would take care of it myself so you wouldn't have to wait longer than you have and to not give pinky something to worry about.

    It's up to you though. If you still want pinky to help with the badge, it's going to be a longer wait like I stated.

    • First of all, thank you so much for talking to me about this. As much as I’m excited for it, I’ll wait for Pinky. She’s worth waiting for. Besides, I don’t want her to think I’m going forward without her.

    • Ok I’ll let her know :)

    • Thank you! I really hope she gets better soon.

  • channieeeee will you participate in secret santa?

  • His only job was to train me on the machine. He ain’t my man! If I wanna flirt with the cutie on first I will do so! He walks off the line to talk to mfs (other men because he’s bitchless) for like 20 minutes at a time excuse my young pretty ass will flirt for 10 minutes. And wanna report me to the boss LOL. Mad because I wouldn’t touch him either after he clowned the last dude who tried it. He thought it was so hilarious that my bitch boss put that pervert on my line, pointing at him after he clocked in as if he’s any better.

    • Oh my gosh, that sounds like a horrible work environment. I’m so glad you’re quitting and I hope your new job goes better.

  • chan-chansroom.gif

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I got busy all of a sudden. How are you doing?

    • I’m doing pretty nicely, thanks! Just been a little tired since my sleep schedule is getting messed up (I tried to put it back in place, but I failed). Besides that I’ve been having a good week. Are you good as well?

    • That’s great to hear! I’m pretty much the same with my sleep schedule, I’ve just accepted it at this point. I’m doing good too.

    • Right after I sent that message AKP gave me an advertisement for insomnia medicine… creepy pepe-ooh

    • Very creepy indeed. The mods know too much!

  • wait ur so nice do you wanna be friends

  • a.....korns please

  • Have you heard what happening with Lee Know?

    • No, I don’t think so. What happened?

  • hi poopie

    Soo can i tell u what happened today at school

    I was in history and then i aw a kid sleeping and then my friend ayana saw but tbh i didnt do anything and then she started to dance and was like "GIDDUP GIDDUP ITS TAM TO GIDDUP" and making a joke and shit

    Turns out its bc...ook im not gonna say it bc they might not want it to be told but basically thats their only time to sleep

    And that kid was making fun of me and shit but i just played along with it bc legit everytime i saw him my heart would shatter just thinking abt what he has to go through to the point where when he sat next to me in science i cried :leaving-bee:

    And then bc it was my 2nd day of that school year and bc hes mew hes like "WHO R UU" and i was like "An EmO GiUrL"

    Hes also bullied by the whole class

    Ive never cried for someone until today sooo


    • I feel so bad for your friend. That’s awful! I hope they’re able to get better soon.

    • I hope they get to a better place to

      Tbh theyre rlly funny. Idk why everyone hates them. Like i legit was fuckin snorting in class bc of how he made fun of me

    • Those are some of the best people. The really hilarious ones. People hate other people for stupid reasons all the time though.

    • He is a bit annoying tho


  • Hi, Channie I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the Maniac Badge this was my first SKZ song and it means so much to me Stray Kids made me a stay and got me into K-pop so if you ever need anything please don't ever hesitate to ask! :finger-heart:

    • Aw, you’re so sweet! Really, don’t worry about it at all. I’m just glad you’ll like it. I haven’t used it since I got it, and I knew you’d like it, so it only made sense.

    • tell me how much it was the least I can do is pay you back!

    • Now I refuse to! I just want to make you happy, I don’t need akorns but if you must know it was 750 I think.

    • i will do that as soon as I finish my jin LE! :D

    • Nooooooooooooo! Okay, fine.

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    i almost fell on the floor :pepe-joy:

  • How are you doing my good friend! <3


    A also love how creative they are, they really do have child energy, and I'm here for it :cryingr:

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    • I'm doing great! Slept in a bit too much, but great otherwise. So do I! best children indeed.

    • Thats good! Sleep be important :pepe-angel:

      especially if your in a dream :violinist-pepe:

      I love those bois :cryingr:

    • I was in nonstop dreams for like 12 hours. It was definitely an experience.

      I love them too!

    • Every dream has meaning

      be sure to pay attention to what happens cause your dreams could be telling you something important, they could be warning you, something you need to pay attention more

      its so much fun to decipher a dream!


    • It is! I'll try and remember and analyze them going forward.

  • Hey auntie YC. I love your new aesthetic :finger-heart: