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  • Hii~ hope you're doing well... I don't mean to bother you but I was wondering as to how guilds work?

    • I'm doing great! No bother at all! Lucky for you, not long ago, I made a super long, yet super helpful (I hope) post about them and how they work somewhere else. Let me just copy and paste it here. Which one were you interested in joining?

    • Well, I haven't looked at all of them yet... But as of right now I'm interested in the EXO one!

    • Yay! I figured it would be that one. I haven't been in that one before, but I've only heard very good things about them and their guild, so I'm sure you'll fit right in.

      Okay, here the post I made on guild a while back. Enjoy!

      "I was super confused with what guilds were too and how they worked, but you'll get the hang of it soon. This is a guild. There are quite a few on here (BLACKPINK Square/BLINK Square for Blinks on here, Bulletproof for the ARMY's, Michelins for the Stays, Once Cult for the Onces at all and so on). We even have maybe one or two non K-Pop guilds and even have one for cats.

      You can register, or "join" but it's optional. In fact, I'm posting here, but I'm only an honorary member of the guild (I'll explain that later). The guilds don't generally care if you're a member or not when posting there. Anyway, to become a guild member of a guild, find a guild that you like. You can choose a guild based on your favorite group, the people in the guild, the aesthetics that guild has or whatever else works best for you. I mostly chose the Once Cult because I really liked their guild emblem (the special thing around my profile picture) and animated badges. I also was just starting to get into the group, so figured talking to more Onces would help me, plus the Onces on here are all super nice.

      The next step is to post in the guild (however often or seldomly you'd like to). I can give you the link to the Exo guild if you want so you know where to go. Get to know the people there. See which ones you like and how much. The point of guilds is to find and socialize people who stan the same group as you, and then you can talk about the group or almost anything with them. Once you feel integrated into the guild, you can ask to become a member. Someone will then direct you on what to do next. Some guilds may have a small, five minute or less application, but others don't. Applying and being accepted into any guild is 100% free and really easy, at least to the best of my knowledge. If you apply to any guild, unless they don't have any spots open (most guilds can only accept up to a certain amount of people), you'll likely get in.

      Once you get in, at least in my experience, expect to be welcomed to the guild by any members in the guild currently online, as well as possibly even a couple people later on, after they find out the news. You'll then get a free name gradient that matches your guild (if they have one, but a lot of the guilds do), a free guild emblem (if your guild has one, but they almost all do) and it will show up that you are officially a member of the guild so that everyone will know. You'll also get some exclusive "guild badges" which are often gifs of the members of the K-Pop group. They are 100 akorns each, so much cheaper than most animated badges. You can buy one or both of them. Most guilds have two, but the Once Cult has three. You can buy these or not, that's up to you. You don't need to keep these on all the time or display them if you don't like them/don't want to, but most of them look really cool.

      After you join a guild, you're set! Keep on talking to people like normal and have fun. Guilds are supposed to be a bit casual and carefree, but still take some caution and follow the rules on the site. Also, you can only formally join one guild at a time. You can switch guilds if you want to at any time, but I wouldn't do this all that often, because then it might confuse people as to which guild you're currently in, plus then the guild moderators have to add you, then remove you from the list of guild members, your guild badges, guild emblem and so on, then re-add them if you join again.

      You can ALWAYS visit any guild you want at any time, member or not. Most guilds have a chatroom or lounge (different names, but basically means the same thing). Anyone is welcome to talk in the chatroom, whether or not they're a member. I'll give you the link to the Exo guild chatroom at the end of this post. As said before, your posts there can be about anything, the group or otherwise, so don't worry about going off topic or derailing any thread here. You can event talk about other groups besides Exo there. For example, in the BLACKPINK guild, Jichu talks a lot about Dreamcatcher, and I talk about Stray Kids, but we both still mostly talk about BLACKPINK. It's amazing.

      If you want to support a guild, but you're already a part of one you love and don't want to leave it, you can become an honorary member of as many guilds as you like (unlike becoming an official member, where you can only join one guild). Being an honorary member means that everyone in the guild basically thinks of you as a member (of the guild) and will likely treat you as such, but you can't get the guild emblem, gradient, animated badges or stuff like that.

      Also, sometimes people from one guild (in my case, the Once Cult), sometimes post a lot in other guilds (for me, BLINK Square). That's fine too. Some guild people almost only talk to other people in their guild/guild lounge (as opposed to in the main forum too). Others tend to have it split roughly 50/50 where they post (in the guild or main forum), or 60/40 or 70/30 (or the other way around). You get the idea.

      Let me know if you have any questions, I know I probably missed a ton of information. I don't have much personal experience with the Exo guild, as I said before, so I don't know what the atmosphere is like in there (group focused, joking, serious, almost never about the group and mostly random stuff and so on), but I do know a few Exo stans on here and they're mostly good people. Anyway, let me find the link for the Exo guild and you can go there and introduce yourself. I'm sure they'd love to have you.

    • Here is the Exo guild lounge:
    • Ohmygosh thank you so much!! This was very helpful!


  • Sana Minatozaki Wink GIF - Sana Minatozaki Wink Twice - Discover & Share  GIFs

    • She's so pretty! Pretty girls in pink>>>>>>>>>

  • :pepe-sad:

    • What's wrong?

    • i trusted you

    • What did I do wrong?

    • there was a thread i made about leave a question for the user below/answer the question above you

      you didn't leave a question

    • i was sad back then now I'm okay it's dead anyway

  • :pepe-cringe:

  • Have a nice week/ month / year

  • ghost. lame

    • ?

      What happened? I’m confused.

    • you broke my heart </3

    • Oh, I know what you mean now. I’m sorry! I’ve been super busy this entire weekend, working on birthday stuff for Kitty and BunnyLip. Ask either of them and they’ll be able to back me up on this. I’ll have more time to talk starting after Monday, I’m sorry!

    • i'll be back in a couple of weeks, we can talk then. ily <3

    • Or we can talk now. You’re important to me too. Never forget that. I feel really bad for not talking to you as much, but I just had so much to do and so little time.

  • Hey, how are you doing?

    • Pretty good! Bunny’s finally 16!

    • Oh congrats :cheer-bunny:

    • Thanks! I’m so happy for her! Anyway, I have a swimming competition coming up , starting in less than two hours, so that’s fun!

    • Good luck, I have exams coming up, do well :send-love-bunny:

    • Thank you! I’ll try my best. Good luck too!

  • omg? thank you so much :pepelove1:

  • Do you like Nayeon, Yerin, Eunha and Jisoo?

  • Have a nice week / day / night

  • you're my favourite stay :pleading: I mean, Blink :lover1:

    • Aw, you're my favorite Merry! I love talking to you! Also, I'll see if I can submit any Rolling Quartz badge ideas when it's time for submissions.

    • i would so so love if you did that! :pleading: you're very talented! :borahae: thanksy! :send-love-bunny:

    • Thank you! No, you're more talented! Okay, I'll make some to submit. It won't be time to submit them for several more months (you have to wait a while for badges), but I'll try to remember.

    • check out the ones i made already :pleading: they're ok ig. Its a start.
    • I will! I'll also DM you some of mine if you want me to, once I make them.

  • Have a nice weekend / day / night!

  • the boys look so adorable in your sig!

  • How are you today youchan?

    • I'm doing good, how are you?

    • I'm doing good too

      Sorry for the mess the other day lol

      I hope we can still talk more

    • That's good to hear. Wait, why are you apologizing? You did nothing wrong. If anything, it was a bit amusing. Of course we can still talk more!

    • I'm glad then

      I only get slow when I'm Drunk lol

      But be assured you are very important to me

    • It's fine. You're very important to me too.

  • hoihoihoihoihoihoihoihoihoihoi

  • poopy poopy snoopy crack

    ima miss you and i like wonho's back

  • hello, can you buy jo yuri petition pls ? I can refund

    • Of course! I'm so sorry I didn't know. You don't need to refund me unless you really want to.


    • Bought it! Thank you, you're so sweet! I hope you're able to get the badges you want.

    • MY AKORNS WILL GO TO QUEEN JO YURI :akorns::akorns:<3<3

    • Awesome!

  • I can’t believe I wasn’t following you hehe.

    • Neither can I! You're pretty awesome.

    • Hehe well I’ve told you this before but your one of the nicest users I’ve met:)

    • Aw, thank you! You're pretty nice yourself.

  • hi poopy <3<3

  • I love your Rosie badges!

    • Thank you! It took a while to save up for them, but I love them so much!

  • Hi I don't have a meme about comeback because I don't need this :-)

  • Are you an adult or teen :eyes:

    • Both, I’m an adulteen. I mean 18.

    • I thought you were 37 777777 170392-ezgif-1-cd4b677078-gif

      until u mentioned a few times u go to schfool

      at least i didnt think u were the deafault age i think every time (45) :pepe-peek:

      OMGGGG so your like some years olderr :pep-pj-pink:

    • You really thought I was old enough to be a grandma? I sounded that old to you? Dang, I need to catch up with you young ones. That’s technically correct, but I actually go to college.



      I must wear my age incredibly well. Yep, I’m a bit older than you, but I’m not ancient. Yet.

    • Yesss justt LOOK at how your sentenceses speak !!

      Yuh huh really


      yet :pepe-notes::pepe-notes:

    • They look normal to me.

  • levanter — i love bang chan

  • Bang Chan Bio | Wiki | Stray Kids Amino

    • I genuinely can't tell if he looks happy or sad in this picture. Am I going blind? Is it just me who can't tell?

    • i feel like hes happy and about to cry, idk

    • :cryc:

  • Stray Kids Bang Chan Workout Routine And Diet Plan - Health Yogi

    Bang Chan for Clio - allkpop forums

    Bang Chan for Clio - allkpop forums

  • BangChan 💛 | Stray Kids Amino

  • chan looks so awkward in ur pfp nhyhbtgvrfedsa


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  • Hi you chan!

    I'm just over here reading my newspaper, see? :check-bee: