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  • hi fellow intellectual

    I hope you dont mind me stopping by. I like lurking on new user profiles (and commenting). also we seem to have a lot of common interests

  • Thanks for the follow! <3

    • enjoyyyy~

    • My moa friend sent me the one where his nose is up to the camera before and I couldn’t even tell it was yeonjun :pepe-shame:

      Anyways I’ll be saving these. Perfect memes.

    • ill have 2 try harder next time :(

    • Oh why? :pepewhat:

    • i was trying 2 spam u ofc :evil:

  • took you longer enough - I was sure my con(vincing) would work out eventually

    so my friend tell me something about yourself?

    • I actually didn’t know how to follow people till you called me a flop.

      And what something should I tell? :thinkerpepe:

    • go follow people that you tagged my friend - it really doesn't do anything except to brag (although personally I'm trying to beat rainbow in terms of followers lol)

      well I don't know anything about you - besides that you're a dude and you like txt

    • Well… I wrote a lot of my hobbies and things in my about me section, since there’s a lot… and, I’m asian :pepe-shrug:

    • ahhh well you indicated you born in the 21st century - may I ask how old you are?

      interesting which part? I'm Chinese myself currently living in Australia

      wow that's a very artistic/musical background - have you always been interested in music and the arts

    • Ah yeah I prefer to keep my age mostly anonymous online as to be more broadly perceived, but I am a boomer

      I’m from the Philippines and my family is part japanese, but I’m currently living in the US

      And yes, I started doing music and arts from a young age, I started vocal lessons at three, piano lessons at 4-5 (although I dislike reading music and mostly play by ear), and I self taught myself art starting around 6.

  • I will bless you with Yeonjun's good looks!


  • I hope you come to love everyone here! <3

    i was reading you about me section and your very talented!

    I'm also in my school choir, I've been in school choirs since 3rd or 4th grade ( i think it was 4th) I'm a Soprano 1, I'm probs not as skilled as you are but it's really impressive! :lover3:

    i personally really wish i could work on my vocal tones and improve on my vocal skills cause I've heard people in my choir have the voices of literal angels because they were that good :cryingr:

    when i start my youtube channel one day, i hope to do covers to showcase my skills :shyr:

    • oh my goodness thank you so much!! i love singing but i’ve never been or wanted to be in a choir, it’s just not my type of set up, but i’ve always admired people who’ve done so! choir is just too big of a group for me and i prefer the band setting i’m in (that plays for secondary school students) where there’s only a few other people singing and i do harmonies or melody.

      do you take voice lessons? i found that having instruction, if you get the right coach for you, can be extremely helpful.

      i’m really quite scatter-hobbied, there’s so many things that i love to do and i always want to be good at it even if it’s just a hobby so i try my best.

      if you start that youtube channel, please send the link to me because i will subscribe right away :pepe-notes:

    • Your welcome :hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon::hug-raccoon:

      What's it like in the band?

      I'm an overthinker so i think i can't do much good or I'm not good at much or anything i try (like the things i love like drawing or singing) I'm always in a constant battle with my own thoughts and drag myself down :sweat:;(

      I love being in the Choir (id never attend a church choir) and i have never ever had a bad school music teacher :cryingr: and plus Choir is counted as a class, so one less non enjoyable class wont sneak its way into my schedule, i also never liked the idea of singing on a stage all alone, if ur in a chior you can blend in and nobody will know which voice is whos ( unless your the person who likes to go overboard on the Highnotes aka me :check-bee: ...)

      no, i have never had lessons but it sounds like a wonderful thing that id really wanna try

      and thank you :cryingr: I wanna start asap, youtuber Markiplier inspired me to be a Youtuber cause i wanna make people happy like he does, i really wanna do lots of things on the channel and Song covers are one of them (even participating for other people's songs I'd love to do)

      i promise, i will let you know when i make it :lover3::waterr::pathead:

    • i tend to overthink about stuff a lot too, but i’d say it is in more of an analytical way. the thing with these kind of hobbies like art is that it’s really quite personal, you don’t have to show off what you've done to other people if you don’t want to, and you can just do it for your own happiness! but me personally if i do something i want to show other people so… ;judgingpepe:

      being in a band is quite interesting. i’m not the person who leads it and organises the instrumentals so i kind of just sit there and nod along if there’s nothing they need me for because the people who play the instruments and our tech dudes do the most work. i’ve been trying to get them to let me play the keys but they seem to keep forgetting i do so…

      it’s good fun experience though, because we use devices such as in-ear monitors and sing on a stage. i’m actually the youngest person on the band, most of the people there are in their 30s, only some are perhaps in mid 20s.

      i’m actually quite the opposite, i dislike having my voice blended in too much, and that’s probably why i’m not too interested in choir for myself. i like being on the stage alone or with minimal people, most likely because i was somewhat raised in a stage acting environment, haha. i enjoy being up there.

    • But here's the weird thing :beehaw: I wanna showcase my talents, but i just get so nervous doing it on my own to the point where it gives me bad anxiety (like presenting Infront of the class) I've always hoped to get a Solo in the music we sing for the concerts, but I'm always nervous to do it because I've never had a solo before :sob-bunny:

      i think for me its the fact that they can see you and you know all eyes and ears are on you, if its a large group your more focused on listening the only person you'd be looking for is your own child if its a big group

      I feel like in a bad you really have to work together with your partners cause that's the majority of how bands end up quitting, its because they can't get along with each other, it does sound fascinating though! :omgr:

    • haha, the band i’m in is not a member-formed one, it’s more of an organisation, but i do agree on your point. everybody is nice to each to each other and the conversations that happen in the green room are always entertaining.

      i hope you get to overcome any anxiety you have! performing in general is a nervous art, but it’s extremely fun once you’re able to set aside that anxiety. best of luck!