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  • My guy how'd you get into this much debt?

    • I got a refund off $20 of Akorns I purchased so they took those akrons and akorns from the previous 20 I got like a month before. They didn't refind me the first 20 though. Hense my trolling for fun. I don't give a funk any more.

    • Neither do I. I'm just enjoying watching it sink and burn.

    • Gurrrrrrrlllllll I'm wagamama how many other Qri obsessed people are active with same signature as me?

  • are you old

    • LOL, depends on your defination of old but in K-POP terms I'm positively ancient.

    • dam, you must be pretty old

      Also very important question

      4th gen, 2nd gen, or 3rd gen

    • I'm 41 and I don't really have a favorite gen. I'm just a lover of music so each generation has it's own amazing groups and idols.

    • hmmmmm intresting......

      If someone told you that you could only listen to one gen for the rest of your life, which would it be

    • What a dirty question. I'd go 4th, simply because their is the largest number of groups and music and the widest variety. Although, loseing 3rd gen would be exceedingly painful.

  • i support your cause

  • thank you for your comment

    • No problem, "What man is a man that doesn't make the world a better place".