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  • you haven't logged in in ages. hope you are doing well!

  • hey lovely. I remembered I promised you I'd give you my svt allkill... but with badge transfers on halt, I'm not sure if/when I can do that, so I'm transferring you akorns for it. Really sorry I can't give it to you atm tho...

    uWu 1
    • Had been thinking about that too when the rule change was announced but had assumed we'd simply wouldn't do the deal. Didn't expect you to give me akorns for it. :pleading:

      You're the absolute sweetest but it feels weird that you're giving me akorns to buy a badge that I was supposed to buy from you. I'm gonna send the akorns back. Can't take them even tough I really, really appreciate it :red-heart: . I'll send 300 akorns now and then 200 more later. Have an LE I need to pay off and can't afford both the LE and Svt Allkill badge right away :sweat:

    • Ok whatever works for you. I just want you to have the badge :pepe-wink:

    • btw, do you have disc? I started keeping in contact with a lot of akp friends these days on discord. It'd be nice if you were one of them :) (if you want and have discord lol)

    • Hehe thanks. I just bought it so it worked out :yellow-heart:

      The akorns did help. I was freaking out about getting enough akorns for both the Allkill and LE before deadline. Now I can get the akorns at a calmer pace

    • No :( Don't have discord

      I'm allkpop exclusive :p

  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • I’m sick :( Lying in my bed and feeling awful

    • Oh no, that sounds bad :-( Did you take a medicine?

    • I did. And I’m feeling better today than I did yesterday so hopefully I won’t be sick for much longer :cheersc:

    • What about you? I hope you’re doing better than me ^^

    • That's great news! Hopefully.

      Haha thanks, I am doing good <3

  • :-)

    • Hello~

    • Hru second Rose? :finger-heart:

    • I'm doing amazing! Practically blooming (notice the pun :eyebrowsr:)

    • Gonna see if I can find any Twice photos to turn into badge sets

    • That seems good :-)

      And yes you can still submit your badges before the next day ;-)

      I hope you'll find good images

  • hey. Thanks for following back :yellow-heart:

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  • Hey!

    so an update on that svt allkill, but I can’t give it to you until svt is revamped.

    When they are revamped, the allkill will be off shop, then it will be okay to sell.

    So when they are revamped, I’ll send my badge to you if you still want it :)

    If I don’t remember, remind me!

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    • Oki! That’s no problem at all.

      If no one else does it I had been planning on creating a petition for Svt (not right now but maybe in a week or so)

      Thank you again :iloveyoub:

    • Awesome!

  • lighter_red_hearts.giflighter_red_hearts.gif

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    • You back?! <3 <3

    • not really :pleading: i took some time off from my insane last year of college to drop by and say hi to those I miss a lot, like you :finger-heart: I won't come back for good until the spring. I don't need no ban to stay away either :-P

    • Missed you too :pleading: I'll see you in spring and got luck with your studies!

      Damn what willpower. I've never stayed away for more than 2 months :p

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    • vernon-hansol.gif

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    • Sheon :love:

      So happy she got to debut even if it wasn't in Kep1er

    • Yesss, so does that means you watched GP999 too?

    • Ofc I did. I'm a survival show junkie hehe

    • Ooh you are? Who were your picks that didn't debut? TT

    • Sheon was my fave that didn't debut. Also LOVED Guinn Myah but thought she was too young to debut.

      Was sad that Yurina, Cai Bing, Yaning and Ruiqi weren't able to debut. Especially Yurina :pleading:

      Had a soft spot for Chiayi but she barely got any screentime

  • hii

  • are you excited for Chungha's new album next week?

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    • Absolutely! We've waited 1,5 years :pleading:

    • Sorry I missed responding to your other post. Been busy the last couple of days and have barely visited the forum ;(

    • likewise :pleading: swamped at work and my free time has suffered tremendously. No worries, we'll surely catch up this fall! :finger-heart: Also, CALIFORNIA DREAM :lover1::lover1::lover1:

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  • Your chungha aesthetic :love: she looks gorgeous.

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    • Thank you! She's having a comeback next month :love:

    • Yes I'm so hyped for it! she is finally back!

  • please support my Rolling Quartz badge petition for a mere 10 akorns here:

    Rolling Quartz Petition

    tysm! :finger-heart:

  • I'd love your opinion if you can please:

    Wendy as Taeil

    Momo as Johnny

    Jennie as Taeyong

    Mina as Yuta

    Jihyo as Kun

    Yeji as Doyoung

    Seulgi as Ten

    Jisoo as Jaehyun

    Yeri as Winwin

    Joy as Jungwoo

    Irene as Lucas

    Lisa as Mark

    Nayeon as Xiao Jun

    Ryujin as Hendery

    Jeongyeon as Renjun

    Yuna as Jeno

    Rosé as Haechan

    Dahyun as Jaemin

    Chaeyoung as Yang Yang

    Chaeryeong as Shotaro

    Tzuyu as Sungchan

    Lia as Chenle

    Sana as Jisung

    Which ones are accurate and which ones would you change? pls & thank u

  • Hi Loven, I'm attempting to create a lil' miracle. would you be interested in joining a Momoland Guild to help me make my akp dream come true? No dp border, no frills, just membership? I'd be covering for all the requirements of it. Let me know, thanksy :borahae:

    • I can be a member if you need me but I would be a member in name only. I’m not interested in joining or being active in a guild

    • its exactly what i needed! omg! tysm! yes, only membership. you're so sweet :cheer-bunny: thanksy!

    • Great! :cheer-bunny: Count me in

    • you're amazing girlie :borahae:

    • I do apologize for all the notifs generated by the guild creation today and all the tagging. I should be done for a while now, its up and running fine and everything's done. Feel free to create one post to say hi if you want but other than that, that's it for now.

      I want to sincerely thank you again for being so kind! :borahae:

  • omg i love your aesthetics!!

    Love 1

    Love 1

      have been a little less active though since Hanbin left :(



      so whos ur bias???

    • There are so few of left ;( The most active ikonics left after the revamp

      Double B! Best biases! Couldn't choose between them


    • i wish i was here before then TT

      Bobby and Jay

      junhoe is very close to being my bias tho lol

    • Sorry! Have been distracted by Bigbang's comeback the whole day :pleading:

  • Hi! Can you please vote for this? It's only one click and would really help

    Thank you :ak_chuusoft: <3
  • OMG im a new fan of Seventeen!

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  • Happy 23rd Birthday Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

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  • d9c6c9138048e3ca764476de4ac26a43.gif

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  • urmm we only interacted a few times but i happen to see you on the 'today's birthday' section so happy birthday!!(happy birthday in advance if the time zone doesn't match haha) thank you for doing the whole 'top visual' thing, it must take a lot of time and effort, it's fun!! :lovec:

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    • Thank you so much <3 You must be in a timezone before mine because I got your congratulation before I even went to sleep yesterday. ^^

      Happy your having fun with the polls!

  • I love your pfp!

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  • akorns? :akorns:

  • i miss you T__T hope you're doing ok

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    • Hihi! I'm back! (sorta)

      Had it a bit tough (my life crashed) but doing a lot better now. Thank you for asking~

  • Join my Kpop fashion game :borahae::
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  • Same for me, BB is my main BG! Taeyang's my bias tho. It's not like GD isn't fantastic either! I miss them, it sucks! :( I also love MX and EXO but BB will always be my favs!

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    • Taeyang is a sweetheart, you can not not love him. I was so excited when all of them returned from the military but so far crickets. :-(

      Never got into Monsta X but Exo is one of my top groups. Quick ranking for boy groups would be 1. Bigbang 2. iKon 3. Seventeen 4. Exo 5. ...Shinee maybe. But since Bigbang and ikon are both messes right now I’m kinda bored.

    • I would definitely recommend you look up MX :wink: I mean, Wonho left and its a tad different now but the OT7 stuff from the previous 5 years is absolutely fantastic! :danceb: Perhaps "Hero" as a starting point to discover them! It sets the mood and makes you want to listen to a whole lot more! :claps:

    • I know all the members in MX (shownu is hot) but their music just isn't my cup of tea, sorry. :-(

      They always bring it for awards shows though. Love watching their stages.

    • Almost a Monbebe hehe! I see. Well, itzok, at least you gave them a try! :smirks::okayc:

  • Hey, sorry for being nosy and impatient but did you distribute the akorns already? Was just confirming it, bcoz my goal is to have 1000 akorns before TXT cb as that's how much their limited badge is gonna cost so that 70 akorns would be of big help to me. Thanks in advance, sorry for the bother :peperun::pepelove1:

    Like 1
    • No worries. I sent them to you about an hour ago? They’ve been removed from my account so hopefully you’ll receive them soon. Weird that it’s taking so long.

    • Oh no sent it to the wrong user. ;( Someone named @Pearl_Iris Please tell me it’s your alt or something

    • Oh, that sucks, I don't know, I probably made an account here before since allkpop is a really old forum but I don't remember ever using that account but name is similar so its probably mine. I don't know how to help but I'll send these akorns back to you since you don't have to pay twice

    • No you take them. I never use my akorns anyway.

    • That's so sweet of you <3 If you ever need them, let me know :blushing:

  • I won't spend 3 weeks begging u to follow me like last time in the old forum! :-D

    LOL 1
    • You’re back!!

      Hmmm well that’s too bad I liked the attention. But I’ll be nice. Followed you back right away this time :-D

      LOL 1
    • I'm genuinely impressed! :saint: right back at ya! Yayyy! Thanks!