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  • Helo there!

    • Hellu! Done anything fun today?

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    • no
      been in school
      still at home
      yesterday i finished writing a letter to Jo-HaSeul!
      all i need is a $1.20, 3 stamps, and an envelope

  • How have u been :D

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    • Good good. Been doing this hair treatment and my hair has gotten so soft.


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    • I bet u look beautiful with it too! <3

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    • Hehe thanks. It doesn’t look that pretty tho, just feels amazing. I keep touching my hair all the time.

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    • What’ve you’ve been up to?

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    • Nothin Much
      other than just realizing during Loona's promimotions of So What

      i dont think its 100% BBC's fault

      Lee Soo Man works with SM

      so SM helped with LOONA'S production

      and we all know that SM mistreats non Kpop Idols

      so i think thats why ViVi only had one word during the Entire song

      so this is more of SM's fault than BBC's

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  • Fun Fact:

    Loona's Butterfly came out 2 days after my Birthday

    its also Loona's most viewed song on YT


    that's one of the full group albums i dont have

    i have Jinsoul, ++, and # ( HaSeul's, Love and Evil, and 12:00 are on the way, ive ordered the 12:00 album a couple of days after it came out and its still been on back order XD i was supposed to get it by christmas, but i hope it is by my birthday XD)

    and the xx album costs F***ing $100 on amazon and Ebay!

    iT mAkEs mE aNgRy ;-;


    mabye one day :,)

    • Impressive. I’m a cheap fan that doesn’t buy albums...

      You can’t find xx somewhere else less expensive? 100$ is excessive

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    • Beleive me
      ive tried


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  • Ooh, la-la, a wae, a wae, a wae?

    Ooh, la-la, waewae, an dwae, an dwae?

    modu nawa gat-i lideum wileul groove it (groove it)

    gibun ttala neukkim ttala why not? Do it (do it)

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    • Best song! They just keep getting better and better

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    • I love these girls so much!
      very album just keeps getting more and more record breaks for Loona!

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    • Who’s your bias?

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    • oOhH bOi

      tHeY aRe aLL biAS wREcKeRs!

      mine is a Mix Of

      HaSeul, Choerry, Jinsoul, YeoJin, ViVi, and Gowon

      Jinsoul was the 1st member i ever got to know! (And was the first song Loona Song i got to know so i have a personal attachment to Jung Jin Soul)
      Chuu Was the 2nd

      Olivia Hye was the 3rd

      But My Top 3 Bias mixers is mainly HaSeul, Choerry, and Jinsoul

      But My Main is HaSeul and Choerry

      But My Ultimate Bias is HaSeul

      OEC was also my fav Subunit

      but i loved lots of their songs, i don't listen to the B-sides on the Album ( i did listen to alot of the sons from the OEC album, but i just don't put them on repeat), i listened to Girl Front, Loonatic (English) and Sweet Crazy love, but i love the lore with OEC <3

      I then got into my YYXY phase and fell in love with all of the songs!

      the only one that didn't make sense to me was "one"

      then i got into my 1/3 phase and I'm in love with classical music so i have a personal attachment to their music! and they have like 3 of 4 of my fav vocalists!
      (personally my fav vocalists in Loona are , Hyunjin, HaSeul, ViVi, Jinsoul, Choerry, Chuu, Gowon, and Olivia Hye!) I'm thinking about getting the YYXY album, again I'm getting 12:00, Love and Evil (1/3), and HaSeul, maybe by Easter or Christmas ill get YYXY


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    • Okay wow you’ve been on a journey trying to choose bias. 8|

      My bias is Jinsoul. Just like you she was the first member that caught my attention and OEC is my top subunit as well. It was the first Loona content I really paid attention to.

      Choerry is often wrecking me tho. There’s something about her I just love. And Heejin is probably the member I’m the most familiar with. I watched mixnine and she received a fair amount of screentime, she’s the center and most pushed member so you just see more of her compared to the other members. Then I had an Yves phase just like everyone else. ^^

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  • Left ya a follow x3

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  • ahem ahem

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    • You’re using your old account again! Fancy

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    • cuz the new one got banned but we dont talk abt that anymore

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    • Do I even wanna know... the forum just opened. ;)

  • hiiiiiiii its me

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    • Pls say you changed username or this is about to be very awkward for everyone haha...

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    • i did lol dw, guess who it is : D

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    • Oki but don’t hate me if I guess wrong... babdit?

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    • yes omg how did u guess did u cheat

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    • I’m a genius that’s why. ;) Nah got lucky and not super social on here so there was only like four people it could be.

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  • hello fellow 🥕

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    • Hi hi~

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    • Hi Hi Annyeonghago malhal mankeum

      Take me High high high high

      Nareul jom deo deryeoga jweo

      Kkume Love Love Love Love

      Dugeundugeun ttwige haejweo (It’s true)

      Jogeum deo (Someday) himeul nae (Oh yeah)

      Shwiungeon andwae sarangiran janinae

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    • Secret lyrics 8|

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    • Na just starting the new trend

      its like getting rickrolled

      but instead u get

      Hi Highed!


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    • Definitely an improvement!

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