Birth Name: Lee Jihoon (이지훈)

    Position: Lead Vocalist, Producer

    Sub-Unit: Vocal Team (Leader)

    Birthday: November 22, 1996

    Blood Type: A

    Height: 164 cm

    Weight: 53 kg

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp

    MBTI: INFJ (The Advocate)

    Instagram: @woozi_universefactory

    Spotify: @songs that WOOZI likes

    II. FACTS:

    He was born in Busan, South Korea

    He is an only child

    Studied at Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents

    He was also a member of a previous K-Pop group, Tempest, but was disbanded due to lack of attention after NU’EST rose to fame.

    At a younger age, he was into classic music and has played the clarinet and band instruments

    He also plays guitar and piano

    He loves to produce, compose, and write lyrics

    He has admitted before that he feels burdened as Seventeen’s composer as they might fail and that it would be his fault.

    Woozi has worked with Ailee, Kanto and has composed for 4 groups including I.O.I

    His dream is to meet Justin Bieber

    He likes sports

    He likes dogs

    S.Coups felt sorry for Woozi because he felt like Woozi was more of a leader than he is because Woozi is the one who makes Seventeen work.

    He spends his time listening to music and playing games on the computer. He’s loved anime since he was young.