Birth Name: Jeon Wonwoo (전원우)

    Position: Lead Rapper

    Sub-Unit: Hip-Hop Team

    Birthday: July 17, 1996

    Blood Type: A

    Height: 182 cm

    Weight: 63 kg

    Zodiac Sign: Cancer

    MBTI: INFJ (The Advocate)
    Instagram: @everyone_woo

    Spotify: @songs i listen to most

    II. FACTS:

    He was born in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

    He has a little brother named Jeon Bohyuk

    Studied at Hanyang University Institute for Future Talents

    He took guitar lessons after coming to Seoul in his third year of middle school

    He began his vocal life before people told him to be a rapper

    He is scared of dogs

    Under that cold aura and look, he is a very warm person

    According to Seventeen, Wonwoo is the cleanest member

    He ranks himself as 3rd or 4th most handsome in the group and votes S.Coups as more handsome in the group because of his manly nature and good leadership skills.

    He doesn’t like aeygo

    He likes to read, play games and watch movies

    Favourite colour is Blue

    He like pomegranates and hamburgers

    He appeared in Nu'est's “Face” MV and Hello Venus’ “Venus” MV

    The meaning behind his name – “Won” means ‘round’ and “Woo” means ‘help’. It means to live by helping out with a rounded heart.