Rolling Quartz

  • I. Introduction

    Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠) is a five-member Korean rock band under Rolling Star Entertainment.

    The group currently consists of members; Jayoung, Iree, Hyunjung, Areum, and Yeongeun.

    They debuted on December 30th, 2020 with ‘Blaze’.

    Before their debut, the band published covers on their YouTube channel.

    II. The Members

    Stage Name: Iree (아이리)
    Position: Lead Guitarist
    Birthday: October 17, 1995
    Stage Name: Hyunjung (현정)
    Birth Name: Choi Hyun Jung (최현정)
    Position: Rhythm Guitarist, Maknae
    Birthday: October 31, 1996
    Stage Name: Yeongeun (영은)
    Birth Name: Im Yeon Geun (임영은)
    Position: Drummer
    Birthday: July 8, 1996
    Stage Name: Jayoung (자영)
    Birth Name: Park Ja Young (박자영)
    Position: Main Vocalist
    Birthday: October 27, 1996
    Stage Name: Arem (아름)
    Birth Name: Kim A Reum (김아름)
    Position: Bassist
    Birthday: September 27, 1994-95

    III. Discography

    Single Albums:

    • "Blaze" (2020)


    • "New Edition 21" (with 015B) (2020)

    Participation Releases

    • "Delight" (2020)


    IV. Music Videos

    V. Videography

    VI. Live Concerts

    VII. Members Social Media

    VIII. Interesting Facts

    Arem Facts:

    • She can speak Korean and Japanese.
    • She wanted to become a vocalist but gave up as she’s tone-deaf.
    • She worked as a customs center counsellor to improve her Seoul accent.

    Iree Facts:

    • Her name means “Irie + Free”
    • She can speak Korean, English, and Japanese.
    • She’s learning Arabic.
    • She can read Russian but can’t understand it.
    • She loves Overwatch and PUBG.

    Yeongeun Facts:

    • She can play drums and piano.
    • She started learning piano at 5 years old.
    • She first started learning the bass but switched to drums at the recommendation of her teacher.
    • She’s a fan of Dreamcatcher.

    Jayoung Facts:

    • She can speak Korean and English.
    • She can play the piano.
    • Her nickname is “Energayoung”, a portmanteau of “Energizer” it's her nickname because she dances while she sings.
    • She is a fan of SHINee, IU, and Chung Ha.
    • She is a vocal trainer.
    • Her goal is to make rock a major/more popular genre in Korea.

    Hyunjung Facts:

    • She can play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, ocarina, piano, harmonica, samulnori, and gayageum drums.
    • She can speak Korean, Spanish, and English.
    • She worked many part-time jobs since she turned 20.


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