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  • Hii Pearl! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • Hey, I'm doing okay, just have been really busy with my life, some drama going around but other than that, I'm fine :red-heart:

      How are you doing? :froghype:

    • Oh I see, good to know you're doing fine tho <3

      I've been busy too with school and all :emotionalpepe: but I'm doing good

    • I miss my school life now, enjoy it as much as you can :pepelove1:

    • I will, thanks :pathead:

  • Hey Pearl, so I was looking at all the events intended to submit in September, and it's a lot...

    NCT U, ITZY (big order with group + 5 individuals), Jennie, Lesserafim (big order with group + 5 individuals), NMIXX, SNSD, Enhypen, Twice (big order with group + 9 individuals), Monsta X, StayC, and aespa (group + individuals).

    So that's 11 and including us, it will be 12.

    Technically the limit is "6" acceptances, but the team can accept more depending on how they are feeling, but... this is twice the amount, so I can't see them accepting all of them.

    I mean, if you still want to try for September, that's fine. As Ves said, it's a first come first serve basis anyways, but we will end up having to fight a lot of people, and I'm kind of worried...

    • Yup, I have no hope for September but Jenn wants to give it a try. If we fail, we can go for October then.

    • Okay well then let's see how it goes :pepe-shoooketh:

  • Hey Pearl. Can I ask you about something?

    • Yeah, go on

    • Hey so I don't think you checked the ATEEZ LE poll you made awhile back, but 8 people voted in favor of the badge. Counting Youchan's "I can try", that's 9 people.

      So we'd be extremely close to getting a badge, it's just that one extra slot that needs to be taken care of.

      If someone is willing to pay for 2 badges, that's one way to handle it.

      Another way I was thinking was like,

      So basically for the LSF Fearless LE badges, Fearnot are trying to get individuals for all the members, and you know, for member badges, you need to get 5 signups for EVERY member to push individuals through.

      Even if some members have 5 signups, they won't get them. It's an all or nothing kind of deal, you know?

      So, they are kind of facing a dilemma right now because Eunchae is missing 2 signups.

      How they are trying to resolve this is by starting a donation pool to cover the missing slots as opposed to asking other users to cover the extra slot by themselves or doing double signups.

      So the idea is that everyone participating in the pre-order would collectively donate extra akorns to fund these extra slots. And after they receive the badges, they would try to sell the badges off and then I guess everyone would get their akorns back after the badges are sold.

      So I was thinking to cover this missing slot for ATEEZ, we could try a donation pool, and try to encourage everyone to give akorns to fund it, then sell it when the event happens and refund everyone.

      I for one, would donate 300 akorns off the bat and maybe those of us with allkill could give our monthly 500 or part of it, or we can like, take advantage of akorn weekend to get the akorns.

      It seems daunting, but I think if we collectively work together to bear the burden it can work out.

      And if by some miracle we get the 10th signup needed, we can refund everyone their donated akorns.

      I'd say to take account of the extra badge, the submission date should be later. Maybe September or October.

      I hope what I said makes sense, I'm just trying to think of a way to resolve this.

      Ah I came to you here as opposed to the thread because... this is Jenn's group and we have bad history... especially with badges, and like... I want to make it clear I'm not trying to mess with her or ruin anything. I want to help out. I hope you don't think I'm trying to cause trouble here because, I'm over that. I kind of drifted from Ateez for a bit, but this comeback made me fall in love with them, and yeah I'm for an LE badge. I want to help make this work.

    • Thanks for the idea, I thought we're still stuck at 5 votes so I gave up. I want their LE badge as well, I loved this comeback. I'll try to revive that thread and then we'll see if we're still short of votes.

    • Okay sounds like a plan <3

      Hopefully we don't need to cover an extra slot, but if we plan right, I think we can make it work. I'll try to give what I can to cover it for sure.


    • I hope "we can try" ones are interested in buying, we can cover up for one but three would be hard

  • Hi! Hru?

    • Tensed, going through a rough time in my life

      Hope you are doing well <3

    • Ohh, I hope you get through it..

      Aww, thanks!

  • What should I call you? Pearl or Iris?

    Can you give me akorns? I'm literally broke rn..

  • Why did you send to me your akorns? :pepecute:

    • it wasn't really mine though and you had less than me so I thought you need them more :pepelove1:

    • I'll repay you when the time comes. :pepecute::send-love-bunny:

    • No need, I can give you more if you need them for any badges :send-love-bunny:

  • hallooo :)

  • Hi! Hru? What should I call you btw?

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    • I'm okay or trying to be okay, call me Pearl❤

      And I hope you don't leave❤

  • i love your sig. :pepefrog:

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  • could u give me akorns for en le badges?

    • Hey, I'm sorry, I just saw this msg :pepe-sad:

    • Oh, I see. Wait, I just saw you only have 300 akorns, it's okay.

    • My turn to ask for akorns? :pepe-hehe:

    • Maybe next time when I achieve my goal (you gotta remind cuz I forget things a lot). I need 5850 akorns and (4k+ akorns now) and I have a competition going on with the user below.

    • I was joking, good luck hehe :pepelove1:

  • ateez-bang-chan.gif

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  • 200 more :pepe-shades:

  • omg pearl why are you giving me so many akorns :pepe-sad:

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    • It was barely any but you sent them back :pepe-sad:  :pepelove:

  • how did you write so many lexicon articles 😭😭 i cant even find what to write about

    • I watch so many dramas, I can write at least 300 more lol

  • Day one of being annoying. Starting now.

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    • :pepelove2:

      My exams are in mid July, wish me luck :pepe-sad:

    • good luck! You got this! I'll always be here for support!

    • Thank you :pepelove1:

      I had a mental breakdown when I first heard about it, they told us few months ago that we are getting promoted and now all of a sudden announced exams' dates :pepecute:

    • oh noo that really sucks. I know you'll do fine though! :pepelove1:

    • Let's hope so, I'm not confident ;(

  • Love your dp! new SKZ stan

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    • Thank you :pepelove1:

      Sana looks really beautiful in your dp as well <3

    • Thanks! My SKZ bias is Felix.

    • Mine is Lee Know but he has some tough competition :smirks2:

    • When I heard Felix's voice in "God's Menu" had me clutching my imaginary pearls. I would love a duet with him and Rosé my two favorite Aussies

    • I didn't know its his real voice until I saw a random kpop video on YT about the members, his voice is so deep, I was shocked lol

  • We need to talk more. We're basically the same person lol.

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    • We sure are:yesr:

      Lol how're you doing? :froghype:

    • I'm good! How are you doing? Hopefully it's not too hot where you are

    • I think I'm less worried about the weather as monsoon is just around the corner and more worried about covid-19 vaccination which I can't take for 2 months more and offline classes are planning to get started and they're asking for vaccination certificate:crys:

    • oh nooo!!! Please stay safe! I hope it all works out for you with the certificate eventually. Times are so hard right now. Adding a monsoon into all of that seems like a lot of stress.

    • Last month, I had fever, actually all family members had fever, we didn't get tested but still were in self quarantine as symptoms were similar to covid-19 and weakness stayed for like a month. And a week ago we found out that our neighbor tested covid +ve around that time but didn't inform anyone. And our housemaid are same so now we're sure that we had covid.

      Now doctors has suggested to not take vaccine after recovery for at least 3 months so I'm waiting as well but if institute forces for vaccination then I'll just take it without caring about 3 months period.

  • Reminder - Need to pay @babyjinx1221 540 akorns :oks:

  • Hello there! Would you like a chance to win 1000 akorns in the akp version of a survival program?
    • Tell me the details, I get we need to pick an idol with an imaginary company. After that, what will be the games?

    • You will have to ask that to Sara-M but most likely you will compete with other contestants like in shows Produce 101 until there is only one user left.

    • Oh, I don't know if I have time to play that, thanks for the info.

    • Your welcome!

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  • guess wut gorl

  • llets be freds

  • thanks you are so kind :pepelove1: you also stan SHINEE and GD TASTE :pepelove2:

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  • Thank you for the akorns :love: You didn’t have to transfer them haha but I won’t say no ^^