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  • 200 more :pepe-shades:

  • omg pearl why are you giving me so many akorns :pepe-sad:

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    • It was barely any but you sent them back :pepe-sad:  :pepelove:

  • how did you write so many lexicon articles 😭😭 i cant even find what to write about

    • I watch so many dramas, I can write at least 300 more lol

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  • Day one of being annoying. Starting now.

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    • :pepelove2:

      My exams are in mid July, wish me luck :pepe-sad:

    • good luck! You got this! I'll always be here for support!

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    • Thank you :pepelove1:

      I had a mental breakdown when I first heard about it, they told us few months ago that we are getting promoted and now all of a sudden announced exams' dates :pepecute:

    • oh noo that really sucks. I know you'll do fine though! :pepelove1:

    • Let's hope so, I'm not confident ;(

  • Love your dp! new SKZ stan

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    • Thank you :pepelove1:

      Sana looks really beautiful in your dp as well <3

    • Thanks! My SKZ bias is Felix.

    • Mine is Lee Know but he has some tough competition :smirks2:

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    • When I heard Felix's voice in "God's Menu" had me clutching my imaginary pearls. I would love a duet with him and Rosé my two favorite Aussies

    • I didn't know its his real voice until I saw a random kpop video on YT about the members, his voice is so deep, I was shocked lol

  • We need to talk more. We're basically the same person lol.

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    • We sure are:yesr:

      Lol how're you doing? :froghype:

    • I'm good! How are you doing? Hopefully it's not too hot where you are

    • I think I'm less worried about the weather as monsoon is just around the corner and more worried about covid-19 vaccination which I can't take for 2 months more and offline classes are planning to get started and they're asking for vaccination certificate:crys:

    • oh nooo!!! Please stay safe! I hope it all works out for you with the certificate eventually. Times are so hard right now. Adding a monsoon into all of that seems like a lot of stress.

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    • Last month, I had fever, actually all family members had fever, we didn't get tested but still were in self quarantine as symptoms were similar to covid-19 and weakness stayed for like a month. And a week ago we found out that our neighbor tested covid +ve around that time but didn't inform anyone. And our housemaid are same so now we're sure that we had covid.

      Now doctors has suggested to not take vaccine after recovery for at least 3 months so I'm waiting as well but if institute forces for vaccination then I'll just take it without caring about 3 months period.

  • Reminder - Need to pay @babyjinx1221 540 akorns :oks:

  • your sig isnt showing just so u know

    • Oh, its showing to me though. Let me ask more people, thanks for letting me know :pepelove1:

    • yeah cause it's saved in your cache probably, np!

    • I put it up again, is it showing now?

    • nope!

    • It's showing for others though, I downloaded it and put it up again :crys:

  • Hello there! Would you like a chance to win 1000 akorns in the akp version of a survival program?
    • Tell me the details, I get we need to pick an idol with an imaginary company. After that, what will be the games?

    • You will have to ask that to Sara-M but most likely you will compete with other contestants like in shows Produce 101 until there is only one user left.

    • Oh, I don't know if I have time to play that, thanks for the info.

    • Your welcome!

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  • guess wut gorl

  • llets be freds

  • thanks you are so kind :pepelove1: you also stan SHINEE and GD TASTE :pepelove2:

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  • Thank you for the akorns :love: You didn’t have to transfer them haha but I won’t say no ^^