• I. Introduction

    Hanbin is a member of Yuehua's boy group TEMPEST and a former contestant on the survival show I-LAND and former member of the dance group CAC.

    II. Career

    Since the age of 15, he studied dancing. He went to Hanoi for University studies, and founded the dance group CAC. He danced under the group under the stagename Hưng Bin. He started idol training in July 2019 after passing an audition in Hanoi.

    He participated as a constant on CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment's survival show I-LAND. He performed Jopping by SuperM with NI-KI and Nicholas but was elimated through voting among the trainees and put in "Ground". On the 7th episode, global voting ranked him at #12 so he moved to Part 2 as part of the final 12 trainees.

    On Episode 10, global voting ranked Hanbin at #4 with 1, 415, 420 votes, but he was eliminated on Episode 11 by the producers.

    Belift Lab announced that Hanbin would have an online fanmeeting named Hanbin!00% on October 31. He opened a personal Twitter account on December 16. He performed a solo pre-opening stage at the Big Hit NYEL Concert of the song I&Credible.

    On June 2, 2021, Hanbin left Belift Entertainment and it was announced he joined Yuehua Entertainment on the same day.

    Star News revealed that Yuehua Entertainment was going to launch their new boy group TEMPEST in the latter half of 2021. These plans fell through. Hanbin was revealed to be a member of TEMPEST on their social media on January 3, 2022. He is the fifth revealed member.

    III. Videography

    Title Date Aired
    I-LAND (Contestant)
    2020 Mnet

    IV. Videos

    INTRO + I&credible

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    V. Trivia

    • He is from Yên Bái, Vietnam
    • He owns two cats, Bông and Bơm
    • If he were to be a main character of a movie, he would be Aladdin
    • His Chinese zodiac is Ox

    (Credit to kprofiles.com)