• I. Introduction

    Kang Seul-gi, born on February 10, 1994, is a South-Korean singer and dancer. She is the lead vocalist and main dancer of the South-Korean girl group Red Velvet.

    II. Discography

    III. Original Soundtracks

    Year Song From Notes
    Don't Push Me Uncontrollably Fond with Wendy
    2017 Deep Blue Eyes Idol Drama Operation Team Girl Next Door
    2017 I Can Only See You Hwarang with Wendy
    2017 You, Just Like That Blade & Soul Solo
    2019 Always The Crowned Clown Solo

    IIII. Collaborations

    Year Song With

    2016 Sound of Your Heart Lee Dong Woo, Yesung, Sunny, Luna, Wendy, Taeil & Doyoung
    2017 Darling U Yesung
    2017 Our Story Chiywol
    2017 Doll Kangta and Wendy
    2018 Wow Thing Zion. T

    IIIII. Featuring

    Year Song Artist
    Butterfly Henry
    2017 Drop Mark (NCT)
    2017 Move Taemin (SHINee)
    2018 Selfish Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)
    2018 ZZZ Zion. T