• I. Jisoo (Blackpink):

    Kim Ji-soo, better known mononymously as Jisoo, is a South Korean singer and actress. She made her debut in August 2016 as a member of the girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment.

    II. Basic Info:

    -Jisoo was born in Gunpo, South Korea

    -Her MBTI type is ESTJ

    – Jisoo was born in Gunpo, a city in the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea.
    – She has an older brother and an older sister, she is the youngest.
    – She trained for 5 years (since July 2011).
    – Jisoo’s Chinese zodiac sign is Dog.
    – She has a 4D personality. XD
    – She laughs a lot.
    – She likes giving random nicknames to people.
    – According to Jennie, Jisoo is the mood maker of the group.
    – Jisoo loves telling dad Jokes (Vlive)

    – Jisoo invented the word “yeong-an” which means “anyoeong” (and is the reverse form of it).
    – Jisoo can play the drums.
    – Jisoo can play piano but not the guitar (in a vlive with Rosé she told Rosé to teach her).
    – She can speak Korean, Japanese and basic Chinese.
    – According to Jennie (V Live App), Jisoo doesn’t speak English (because she’s embarrassed to do it) but she can understand it very well.
    – Jisoo was popular in her school for her beauty and kindness.
    – Jisoo’s audition song was “I Have A Lover” by Lee Eun Mi.
    – Jisoo is scared of heights.

    – Jisoo would date Rose if she was a guy. (vLive Q&A)
    – Jisoo’s lips turn into a heart shape when she smiles.
    – Jisoo’s most favorite part of her face are her lips. (vLive Q&A)
    – Jisoo hates shopping because she is often confused what to buy. (BP House)
    – She is close friends with Twice’s Nayeon (since trainee days) and with Red Velvet’s Seulgi.
    – Jisoo is also friends with Bona of WJSN and Sowon of GFriend.
    – Jisoo invented two words: Ppoong and Nyeongan

    – Regarding food, she can eat almost everything (except organs XD), but she especially likes rice.
    – Jisoo has a dog named Dalgom.
    – Jisoo called Lisa her ‘Chocolate mate’ because Lisa gave her iced chocolate during a live show (which Jisoo was craving) but Jisoo didn’t ask her to get it for her.
    – Jisoo can play basketball and inline skates but she can’t ride bicycles.
    – Also, she did taekwondo (white belt).
    – She said she plays “Overwatch” with Jennie.
    – She is not scared of ghosts or scary stories.
    – She likes Harry Potter and Tom Hardy.

    – Jisoo had a cameo appearance in Arthdal Chronicles.

    – In August 2020, she was confirmed as a leading actress for drama called ‘Snowdrop’.

    – Jisoo’s ideal type: someone who is really into her or who smiles pretty.

    III. Contact Info/Social Medias:

    Instagram: @sooyaaa__

    Weibo: sooyaaa__



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